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  1. I was wondering if anyone has used this for multiple years and if so, how do you like it? Thanks.
  2. I'm having trouble getting history and science done. We have 8 kids from 11 to almost 1. It's busy to say the least. By the time I've worked with everyone on the basics, it's 1-2 and I'm just beat. My kids do some work independently but it's still just a lot of work with kids so young. I have a 6th, 5th, 3rd, 1st, and K. Then we have a 3 year old, 22 month old, and 10 month old. My 6th grader is covered. She is doing Notgrass and Apologia by herself. It's the others I need help with. We done Veritas Press online but just wanted something different this year. I have mystory of history and another apologia science to do with them but like I said, I just have a hard time getting to it. I'm not really concerned with the K and 1st grader but feel like the 3rd and 5th grader should be doing something. Is it good enough to just pull history and science books and let them read? Any other ideas?? Thank you!!
  3. Merry and Linda, Can the kids read any of sonlight independently? My kids in school are 6th grade down to k. Thank you!!!
  4. Let me see if I can explain this. I feel like I'd like to have a larger emphasis on reading in our homeschool day. We tend to move from one content subject to the next and then finish up for the day. I'd like my kids to read more across all subjects-history,science,literature. Is there something that provides this so that I'm not having to pull it all together. I'd like to read aloud more with my kids too, but I'm really thinking and looking for books they can read on their own. And yes, Christian content is great. Thanks in advance.
  5. At what age do you make sure your child has their facts down for the 4 different operations? Thank you!
  6. My 5th grader seems to need more help understanding decimals and fractions. We have been using Horizons (k-4) and are now using CLE. Is there something I could use to supplement to help her understand? Has anyone used MUS for that reason? Thank you!!!
  7. I have 8 kids, 5 of whom are in school this year. I need suggestions for a spelling curriculum they can do without my help!! Grades are 6,5,3,1, and K. I'm not really concerned with my 1st grader and Kindergartener yet. Thank you!!!!
  8. Thank you for your help! Sounds like it might be Ok for a year or so. Thanks again!
  9. I'm looking for a semi independent writing workbook for 3rd grade. I have Writing Strand but don't really want to start it yet. I don't want anything like IEW or W&R because it's a little TOO teacher intensive. I don't mind discussing things with him but I also want him to be able to self start or do the next thing. I've thought about Writing Skills A or Just Write but I'm not sure and want to see if there is anything else I'm missing. Thanks
  10. I used Growing with Grammar last year with my 2nd grader. He really enjoyed it and could do it independently. It is NOT colorful though so if you are looking for that, you may also want to check out Abeka. FWIW, he will be using GWG again this year.
  11. We use Growing with Grammar. It's independent and my daughter, 6th grader, says she loves grammar now too. :) I have 3 kids that use it and all scored in the 98-99% on their standardized tests.
  12. If you have no experience with Greek, I'd start with Hey Andrew as well. It is super easy to go at your own pace and the first 2 levels really just teach the alphabet and sounds which are critical because they are so different from English. You could either stick with Hey Andrew or move to Elementary Greek after 2 or 3 levels of Hey Andrew. That's what I've done with my kids and it's been great.
  13. Wow! This is all so helpful and encouraging. I appreciate everyone spending the time and effort to respond. I'm gleaning many good idea and hearing about things I want to go check out. :)
  14. I've asked this before but asking again. :) What are your favorite tried and true curricula to use for large families (we have 8 kids)? Is there one that you have used for all of your kids for multiple years? One thing I'm finding is that is seems easier to stay the course and adjust it to the kid rather than switch curricula just so you don't have to get over learning how to teach something new each year. Because of this, I'm looking to really settle down in my choices and just wanted to see what works for large families.
  15. This is great. Thank you. Do you like the method/program and use it regularly?
  16. Can someone please explain to me how these work? Also, if you've used them, what do you think is necessary? Is it worth purchasing?
  17. I'm going to take a look at P4/5 again. I didn't realize there were activities to go along with it. They love things like that!
  18. Is there a good resource for teaching children how to write a book report?
  19. My oldest will be in 6th grade next year and I've never done an official vocabulary program with her. I was just if I should start something official this year and if so, what? Also, do you do a formal logic curriculum in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade?
  20. They will be 6 and 5 by the time school starts again in August. We do have a lot of picture books but I can go look at the FIAR list and compare. I do read to them but not a ton which is one of the reasons I wanted to get something that would help keep me accountable. I normally get caught up in teaching the "big" kids so it's easy to do less with them than I want to do.
  21. Would p 4/5 be better? We do not have access to a good library. But I can spend money on books this year.
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