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  1. My husband is vegetarian but I am not. So the kids and I have meat when he is out of town or they might get a hamburger if we go out to eat. I was vegetarian for a while but being pregnant and nursing I starting craving meat sometimes. A great book that is pretty convincing about eating a plant based died is How Not To Die or How Not to Diet by Dr. Michael Gregor. He also has a podcast and a website nutritionfacts.org. Everything he says is evidence based and he backs it all up with studies. All profits from his book go to charity and he tells you to check his book out from the library. Because rice and beans are a staple protein for us, when I do buy meat I budget for humanely raised/ grass fed /small farm etc.
  2. TalkBox.mom is Charlotte Masonish in approach and they have about 11 languages. It is fun and easy to implement. You could start with the book or the homeschool phrases and see if it what you are looking for and then move on to their boxes if you like it. They have an app that comes with the book that has a native speaker speaking each phrase.
  3. I have been looking at purchasing this for a while and this thread made be what pushes me to do it now. What age would you said I could watch this with kids? Thanks!
  4. https://partypantspads.com party in my pants pads. They are very thin but very absorbent and comfortable. I have had them for years and years so I know they last a long time.
  5. Can’t wait! I’ve been wanting to start Latin myself before starting me kids on it.
  6. Residential solar panels don’t kill birds. The only solar panels that are problematic for birds are huge solar farms, particularly thermal solar that concentrates the suns rays and attracts birds. As far as the OP question, we have solar and we produce basically all of our energy needs in the summer, most in the spring and fall. We have tesla battery backup when our power goes out. We have two and they fit easily along the wall in our laundry room. They will power everything in our house if the electricity goes out. We live in the Pacific Northwest so a fairly rainy climate in the winter. They have been a great deal so far for us. I was pretty neutral on them when we got them but we have been very pleased with the results.
  7. Absolutely, don’t burn poison ivy, you don’t want to breath that. It sounded like just your average flower bed weeds.
  8. The easiest and most effective way I have found to get rid of weeds is to burn them. Our local nursery had a little propane torch. Obviously you have to be careful what time of year you do it and you need someone next to you with a hose but it doesn’t damage your soil, you aren’t dealing with poisons, and you don’t have to use gallons and gallons of vinegar (I have never found the vinegar method very effective.)
  9. I have had two pieces shatter /explode recently, one was just sitting in the sink but it had been chipped for a while so maybe somehow it was compromised. But there was no temperature change. The other one I set on the counter from the oven and it exploded. Older might be better but avoid the vintage painted stuff because it generally has super high lead content https://tamararubin.com/category/leaded-pyrex/
  10. Not pounds, Tons. And yes very very toxic. https://tamararubin.com/2019/04/as-notre-dame-burns-please-think-of-the-children-of-paris-the-potential-tragedy-here-is-far-worse-than-flint/
  11. I'm not clear where the data about Oregon is coming from, but as far as the MMR is concerned for school age children in Multnomah county the rate of children up to date is 95% + The map you linked looks like it only looks at non medical exemptions not the MMR. The "exception" rate is higher because there are people who have skipped one vaccine, Hep B or chickenpox and they have to fill out the exemption form just like the totally unvaccinated child. Also, Oregon has had 10 measles cases this year. 5 related to the group in Clark County WA and 5 unrelated and brought in from outside the country. Sure, it would be preferably not to have any, but not exactly an out of control outbreak. We will see what happens, but so far it has been several months and it's one case here and one case there, no ones been sent home from school. Sure, lots of press, but more like click bait than actual news. Here is the data from the health department for Multnomah county: https://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/PREVENTIONWELLNESS/VACCINESIMMUNIZATION/GETTINGIMMUNIZED/Documents/CtyData/MultImmData.pdf Here's data for the whole state https://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/PREVENTIONWELLNESS/VACCINESIMMUNIZATION/GETTINGIMMUNIZED/Pages/SchDataCounty.aspx
  12. They have very similar training to MDs. 4 years of medical school (after college) and then several years of residency depending on specialty. They can apply to many of the same residencies that MDs apply to. I have had OBs that were DOs, family practice doctor that was also a DO and a dermatologist that was a DO.
  13. It worked for me and it helped my kids because they helped me with the kitchen and they saw how it worked on stuff that was more mutual or my stuff before we started in on their stuff.
  14. I would definitely get an evaluation by a speech therapist. I would never count on something like this resolving itself. The older a child gets the harder it is to correct. A 7.5 should be easily understood.
  15. I wipe them with a spong or dish cloth. My husband thinks you can just dump food in the dishwasher but I think that pretty gross especially in the summer. Super dirty stuff I leave in the bottom of the sink while I hand wash dishes that don’t go in the dishwasher. Then I put them in the dishwasher and they are basically rinsed/soaked.
  16. One thing that I didn’t realize would be an issue when we moved to a low COL area was heating costs. If you move from a moderate climate to say upstate New York or any other place with bad winters you are going to be paying hundreds of dollars more to heat your house. We went from a $60 /month bill to hundreds of dollars a month and we had to keep our house at about 55 degrees because we couldn’t afford to heat it any hotter. So although our housing was a fraction of the cost we made up for paying for heat. Prices for heating can very too. For example electric versus gas versus oil, which would depend on the house or apartment and how it is heated.
  17. I get the receipt, I don’t know if it is worth it but I write down something along these lines: bag -kids cloths $5, bag-shoes $ 10, misc kitchen $5. If it is some big thing that might be worth more than I would list that but mostly it’s just general. My understanding is that is enough.
  18. So I don't know about rehab facilities, but if your mom has a fracture or fractures in her spine, she should get a referral to an interventional radiologist for Kyphoplasty / Veterbroplasty. It is a super simple procedure, don't have to spend the night or anything. It should help enormously with the pain usually immediately, and reduce the need for pain meds which may help with the cognitive issues. In any case, there is no reason for her to be in pain and only getting pain meds, her injury should be treated. Good luck!
  19. Some babies and toddlers mouth everything. My baby always tried to put my Mil necklaces in his mouth. There is really no reason for cadmium or lead to be in any jewelry even if it is not meant for children. OP: Thanks for the warning. Anyone who has further interest in cadmium and lead in jewelry or other household objects should look up Tamara Rubin, lead safe mama. She tests various things for lead and cadmium and other heavy metals and blogs about it. She also has several lead poisoned children.
  20. I’m giving you a bump because I was looking at this last week and was interested in it too and the saw this post about it. Please post your experiences if you do decide to get it. Thanks!
  21. This thread is a fun read. Although I was not homeschooled I used Saxon Algebra and calculus and I find it fascinating that so many remember hating Saxon. I thought it was fine and I used to to pass the credit by exam and so skip algebra in high school. I didn’t do a credit by exam for calculus but I felt the book helped understand calculus and do well when taking it later. I’m not sure what that says about my school’s math curriculum or about me. ?. In any case, I don’t use Saxon with my kids but I have thought about using the Saxon algebra book after Right Start G. We will see. There seem to be so many great options now though.
  22. If I catch it early, lots of vit C and lots of water works for me.
  23. Oh thanks! That was a very helpful review.
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