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  1. I am wanting to integrate Image Grammar into our writing this year, but I'm not sure how to schedule it. I'm not sure how many lessons or pages per day/week to implement. For those that have used Immage Grammar is there a schedule or syllabus somewhere? Or can anyone give advise as to how they used it? Thank you
  2. I happened to stumble across "American Passages" from Annenberg Learner. Does anyone have experience with this? https://www.learner.org/series/amerpass/index.html
  3. I'm throwing in something else I just found. Has anyone followed this Biology curriculum? https://quarksandquirks.wordpress.com/biology-hs-level/
  4. Yes, my daughter wants to be a marine biologist, and so she's going to need to learn about evolution. I like the different virtual labs and videos that are added in this curriculum. I looked at the lab book you mentioned and it looks nice. What evolution interactive notebook are you using?
  5. Congrats! Can you give an example of the case studies? And what is HHMI ?
  6. I think annotating is something we already do innately when we read, just in our heads. So I need to have her take those naturally occurring thoughts and put them to paper. Is that a good way of thinking of it?
  7. Yes, I don't want a symbol, I want the actual thought. When your dd annotated for science, was she marking specifics?
  8. Do you have your kids annotate anything they think of or do you have more specifics?
  9. Has anyone tried the biology course layed out on Guest Hollow? It looks like it has different components to it to keep it interesting. http://guesthollow.com/biology/
  10. For those that have used this literature program how did you go about scheduling everything? I was thinking two stories a week (including the workbook) and then doing poetry on Fridays (one each Friday). Also, for each story did you break up the workbook work? i.e... Vocabulary before reading the story, then the second exercise after reading & discussing story.
  11. Beautiful Feet history is a good program. Their reading is great and if you had in essay writing you will be covered for your English credit.
  12. I'm doing America Government with my high schooler this year and so I was looking for some biographies to go along with her readings. I'm thinking of maybe George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt... Anyone else you can recommend that would go along with American Government. I'm just looking for some good biographies. She's not a big reader if that helps any. Thanks!
  13. Has anyone seen this curriculum written by a homeschool mom? She has each week layed out... Id love to hear pros and cons. https://quarksandquirks.wordpress.com/biology-hs-level/
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