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  1. Here in California US History is done in 11th grade while Civics/Econ are done in 12th. I can't imagine there being an issue with doing both in one year, especially when the transcript you will most likely create will have a list of courses under headers, and not under their year (freshman, sophomore, etc.)
  2. I may be late here, but since I have lent my copy of WTM out (for the 5th time at least!) if it isn't already in there, Harold Jacobs Math. I am the queen of math curriculum since I had to purchase and repurchase until I found a program that spoke to my son. He has done wonderfully with Jacobs Algebra and Jacobs Geometry.
  3. Welcome to the journey. Enjoy it, embrace it, love its challenges and experiences at this stage.
  4. I have a dd going into 6th grade, and I am having difficulty finding a classical 6th grade Ancient History program. I love SOTW, but it is to easy for her. Can anyone recommend a literature rich program? Omnibus 1 is an option, but I'd like to know your opinion. Thanks.
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