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  1. Help! We have lost or thrown away Appendix I of Writing With Skill Level 1 (chart of time and sequence words). It is Pg 485 in the student workbook. Can anyone help me by screenshotting this page? If only dd would put in her notebook as directed right away we wouldn't be missing it now LOL! Thanks!!
  2. I took an animal behavior class in college. We had to spend time observing monkeys at the zoo and honeybees in my professor’s plexiglass hive in an office window. I’d encourage you to find local resources for hands on observations of what she’s learning. Zoos, local beekeeper society, service dog trainers, etc. I loved that college class because of the hands on!
  3. I need help for my 7th grader! Please share pros/cons if you’ve used any of these programs or if you have something else you just love! I work full time so anything that can be done independently is a plus, although she’s not really great at getting assignments done without me around . Writing: did IEW SWI-A and part of a theme book. Started first 5 weeks of WWS1. DD didn’t do either one very enthusiastically. I have IEW continuation course for level B (but not SWI-B) or can continue WWS. Also considering EIW. She needs something to break writing down into small steps at a time and preferably with a daily lesson plan. Literature: looking at EIW or Analytical Grammar’s Beyond the Book Report. Vocabulary: Wordly Wise or Vocabulary from Classical Roots. She did WW this year and did not love all of the exercises each week. I feel like VCR might be better prep for future things such as SAT and foreign languages, but is it too boring? Grammar: Analytical Grammar but open to other suggestions Thanks for any help you can give me!
  4. We have a bad habit of starting each year strong in science and somewhere around Christmas it begins to get done less and less until we aren't doing it at all (I work full time outside of the home so time is an issue). I will have a 4th grader this year and was all set to use Guest Hollow's free Chemistry program because it uses Ellen McHenry (which I have heard is really enjoyable). However, I am now rethinking that this program may be a bit advanced for 4th grade. So, does anyone have a Chemistry program you would recommend? Actually, I would also be open to an age appropriate science that touches on chemistry, as well as other topics. I REALLY want to find something that holds our attention and we are excited about. Thank you!
  5. I do have the HIG, although I don't use it as well as I could. We also do use a ton of maniulatives. I guess part of the problem is she can do the problems with the manipulatives, but can't do it on paper unless I talk her through every single step. I don't know if I need to spend more time on the concrete stage with manipulatives and games or what. I am definitely planning to do review over the summer to try to help build her understanding. I'm not ready to give up on the Singapore approach just yet. I have looked at the Math in Focus teacher's edition online and I am kind of loving how spelled out it is, in spite of the price! I may try that for next year just to get a better feel for how to teach the lessons. Would something like the Math Mammoth Blue books be helpful review over the summer or should we just go back over the tough spots and use the manipulatives/games in the HIG?
  6. We have been using Singapore Standards ed for 1st grade. Math was the one subject that never came naturally or easily to me in school so I chose Singapore because I wanted my kids to have a better understanding of math concepts. It has not gone as well as I hoped this year so I am rethinking for 2nd grade. If I am honest, I haven't taught the program exceptionally. We tend to skip the mental math and I have been too focused on "we have to finish" instead of making sure she gets it before moving on. I was ready to switch to a traditional style math, but now I feel like maybe I just need to teach Singapore better. I'd appreciate advice from anyone who stuck with Singapore when it didnt start great and also from those that switched to traditional math. Also, I would like to hear from anyone who used Math In Focus. I've read that the Teachers Guide is exceptional with that program. I definitely do better when it is spelled out for me (I work full time- a week on/week off) due to time restraints on my work week. Thanks for any insights and advice!
  7. Can anyone help me find a list that coordinates SOTW and HTTA timeline figures. We are doing volume 1 this year and I have the entire collection of HTTA timelines. Just having trouble navigating through the timeline stuff ahead of time and making sure we are using all we can!
  8. Does anyone have a list that coordinates SOTW with the HTTA timeline figures? I found some old posts on here, but the links no longer work. Thanks!

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