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  1. Does anyone have experience with this yet? http://centerforlit.com/Materials/RRM.aspx From the Center for Lit/ Teaching the Classics I would love to find a good lit program, and am looking to find some more info :001_smile:
  2. I mistakenly thought that AHL was American History and Literature :blush5: Whoops...I need to take a break!
  3. I was under the impression that WHL was supposed to come first, then AHL, and the levels were supposed to get progressively "harder" per grade level. Am I mistaken?
  4. Are they classifying it as an adverbial phrase maybe?
  5. My son's best friend asked his mom to homeschool him, and she replied, "I wouldn't do that to you." :001_unsure: I don't know why, but that one still hurts.
  6. I have everything figured out for this coming year (I think :D ) except for Foreign Language. I've been looking at Tell Me More or Visual Link Spanish...does anyone have any experience with either of those? My big problem is, he really wants to learn French. We tried Rosetta Stone 2 years ago without any success. I was leaning more toward Spanish since I am familiar with it and don't know any French. I'm not really sure what to do...should I go with his motivation and try to find a French program besides Rosetta Stone? Do I push for Spanish? Any words of wisdom?
  7. Quick question...does Artistic Pursuits have actual art instruction? I know they have lessons, but I only had a few brief moments to flip through one of the volumes. It seemed more of a "do this," but not how. I hope I have the wrong impression...and it does instruct...because the appreciation/ history aspect looks phenomenal. Any insight from users would be great!;):001_smile: PS: Homeschool Buyers has a 50% off Meet the Masters right now ;)
  8. Thank you very much for thinking of me! :001_smile: I did happen to see that this morning when I "checked in!" :grouphug: This group is so very helpful!
  9. I just saw this....not sure if it's what you were looking for: http://www.thehomeschoollibrary.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2429 There's a pretty good layout about half way down ;):001_smile:
  10. Can on hop on board here and ask a quick question about LLLOTR? It's hard to get a feel for this from the few sample pages. Is it more than just fill-in-the-blank and a few questions? My guys are really not IN to literary analysis, so I'm hoping that utilizing LOTR might get them into it;)
  11. I'm not sure what the second poster meant by "issues with the content," maybe she will clarify. I have RRR, and at first glance it may seem like it is not "planned," but there are pages in the TM that actually DO tell you what to do on what day. At the beginning of each unit there is a chart for all 4 weeks and a Monday through Friday grid (each unit is planned for a month...we actually take two ;) ). I am pretty sure that ACB would be the same. It is set up IMHO as a "spine" to flesh out with other in depth books of your dc 's choosing so they have the investment in the learning themselves. We also do a family read aloud that covers the time period, and the boys have their own individual books. It seems to me that it would only be teacher intensive if you feel the need to plan out every book for your schedule. We choose as the unit comes up. That may not be for everyone, but I can tell you one thing: my 15 yo ds is very quiet, but with this curriculum we actually have great conversations! He had all these great thoughts inside his head, and this has been the only curriculum we have used that has actually drawn them out of him!:001_smile: It truly honors who God made the student to be!
  12. Library and Educational Services has all 4 on mp3 cd for only $14.74 right now ;)
  13. There are Mara Pratts's American History Stories in 4 volumes: http://www.mainlesson.com/display.php?author=pratt&book=ahs1&story=_contents
  14. Those would actually be our children!!:D I'll try to do a little more research, and if I find out anything I'll be sure to post. ETA: This is the only first-hand review I have come across: http://homeschoolenrichment.com/community/pub9990180907532.cgi?itemid=9990358794314&action=viewad&categoryid=9980180907940&page=1&placeonpage=1&totaldisplayed=50
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