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  1. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions. I finally remembered what they were. They are from Flyleaf Publising Books to Remember. I do have the first level of AAR, and they are beautiful as well, and a lot less expensive!
  2. I remember a few years ago someone mentioning some early/beginning readers that were really beautiful. They were rather expensive as well. I can't for the life of me remember what they were called or the name of the company. Can you all post some links if you have any idea what I may be talking about! ;)
  3. Thank you sooo much! This is very helpful. I would feel the same as you if someone asked me for books covering US history/geography in only 2 weeks. Unfortunately that is the only amount of time we have if we want to cover the whole world in one year. Maybe my dd's interest will be peaked and she'll want to study Canada in her free time!
  4. Is it possible to use a tech course of study for a high school science credit? I would love to do this for my kids as I believe it would open many doors for them however I'm having trouble finding an actual homeschool curriculum. Any suggestions?
  5. Is there a biology course that doesn't have labs? If so, can this count as a high school credit?
  6. My dd15 is study geography this year and we are nearing the chapter on Canada. I am ashamed to say that I don't know much about our neighbor to the north. Please forgive my ignorance. I am looking for some books to enhance our study. We need books that have more of a broad sweep of culture, history, etc. We will only be studying Canada for 2-3 weeks. She will be expected to read 30 minutes a day of outside sources. ETA: Although I am looking primarily for fact based books, I welcome suggestions for fiction set in Canada.

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    Sing Spell Read and Write kindergarten/grade 1 set. $60.00 Includes all of the readers for kindergarten and level 1, games, audio cd, Kindergarten Instructor's Directions, Level 1 Instructors Manual, Raceway Book, Assessment Book, A-Z phonics song placemat, and Language Arts Raceway. You will need to purchase All Aboard and On Track workbooks for the kindergarten level and Off We Go workbook for level 1.


  8. I would agree with your daughter! I have read all of his books.
  9. Yes, I've read all of his novels. The Notebook was my favorite. They became very predictable a long time ago and I'm ready for a different author!
  10. I know, who would want to read a such a thing but it's my cup of tea. I don't have time to browse through my local books store or amazon so I need help. I want quality books, no trash, harlequin is out. Thanks!

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    Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt Set, $22.00ppd includes the following books all in new condition: Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt Sahara Desert: The Largest Desert in the World Pyramid by David Macaulay You will need Tut's Mummy Lost and Found, Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and Mummies Made in Egypt to complete the curriculum.t I found Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt on the shelf. This is in used condition, I will throw this in.



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    Primary Mathematics Set 1A Home Instructor's Guide, 1A Textbook, 1A Workbook, all new, never used. $30.00ppd Primary Mathematics Set 2A Teacher's Guide(this is not the home instructor's guide), 2A Textbook, both in like new condition $30.00ppd Math U See Set Alpha, 2004 edition Instruction Manual and DVD used condition, current Student Workbook and Tests like new condition $25.00ppd paypal only.


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