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  1. Which one is a better supplement? I've read here that CAP doesn't teach outlining, how to create paragraph , etc. We will just be starting CAP 1 & 2 this fall. Thank you!
  2. There are only 25 lessons and 4 exams in PL. We did the cd every Monday and Tuesday only and I let the kids recite the rest of the week, I use the TM, the kids use the student book, and they are not using the copybook because I don't like the cursive way of the New American Cursive. I bought the dvd and flashcard only this February (in addition to my other MP purchase...free shipping month). We use the dvd everyday now as a review after the 25 lessons and 4 exams. We will continue until we reach 36th week of our school year. I also purchased the flash card in February but have not use it yet. My first grader will repeat PL next year because he had a hard time with the spelling and he will use it then. My 2nd grader will continue with LC1 next school year and MP also sells Latin certificate with the child's name, so, I will buy that soon for my 2nd grader.
  3. Memoria Press 3A (except math & cursive) and added CAP 1&2, Abeka arts, MCT 1 and Faith&Life. SOTW1 before fall school year. Latin: Latina Christiana I Grammar: MCT & EGR 1 Composition: IEW ATFF, CAP 1&2 Spelling: Spelling Workout D Math: MM4 & BA4 Literature: MP Charlottes Web, Farmer Boy & Moffats Cursive: Seton 3 Christian Living: F&L3 and MP CS1 Science: MP Astronomy & Animals Classics: MP Greek Myths Geography: MP States & Capitals American History: MP 3rd grade list Read aloud: MP 3rd grade list Arts & Music: Abeka 3
  4. My two boys used SM 1A and 2A this school year. The textbook, workbook, and CWP were very easy for them so I added the IP. The IP was a mixed of very easy and super hard problems. We switched to MM the second half of the school year (& a grade level ahead) and I think MM is in-between the super easy and super hard of SM. I think the IP of SM won't be so hard if I use the MM in place to the tb, wb & cwp of SM.
  5. Hello TracyR, do you still use CLE LA? Or Seton english?
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