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  1. Thanks for your replies. I just found this post by Susan Wise Bauer that gave me a good view of MCT's later levels:
  2. Thank you for sharing your perspective. I appreciate how candid you were. Sometimes the curriculum seems flowery and verbose, but then I saw Michael Clay Thompson speak, and I wanted to buy everything right then. He has such an amazing way with words. (I am a math and science person, as well, but his talk on poetry made me want to drop everything else and study it.) Thank you!
  3. I meet tons of people who have used the first three levels of MCT, but have yet to meet anyone who has used all seven levels. If you have used MCT through high school, please share how your child did through the program. What was their academic experience after they were done? TIA
  4. We love Beast Academy. I agree that both the guide and the practice books are a must. My son finished 5th grade math through Red Bird in December and we started Beast Academy at the beginning. We are doing about a book every 3 weeks, but my son gets math (97th percentile when last tested). It really targets kids like him, because it is an advanced way to look at math. I did very well in math and went far, and I even have learned a few tricks. I would encourage adding math facts to encourage fluency. We do it alongside other math programs just to drill the basics.
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