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  1. I've heard it is hard to switch into Singapore Math after the first few grade levels. Is this true? When you would say it would be "too late" to move into Singapore. My kids are currently going into K, 2nd, 4th, and 5th grades and are just blowing through their math programs - Horizons and Saxon.
  2. We are expecting our 8th child in the fall and I need something for English that is easy to implement. This is for my daughters who will be in 4th and 5th grades. I am currently using R&S plus IEW SWI-A. With R&S, I am still going over each lesson with them and then picking what problems I want them to do on the spot. We are using some of the R&S writing and some of the IEW writing. I would rather just do something that is more predictable so the girls can get in a routine. It seems like using a curriculum that combines both writing and grammar is the way to go. Maybe I should just stick with R&S and spend the summer deciding what exercises I want them to do. Then I could drop IEW and use the writing in R&S. Other options I'm considering are ABeka, BJU English, and Hake/Saxon (we use Saxon math and love it). Any thoughts or suggestions?
  3. Are there samples anywhere? I couldn't seem to find them.
  4. How many books do you assign for your children to read each year? I noticed that Memoria Press has about 4 in their curriculum kits and Veritas has about 10+ (not included the books they have listed for history.) It just made me wonder why their is such a great difference between the 2.
  5. Thank you for this review. Good to know. What will your daughter be using "for real"?
  6. Yes- I'll gladly take advice on another program. Thank you!
  7. I'm thinking of starting my 5th grader in Cambridge Latin. She has no prior Latin experience. Is this a good place to start? What would I need to buy and where do I buy it? Thanks.
  8. If we go with W&R, would my girls (5th and 4th next year) both start in the first book? How much time to you spend on writing for the week?
  9. We are using IEW SWI-A and I really do like it. However, W&R does look interesting to me. If anyone has done both, which did you land on. Thank you so much!
  10. She is 10. I don't love name-calling and I've heard some of his books were "tacky" for a lack of a better word so I was hoping to get a good list here. I don't particularly mind "scary" though. Thank you!
  11. My DD is reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and has asked for more from the same author. What are some favorites that would be good to buy? Thank you!
  12. It's on my list for next year. Hopefully someone can give us a review! :)
  13. OK, thank you. I'll just continue doing the 2 lessons a day. He doesn't complain so I might as well double up while I can. :) Thanks again!
  14. My son is in first grade and is using Horizons 1. It really is too easy for him. He can complete the entire lesson in about 10 minutes and always gets everything right. I've never experienced this before with my older children so I'm not sure how to proceed. I was thinking I could: 1. continue at the same pace and just keep it easy 2. do 2 lessons a day - we do this some days now 3. switch to saxon 3 intermediate for 2nd grade (we switch over to saxon for 54 normally but I was thinking I could switch him early to "jump" a level) 4. supplement with something else?? Thank you for the help!
  15. I do use them. My daughter likes test day the best because they are shorter than a normal lesson. :) I do also think they are helpful. It encourages her when she does well and it gives me a good overall gauge to see how she is retain the info.
  16. Any recommendations or suggestions for a vocabulary or root word study? Thank you!
  17. I do have them "respond" to the card in some way. They either write a summary, draw a picture of something they liked, or do some type of map work from maps I just find online. I honestly don't think it is necessary, just something we add. I think the SP courses are challenging enough all by themselves. I just added it this year because they were not writing enough and I wanted to increase it. Hope that helps. A benefit of doing the SP is that there is a ton of review built in. When I taught it with just the cards and TM, I could never figure out how, what, and when to review.
  18. I'm looking at Hake next year for the same reasons you mentioned. Hopefully some others will chime in for what has worked for them. I also have R&S and have heard it can be used independently but I've never been able to use it that way. :(
  19. I do not. I thought about it but I'm glad I did not. It would be a lot of history if you used both. :) The SP has map work, questions, review work, etc. It's all done for you. You really can just hand it off to your child to do or sit in with them if you want to learn along side of them. There are occasional printouts on the self-paced course for projects.
  20. Thank you! It's good to hear from some people that are actually doing it!
  21. Is it possible to teach both of these? I mean, I KNOW it is possible but I'm wondering if it can actually be successfully done. I just started AAS with 2 of my children and I LOVE it. I am strongly considering buy AAR pre-reading and AAR 1 for my 4 and 5 year olds. That would mean I am running 4 different programs with 4 different children. Is that crazy?
  22. I'll check it out again. Thank you. I didn't realize they had such a great guarantee. I've read so many wonderful reviews that maybe I should try it.
  23. What exactly would I need to buy? I'm going to finally look at it. Thanks.
  24. My 3rd grader missed every word on her spelling test today. We are using spelling plus with the dictation book. An example word is around and she spelled it "arawnd". I know she practices her words all week but she is just not getting it. I know so many people recommend AAS but I have also heard it was too much for some kids. I hate to spend so much money if I don't even know if it will work. Any suggestions???
  25. Thank you all! I have never heard of some of these so I'll go check them out!
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