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  1. Reviving this old post. Any newer experiences? We have a few friends who use it, and everyone is raving about it. So we are thinking to enroll our athlete daughter for high school starting September. She is going to do a placement test next week (since we have been hs, they require to determine where she is at...), but before we do final commitment, I would love to hear any good or bad reviews.
  2. oh bummer. It looks so amazing. I doubt my local hs store has it, would be interesting to flip through. Because it looks so kids friendly and understandable, i want to study too 😊 maybe somebody who actually used it will chime in.
  3. I just came across Singapore Science, and I am in love with it! Anyone used it and can vouch that it's as fabulous as it looks? My son loved Singapore Math, finished through 6B and we moved on to AOPS. So I am assuming kid will equally love their science curriculum. We are scheduled to start chemistry after New Year, and I am thinking of switching it all to Singapore Chemistry.. It looks so lovely! Any feedback?
  4. We lucked up and chose Ohio for my son, and Wisconsin for my daughter - so we already played. Make sure you pack gloves and hats for Tuscon - it's brutal in the mornings. I have a feeling we met somewhere on tennis courts.. :) Let me know if you get into Winter Nats.... We will have to say hi to each other in real life. :)
  5. Thank you. I will go to local hs store to see what they have. Just looking for ideas what everyone used and how it worked.
  6. This is our second year with AOPS for both kids. Did prealgebra, now onto Algebra. My kids enjoy it, do Alcumus too, but i feel like my daughter would benefit from a few more workbook problems... Anyone used aditional woksbook to compliment AOPS algebra? Thank you.
  7. Thank you! Somebody sent me a picture of lesson 1 answers, and local homeschooling store had answer books for couple bucks. So I am saved :)
  8. Just seeing this now, sorry. My kids are 12&13, and this year we use Analytical Grammar, AOPS algebra, Pandia Press Biology 2 till new year, and Chemistry after new year... etc So definitely the mix of things. What age group your kids play? 'Maybe I will see you in Tuscon at Winter Nats :)
  9. We were traveling, and at a local homeschooling store I bought Wordly Wise 3000 book 7. I was under impression it had all answers at the end of the book. Wrong! Anyone has answers sheets? I looked online and they do not have them, just entire teacher book which I don't need...... Anyone could help?
  10. could you tell me how you determine which teacher is better for your child? just curious if I am missing something :)
  11. Funny, poster above mentions good communication, I would say they are far from it. I applied for Connections back in March, and was told that if less than 1800 kids sign up, there will be no lottery and everyone will get in automatically. There was no lottery this year and I was notified we were in. By the time I did a pediatrician appointment for missing shots etc and submitted all paper work, I was told that we are no longer "in". Apparently, it's first come first served. :confused1: So those, who submitted paper work faster, even if they applied later, were confirmed for the school year. There was not a word about it when I initially applied and talked to them. They kept on saying "1800 cap has not been met", so I felt safe. Very unclear communication. But I think it's a good thing we did not get in - we will be doing our own thing like always. I am hearing people are not loving Connections around here, even though it's better than K12. But my kids wanted to attend for one year, so I tried...
  12. National tennis players mom here :) We started homeschool because we needed flexibility to allow travel. We're getting out of school early every day to train, missing a lot of days due to training/tournament travel etc. After 6-9months of research and lots of back&forths, we decided to give it a go. (I should have homeschooled from the beginning - love it!). Now if we want an outside home class, we can only choose Wednesdays - travel for tournaments usually starts on Thursdays, and we get home on Monday/Tuesday. I joined Monday co-op, but quickly learned it was not possible for us to keep up because we missed at least half of them. We only homeschool at home, never at tournaments. On occasion we may take a few worksheets or a book to read, but usually kids are in their tourney mode, so concentration is on matches and tactics. When national tournaments have only a match a day, kids go practice with their friends in afternoons. So whenever we are at home, we do school every day (weekends included) to be able to keep up with a schedule. My both kids have the same curriculum (they are 15months apart). My son is accelerated in most subjects, so I do more advanced stuff and his older sister has to try to keep up with him. Works well for us. Sometimes it seems like we are never home and all of it is just too much, and I wonder is it worth it.... I ask my kids if they are tired, if they want to have sleepovers and lazy weekends or pointless walks at the mall with friends, or go to school dances etc. When they are tired and overwhelmed, I think they wonder that too. But the idea of giving high level tennis up is just unfathomable to them. It's a lot of hard work, compromises, but it molds their character like nothing else would... And at the end of the day I am with my kids 24/7 and I love it. Good luck to your daughter!
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