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  1. Thank y'all for your responses. They give me a few more ideas to pass on to my friend, especially the dual enrollment electrician classes which might interest him and also that self-paced classes might be a terrible idea (which I agree with). I don't know all the ins and outs but know that depression and anxiety are involved (and he is being treated) and he's missing a lot of days from stomach aches. He is 17 and our state (GA) requires school through the age of 16. The best I think to do when I meet her tomorrow is to listen and encourage her and then talk about our state's requirements and just lay out some options. I'm also asking local homeschool friends for ideas. Other than wanting to be an electrician, I don't know what my friend's son is interested in and I'm planning to find that out tomorrow and see if that leads to more ideas. Thank you again!
  2. Good morning - my kids are 4th and 6th grades so I'm usually on the K-8 board and I don't know anything about high school yet. I've got a good friend, though, who is wanting to withdraw her high school junior from public school and homeschool him for the rest of homeschool. Tentatively, she thinks a self-paced online program would be best for him. College is not probable but she doesn't want to take it off the table. Right now he wants to be an electrician. Has anyone done this? What programs would you recommend? My friend would prefer a complete program and not piecemeal. I'm meeting with her tomorrow to talk about our state's requirements, withdrawing, letter of intent, etc. I was also going to talk to her generally about different methods of homeschooling and let her know there are plenty of options for him (ie. to ease her mind). But does think online, self-paced would work best. Thanks so much!!
  3. I don't know but I'm tired of it all. We are burying our 2nd family member from Covid tomorrow and if another person tells me that masks and vaccines don't work and it's just a control tactic by the government, I think I will implode. I'm just so tired of it all.
  4. I had a set from both MP and SCM and didn't use either one. It was a Goldilocks situation. While my kids and I liked the variety of the MP set, the poster was too large and the small cards were too small. With the SCM set, the size was good but my kids didn't like studying only 1 artist at a time. My kids preferred variety. What worked for us was the digital fine art sets from the EnrichmentStudies website. We've used a couple of art appreciation sets and a couple of holiday sets. I send them to Office Depot for printing and have several sets printed. One for the living/dining room where we do school and one for every bathroom. My kids and I enjoyed this method. We also liked that the formatter at ES included the painter, the time and materials and a little tidbit about painter at the bottom of the page. The digital purchase includes copies of the paintings with and without those extra tidbits.
  5. I am sorry. It is an awful thing to watch. Keep walking forward.
  6. My husband swears by the Exped Megamat 10 with a closed cell mat underneath it. He lets it self-inflate as much as it will then uses the hand pump to finish it off. Then he lays on it and lets a little air out until he "feels the foam in the Exped". Then he pumps a tiny bit of air back into the mat and says it is perfect. Please report back if your husband finds a mat that works for his back. The Exped/closed cell mat combo did not work for me. I'm a side sleeper with bad thoracic area. I'm going to borrow a Coleman Smart Cot Deluxe that has a thin mattress on it and add a thick memory foam/egg crate on top and see if that works but it won't be until after y'all go camping.
  7. Praying for your son's recovery and healing. And for strength for your family. I'm glad y'all were able to get him home to take care of him and I hope he won't need to go to your hospital.
  8. Years ago, I used a bow maker of the style shown below and it worked. Nowadays I just use my hands. I learned to use my hands in a decorating class about 25 years ago and to help me remember how to do it each year, I watch YouTube videos. FWIW - I forget how to do it every year and I have to watch YouTube video instruction every year. But I also always forgot how to use the bow maker too and would have to re-learn it each year. I guess if I made the bows more than once a year, I might remember!!!!! ETA: I make mailbox bows and bows for my wreath at Christmas time.
  9. I love these!!!! I have a little book where I collect quotes but there aren't many there. The first is from June 1989 out of a Victoria Magazine - "The true mark of character is not how one spends a working day but how one passes leisure time." The most recently recorded on June 23 of this year was by Lady Edith in Downton Abbey when I was binge watching that series: "You have a talent that none of the rest of us have. Just find out what it is and use it. It is doing nothing that is the enemy." Hmmm. Lady Edith didn't say that. It was the sister who died in childbirth. I think she was saying it to Lady Edith.
  10. Currently - CSB. I grew up on KJV then switched to NIV for reading in middle/high school (with NASB for study). My current church uses ESV and I switched to that when we joined but I've never much liked it. So back in January, I started looking for a translation somewhere in between NIV and ESV. I looked up a chart similar to what's posted above and started checking out the translations. I liked CSB best and am still liking it. The BibleGateway website was a huge help in choosing. I looked up both favorite and familiar passages and compared them. I hope you find something you like. 🙂
  11. I"m sending you a PM because I've got a couple of questions about EEME but haven't been able to reach them through either of their email addresses.
  12. I'm a side sleeper and use the Coop pillow. I also had to remove a little stuffing to make it most comfortable for me. I kept the extra stuffing in case I ever want to put it back.
  13. I agree with all the above! My husband, however, thinks it looks great where it is and that it will move a lot of air there.
  14. Praying for your cousin and her kids!
  15. I'm from the South and that's what we thought of them growing up. Redneck. And Dukes of Hazard. (Some of the actors actually came to one my school festivals.) Nowadays, I think they're ridiculous. Especially the guys driving pickup trucks with those flags hanging from the back. There's no way they don't know what it represents or that it would be offensive or intimidating or hurtful to many people. Now the guys walking around in camouflage with rifles and carrying that flag? Racist. Plain and simple. They've been taught to hate. I don't mind the flags in museums or at Civil War historical sites. My back yard abuts one of the defense lines. It happened and we can't forget it. I check-marked all of the above. People are complicated. If I were to ask this same question at one of my family reunions, I'd get a lot of different answers.
  16. I'm so sorry. It is so hard. I'm not there with my parents yet but we are steadily marching towards that season.
  17. No, a "kit" is not necessary. I just bought a $10 kit to try it out and see if I liked it and if the microgreens would grow in my kitchen window - which is the only spot I'd do them in. I'm going to use peat moss as the planting medium because I've got about a half bag of that (1 cubic foot) from planting in the yard and that will last a good while. For seeds, I'm going to try regular garden seeds after I finish the ones that came with my kit. If the regular garden seeds do ok, I'll try bulk seeds from the Feed and Seed next. Do you watch YouTube videos? That's where I've been watching videos to learn what to do. Sorry - I have no idea on how many seeds you'd need to yield a pint of microgreens. You might have to figure that out by trial and error until you find the yield you want. Good luck! I've enjoyed watching my little bag of broccoli microgreens grow.
  18. We are just now trying microgreens. I bought a kit that has 3 cakes of growing medium and 3 types of seed. The instructions say it takes 7-10 days so we'll grow them one after the other in the kitchen window and see how it goes. This photo was taken yesterday and it is day 8 of broccoli seeds. I'll be harvesting them today or tomorrow and topping our salads with them. If we like eating the microgreens, I'll use peat moss as our growing medium and buy more seeds.
  19. You're in luck because we visited the Van Gogh immersive exhibit this morning and the Sistine Chapel exhibit a couple of weeks ago. The Van Gogh exhibit is absolutely amazing. I'd go again in a heartbeat. Worth every penny. I got teary at one point and just could have wept at the beauty displayed so well and there was so much of it. They had large signs to explain all the groupings of paintings. A few were 3D. I took a small folding stool for the large projection room while my husband and kids sat on the floor. There were a few benches and rugs around to sit on. The moving projection was really well done. If we'd had time, we probably would have watched it a second time. If you go, definitely do the virtual reality exhibit. It was $5 extra per person but so well done and just really good. It is worth the extra $5. Now I want to go to Arles. Our tickets were for 10:00 when they opened so we entered with a crowd. Instead of staying with the crowd, we walked ahead to the end and did the virtual reality first. Then we backtracked to do the whole exhibit without such a big clump of people. It is supposed to take 60-75 minutes but we were in there 2 hours. With a 9yo and 11yo. It was truly that good. For parking, we got reserved parking in Lot A right next to the exhibit through the ParkMobile website. That was for 4 hours but we didn't really need it. We could have paid by the hour and purchased parking when we got there. Porta potties in the parking lot. Edited to add: This was the Van Gogh Immersive experience through FeverUp. The Sistine Chapel exhibit was not my favorite but I'm still very glad I went. Took about an hour. We had 10:00 tickets and arrived early so we could park in the tiny free lot adjacent to the exhibit. There's also a public deck up the street not far away. It was a good exhibit. Amazing to be so close to the art work. Amazing to be so close and it was so big and to think of Michelangelo painting it and using the fresco method. Great signage to go with each piece. When I say it wasn't my favorite, that's because I was not prepared for what I'd see in all the Sistine Chapel paintings. I was only familiar with the creation of man piece. I was shocked by all the nudity - I couldn't escape it. I also didn't understand the theology and had difficulty figuring out all the paintings where the Bible character I was familiar with was painted as a baby or toddler and the unknown parents were the main feature of the painting. And I wasn't familiar with who all the prophetesses were. There wasn't a single thing wrong with any of the art work. I just hadn't studied it and therefore wasn't prepared for what I was going to see. But I'm still glad I went. It was good. My 9yo and 11yo were not interested. There are bathrooms at the exhibit in the hall behind one of the paintings. I hope you and your husband go to both! They are both fantastic in their own ways! 🙂
  20. I think you need more. We have a ranch about 1900 square feet. We're in the Atlanta area and our ancient central HVAC quit for it's last time in August a couple of years ago. It was going to be a month before a new unit was available so we used 3 individual units. A large one in the dining room window. A small one in a child's bedroom window (and we put both kids in there). And a $400 mobile unit in our bedroom. We kept all the blinds closed all day and it was livable for the month of August. A 4th unit would have been wonderful but it wasn't practical for a temporary situation. 3 units kept us out of a hotel situation. Growing up, my grandmother didn't have central air. She was south of Atlanta. And she had 3 units in her one level house. I spent time with her in the summer and it was livable. I remember loving to be in the rooms where a unit was located because it felt luxuriously cool. Good luck. I hope your landlord will buy some more units.
  21. Let's see. I love my Speed Queen. I've had it a year. My daughter couldn't jump rope when she was 6 and y'all gave me great advice. She's 11 now and she still can't jump rope but she excels with gymnastics, swimming, roller skating and bike riding so I don't worry about the jump roping anymore. Math curriculum advice. Phonics curriculum advice. Thank you soooo much! And searching the forums and reading about learning-to-read issues encouraged me to have our son tested for vision issues. Yep. Convergence problems. After vision therapy, he's doing great. Lots of other great advice but those are the most memorable.
  22. Thank you all. I wish we could remove the Benadryl from my mother's nightly routine. She takes it in the form of Tylenol PM and was told by an internist doctor 12-15 years ago that it was perfectly safe and she could take it forever. I've told her and my Dad multiple times that it causes dementia and I've given them articles about it. I'm talking to a wall on this issue.
  23. Thank y'all so much. My Dad has my Mom's POA and vice versa so I'm starting the conversations of who is next in line and let's take care of that now. She has a neurologist and he tested her for dementia right before Covid hit. Unfortunately she passed with flying colors. Some of her medications cause some of her symptoms. She takes Benadryl at night to sleep and that can cause issues. And she drinks 2 full glasses of wine with dinner which also causes issues. At the moment, I cannot change any of those factors. I'll talk to my Dad about being pushy and disregarding signs on doors and going on in with the presumption that he will be allowed in. Also to be more assertive with language that he's her caregiver/she needs help navigating, etc. I've told him that I'm willing to go with her especially for more female oriented type offices like mammograms. With Covid getting under control, it will be easier to get coverage for my kids so that I am free to go with her.
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