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  1. How do I get the percentage of slow down? Does it give the calculation guide?
  2. Elizabeth I have been on your site a lot today, reading and checking out the different things. I will be having her do the placement test to see what level she is. Everyone has been so helpful!
  3. What would be a good curriculum that assumes no prior knowledge of grammar and writing?
  4. I gave her the Saxon placement test and she placed in Saxon 5/4. Her biggest problem is math facts. What is LOE? I should receive All About Spelling by the end of this week.
  5. We are in VA and we have to test at the end of every year. Since I did not have anything to compare her to really get an idea of where she is, I ordered her CAT test. We took it last week and should get the results back this week. I'm just afraid of failing and failing her as a teacher. I don't want her to be behind.
  6. First time homeschool momma here and we are struggling. My daughter completed 3rd grade in public school and was an honor roll student. She passed all of her SOLs. I order Abeka Language Arts (4th Grade) which has English, Reading, Spelling and Penmanship. So day 1, I realize that she can't tell me what a fragment sentence is and then she doesn't know any of the types of sentences. It took us an hour and a half to get through just the language lesson. We have went through 2 quizzes which she failed both of them. I let her retake Quiz 1 and she still only got 6 right and that was after going over the stuff for 11 days! I had her do extra worksheets and everything to help her. Reading has been horrible. She is leaving out words, adding words, changing words, can't pronounce several words per page and can't really sounds them out! She doesn't like to pause at the end of a sentence Ex: She kept pronouncing Giles as Gales. She does still get her b and d mixed up. Not all the time but she does quite frequently have to think which one she needs to write. Spelling was also horrible, she had to dictate this sentence, "Someone stole our dog last September.". She wrote it like this "Someone stoll ower dog last September". She would get 100-110 on spelling test in public school but then the next week couldn't spell the words she just had a test over. Penmanship I switched to Handwriting without tears because Abeka assumes that she was taught to write cursive and she was not. We are using Saxon math and she is doing ok with it. She still doesn't know her math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication). It took her almost 11 minutes to do the saxon math drill today of 100 simple addition problems. One of her lesson problems was 38 + 3 and she answered 121 and when I brought her back over to correct it, she told me the answer right away. She said she didn't know why she wrote that. She done this on several problems. Someone PLEASE help me!!!!!
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