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  1. My favorite TR biography is 'Mornings on Horseback' (He's the one who wrote the great John Adams bio that HBO turned into a great miniseries.) There's also a mini series the boys and I watched called 'The Rough Riders' about TR - I think anything Ken Burns does is great. I loved this miniseries too. I never understood why FDR was almost revered by my elders before watching it. I thought it was a pretty fairly balanced look at him and I felt awful for Eleanor - the way he treated her in this marriage - but greatly respected how she rose above it to be her own person and accomplish her own goals.
  2. I only had one picture I posted - of a famous horse - that I could find and I deleted it. The rest were embedded Youtube videos but if someone finds something report it or let me know and I'll get it ASAP. Sorry you are dealing with this Susan. The avatar is me - circa 1985. I paid a pretty penny for those pictures as a HS senior and Olan Mills is free to contact me. Believe it or not - my grandmother SAVED the receipt and I still have it. It was in her belongings when she passed. :lol:

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    I have the other three years in Classic format. I am using the current DE version but I also like having the Classic format as well. I do not need the Loom. Thanks


  4. Wind is howling outside. I do not sleep when the wind howls.

  5. I love that the kid is trying to learn Bohemian Rhapsody on the piano. I just wish it wasn't the day I have a sinus migraine.

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    2. pdalley


      True. :) He's called it a day, thankfully. It sounded beautiful - or it would have if my head wasn't hurting.


    3. nmoira


      I hope you're feeling better soon.

    4. pdalley


      Thanks. It's easing off. One day we will move where I'm not at the mercy of every weather front moving through the area. :)


  6. This is one of those days I wish I had any other job on earth.

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    2. pdalley


      Thanks! Boys being well, boys. It's like slogging through thick mud on those days.


  7. Middle just rolled over in bed and gave himself a goose egg via the headboard. Nice.

  8. So over this sinus infection/crud....

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