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  1. I think I've passed a point of no return in my relationship with my parents. I had let the kids go to my parents' house August 29 - Sept 1 on the condition that she and my dad did not go anywhere (except for Covid-protocol church) and the kids did not go anywhere. I was very clear about this being past my comfort level already, and that I was Really Serious about these restrictions if the kids went over. I said that if this didn't work the kids wouldn't go over again before either my parents or the kids were vaccinated. I said that I knew she did not agree with me and has disregarded my conditions in the past but I was Really Serious about this. (Please note, my parents go to multiple multiple stores/restaurants on a daily basis with no mask and are unvaccinated in a High Transmission area, which is why I asked for these conditions. I'm not trying to control their lives on a daily basis, let's not delve into how unreasonable I may be as I have heard it all already, multiple times, in two languages). Well, surprise surprise...they did not keep their end of the bargain. So last week I had to tell them the kids would not be visiting Sept 18-22 as previously planned. I had 9 blissful days of silence after my mom hung up on me. She asked to speak with me last night to "clear the air." [I wrote out the whole conversation, but on re-read realize it doesn't really matter.] I didn't actually feel anything when she was crying or saying her piece. I was patient and kind and did the right noises, but I didn't feel anything about it. I didn't even feel guilty. I am tired of it. I rolled my eyes at the idea that I'm blackmailing them, instead of them having to deal with the consequences of their choices. I rolled my eyes when she said my kids would be infertile because their DNA was changed if I got them vaccinated. I rolled my eyes at the idea that God is "pruning her", instead of her taking responsibility for her decisions. I'm okay with being a disappointment and a bad daughter, because I realize that being their version of good is a) not that great and b) unachievable anyway. So I'll just be me instead, which I think has been working out mostly ok. Not perfect, lol, but mostly ok. Anyway. Thanks for listening.
  2. This was a horrible thread to click on. I now know of 3 bakeries way too close to me that offer too many things I cannot know about. Also, cake pops at the local bakery that sells them is $36/dozen, and have to be ordered ahead of time and in dozen packages. "Price will increase with certain customizations."
  3. I find it interesting that you have the Locally Hated AND the SWAT Team house and that these two are not the same. There's at least 1 story that I am hoping you'll share, lol. When I moved into this house, we found out the hard way that the key marked "Front" did not actually unlock the front door. I called the handy guy I had met a few weeks earlier, and he walked me through breaking and entering. (There was an awkward pause where he was like, "So, ...I don't do this type of thing anymore...but do you have a credit card?") I thanked him very profusely once I got inside and, now that I knew how easy it was to break in, asked him to come over sometime that week to install deadbolts, lol.
  4. @cintinative and @Slache, and anyone else who uses the IEW poetry: does the teacher workbook add a lot to you? I could see us using the CDs, but that's more of a flourish than a necessary thing for us, so I'm debating between just getting the student workbook or the full set. I have a bad habit of not reading directions, lol, but if the teacher book gives valuable advice I'd make the effort to try.
  5. Phone/Tablet/iPad Apps: Star Walk (may have a new version by now). Very interactive and you can drag it around to see the sky directly above you, below you, and at different angles.
  6. @cintinative How long do you think Level 1 took you? Is it pretty comparable to a school year? I do random poetry memorization with the kids, and toss in some Shakespeare from the plays we are reading, but I think the long poem/speeches are what I want to aspire to, and it would be easier to do with a program to work up to it. I always look at these poetry memorization programs and flirt with them in my cart, but never pull the trigger. But the list of speeches, now that's tempting. eta to answer OP's question, @lulalu: we do speeches from Shakespeare. "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" was the last one we did. We do a longer prayer daily from memory (14 stanzas, about 7 lines each?). I know as a kid in 6th grade in school I had to memorize the Raven by Poe; we didn't have memory work in grades before this so I don't know what they were thinking, only 2 of us successfully memorized it. In the end they made it a group project so we all effectively memorized 4-7 stanzas, something like that, then recited in groups taking turns. That may be something you could consider, too. Agree it is just a matter of working 1 stanza at a time, then adding on. What I've liked about it for the kids is that then smaller memorizations seem easy, and they expect they can memorize things because they have done it before. This blends over into music lessons for us, where no one balks at a piece memorization because they are already used to long form. Just make sure that you review the early parts often , so that you aren't memorizing stanza 15 to find out stanzas 1-3 are gone. We usually do all the stanzas memorized, then add on, so that way gaps are less likely to happen or stay long if they do.
  7. Sweet (kinda sad) story. My grandfather had Alzheimers and was fading away for years before he eventually had to go to a nursing home. Part of his dementia included hiding things in very random places, and he became particularly concerned his money was being stolen because it kept disappearing. My nana was a bit of a neat freak and so was always trying to put things back as they should be, and had to always tell him that no, she wasn't stealing the money. He died in 2010, she died in 2018. My mom showed me this note he left my nana: "My love, I am probably gone now. I am hiding all of the cash in the pipe underneath the shed. I hope you are safe. Love --" She had found the note while cleaning out the house after my grandmother's death, at the back of a drawer in his room. So my nana probably never found it. Unfortunately the shed is filled to the brim with a relative's belongings now and so we can't investigate if his stash is still there, or if he even did what he had intended to do. However, the thing I can speak to is that the same house has a wall filled with jars in the patio. You can see some of the jars through a crack. It was where they stored canning supplies. I guess when she stopped canning they just decided to wall that up with everything as it was.
  8. Re: bras, I've recently found Bravissimo and Negative Underwear and *love* what I've gotten. I've never had good bras before (and never more than 2 bras at the same time), so I can't compare to other "good bra brands", but I never knew that wearing bras could be pleasant. My collection grows with each marketing email, lol.
  9. This is the first I've heard of it (busy day). Just went and looked it up. So it looks like there is a choice between vaccine and weekly testing. Setting aside the argument of "Is this overreach?", just looking at the policy itself it seems quite a reasonable way to go about this. If you have a large number of people potentially working together, they should be either vaccinated or testing regularly to make sure that any outbreak is caught and dampened before it spreads in this large number of people. So even if you aren't willing to be vaccinated, you can still be part of the solution while not violating your principles (if you're against vaccination for an actual principle, which is another argument I'm just going to set aside). The way people are decrying being forced to be vaccinated I didn't realize there was the second option. No, it's not pleasant to get a weekly test, but it isn't in the realm of inhumane treatment and unless you have left jobs on principle to stand against random drug testing, I would say that any objection to this is more pomp than principle. It isn't an unreasonable request to show that, if you aren't taking the necessary precautions, that you are not a danger to the group. These are two reasonable options being given to employees and focusing only as if there is a vaccinate-or-leave dichotomy is really misleading and I'm surprised this isn't being pointed out more.
  10. Office admin job, in the executive department (so to speak). When I was interviewing I noticed *every* woman in the office complex had really nice nails. It's the culture here I guess. I could technically not do it and not get fired, but I'd stick out like a sore thumb (ha). You say these last a long time, do you do a lot of typing? Or handling files? It doesn't sound like it'd be hard on nails but man I've been surprised at what these easy tasks are doing to my paint jobs. But easier to apply sounds wonderful. I wonder if my stamping would stick on top, I don't see why it wouldn't. Think putting a top coat on top of the strips would damage them? Ah! Is it harder to do than regular polish? Harder to clean up? I'm still a bit sloppy and so like that I clean up in the shower, does this stuff allow for that? I've found my old MK nail polishes are definitely worn out by Wednesday (painted on Sunday). And a couple colors of the Sally Hanson seem to chip more than others? I'm not sure if I'm doing something different when painting but 2 of the colors chipped multiple times even after touchups. So if this stuff is more durable I should really look at it. And just not tell my DH how much I'm spending on nails, lol. eta: I just realized I'm *excited* to talk about nails. Who have I become?! (Not that there's something wrong with it, it's just never been anything I was remotely interested in before)
  11. While I will agree he is the best, idk about throwing out things from a house that spontaneously generates sequins and weather patterns. Definitely a bold move by him. In a few days the house may spontaneously cough up 3 glittery lids as some sort of mind game and then you will be wondering if you threw out a matching part. But don't worry, because found lids never (ever) have matching parts, it's just the house messing with you.
  12. Whenever he asks for something (water, screwdriver, toothpaste) always hand him an apple at the same time. This requires preplanning and an apron with large pockets, but will work especially well if you hide all the screwdrivers and toothpastes. Or you make your new phrase for finishing anything, "How do you like dem apples!" But say it kinda menacingly with eye contact and casually tossing an apple up and down (again, apron and pockets for preparation) so he understands that, yes, he likes dem apples.
  13. I mean.... she's asking for resources... so I'm assuming she wants to teach it. And maybe also go to the beach, it is a celebration of the labor movement, after all.
  14. Yes, I leave out the "online" part because it seems to qualify the word "friend" and I don't really feel a qualification towards y'all, so just "friend" is more accurate for me than "online friend." Maybe if you have a good irl friendship network the qualification makes sense, but I have no need for it personally. eta: though I have to randomly make up names for you guys sometimes. "The other day my friend Happiduck said..." can sometimes distract the conversation lol
  15. My daughter is basically the same, except she likes leggings. So it's black leggings plus t-shirts, loosely fitting, with a sweater tied around her waist, and a baseball cap. She likes the tshirts from Old Navy, there's a lot there without graphics or designs she's okay with. If you can get your daughter past the store's branding of pink, Justice has some things that work like plaid button down loose fitting shirts, we aren't into jumpsuits here like your links but it looks like they have a couple. They usually have longer dresses that don't hug anything, for when dressing up is necessary.
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