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  1. After the tea thread here, I bought that shirt at a conference :)
  2. Started dating when I was 16 and he was 18. Married after college at 22 and 23. Still happy together and have been married for 22 years. I think we've been lucky and have worked to grow together over the years. I think it has been helpful that neither of us was set in our ways when we met. We don't fight about money in the same way I see friends who married after each had lived on their own for a time.
  3. I got a double major in math and English at UCSB in the early 90s. I entered with sophomore standing due to AP and cc courses. UCSB didn't have minors, so that made the double major an easier choice. I don't recall ever meeting with an advisor though.... We had a few people who double majored in math and music. Be sure to look at Regent's scholarships! I got one at UCSB and it was really helpful. It gave me graduate standing for registration, so I never worried about not getting my classes. It also met any financial need without loans, so that was pretty cool too :)
  4. Code Talker http://www.amazon.com/Code-Talker-Memoir-Original-Talkers/dp/0425247856/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 Set in America initially growing up on Reservation and being put in boarding school, then bulk of book in war in Pacific.
  5. Anyone posting on the Internet should be aware of that. However, there is a large difference in a moderator coming in and deleting posts and a post being public. The first is an intentional act which does IMO destroy trust.
  6. And when there's been confusion and then discussion on the chat board about what seems to be unfair moderation, those threads are locked or deleted with the admonishment not to discuss the boards. It's been very very frustrating for quite some time.
  7. Clear communication is my biggest problem. I've asked questions about tags in the support board (you can see the thread here http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/443360-is-there-any-way-we-can-tag-posts/ You can also see how long we have gone without a response. One comment saying it was being looked at, then nothing despite repeated bumps. I sent OtherJohn a PM sometime in 2013 and never got a reply. You can see Moira's questions about TapaTalk on this page...she never got an update. This is where the boards have a serious communication problem with the members.
  8. :) As long as they keep the original, it's good :) That one might be good for cooking fish....
  9. :grouphug: Allergies really stink. Glad you're figuring some of it out!!
  10. Glad to hear from you! :grouphug:
  11. Earth Balance sticks here too. We have a Kroger nearby that carries them. Enjoy Life does safe chocolate chips. I wouldn't do clarified butter. I'd be surprised if that eliminated the milk protein.
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