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  1. We have been using Khan Academy exclusively for practice for quite a while now, although it has tapered off a little since my 7th grader already has too many things to complete. We are looking into streamlining his after school activities so that he has a little bit more time for extra practice.
  2. My longest non-stop flight was from Dallas to Abu Dhabi which took about 15.5 hours. Since my family travels to India every couple of years, we have kind of gotten used to it. We always fly economy and soreness and jet lag are the norm!! But my longest one-way trip would be from Bangalore to Dallas, via Abu Dhabi and London..took me 40 hours to get back home. I had to book tickets just before traveling and the itinerary had 10-hour layovers in both Abu Dhabi and London. The saving grace was that I was traveling by myself and I got the opportunity to take the city tour at Abu Dhabi!
  3. OP, its great to hear that you have had positive experiences with turmeric supplementation! I generally cook three meals a day at home from scratch and since most of my cooking is Indian, I liberally use turmeric powder in my dishes. I have never tried turmeric capsules, though. It's true that black pepper and some fat (usually ghee for me) is recommended as per Ayurveda while consuming turmeric. One could use fresh turmeric while cooking or in smoothies if it's available. But it does stain quite a bit! Fresh turmeric is usually available at Indian/Asian grocery stores.
  4. I grew up in India in the 80's and I would just like to say for the record that not all Indian parents behaved this way with their children. :) My parents certainly never used shame or corporal punishment to motivate or pressure us into doing better in school. Like a PP mentioned, not all Tiger parents are Asian and not all Asians are Tiger parents!!
  5. I have the Baker Creek and Seed Saver's Exchange catalogs. I am trying really hard not to order any new seeds this season. I have lots of seeds left over from previous years and a very small gardening space. I am looking forward to this season, though. I need to put my raised beds in order and will probably do quite a bit of containers as well!
  6. Life long vegetarian - reduced sugar intake, avoid processed products and cook from scratch as much as possible. That's how I grew up and then when I started cooking for my family, that's the choice I made.
  7. I also use 'x' while doing multi step multiplication. That's how we were taught in school! My kids on the other hand use '0'.
  8. I have a 6th grader this year, so this subject interests me too. What are the DM7CC books? Could you please link that one and the pre-algebra text that you are using? For the OP, my son's school has given the students an account for the Think Through Math website. (I think its called Imagine Math now) While its nothing new, it helps him get more practice on certain topics. He also practices on Khan Academy occasionally. I also have a 6th grade textbook that I purchased in India. The topics covered are the same as in the US, but word problems are slightly different and makes him think from a different perspective.
  9. We have two kids and that's it for us. Early to mid-30's would be my personal cutoff for having kids just so that I am at peak energy levels while taking care of the newborns and older kids. My husband and I feel that with the two, its easier for us as regards to finances, stress levels, extra curriculars, being able to lavish enough time and attention on both.
  10. How do you all wash the cloth pads? Do you need any specific laundry detergent ?
  11. When my son was in 4th grade, he had access to a website called StemScopes. It wasnt any actual textbook, but had a lot of resources per topic that was taught in school. So if he had an upcoming test, he could just pull up the resources online and read through them. He was also allowed to get his science journal home to revise. I also googled for Jeopardy games on those topics and we spent some time revising specific test subjects that way. Its more challenging to help the kids, when we don't have any textbooks to refer to. Its a concept that I have had to get behind only after I came to the US! Thankfully, this year, my son is in middle school and he seems to have an option to get his science textbook home! Hope you find a way to help your DD do her best at school!
  12. In certain parts of India, the rind is used while making rice and lentil crepes (dosa). The crepes taste delicious. I have also read that the rind contains Vit. C as well as beta carotene and lycopene. I don't know how far that's true. But its definitely usable.
  13. I have been a vegetarian my entire life and so has my family. We are from India, so most of the meals I cook at home are Indian. We have rice and curries, lots of lentil preparations, stir fries, bean curries. Fruit salads and veggie salads, soups are common too. Other grains like quinoa, teff, millet and barley also get used instead of rice Since coming to the US, we have started adding oatmeal, homemade pancakes and waffles to our breakfast routines in addition to lentil crepes, etc. I do not like the taste of the meat substitutes on the market and have never needed to replace meats, so never really use them at home. As a previous poster said, almost all restaurants have some veg*n options, so eating while traveling hasn't been a problem. We do always carry some sandwiches / snacks with us. If you wanted to limit / reduce the amount of meat you eat, I think it would be pretty easy. Breakfasts and lunches could be very easily veg*n and when you sit down to dinner with the family, you could then eat lesser portions of meat. Have you read the Vegan before 6 book ? It might have some useful ideas! A recently discovered link that has lots of recipes:
  14. I usually stir fry it in a little oil, with salt, black pepper / cayenne pepper, usually with some other Indian spices such as garam masala. We eat it as a side dish with rice and curry. Its a mild tasting vegetable.
  15. For those of you who use the Summer bridge workbooks, would you recommend any specific ones?
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