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  1. Awww dang. I've been hoping for these for ages and just cancelled my subscription because of DH being out of a job.

    I cancelled my subscription too a few months ago and this month received an offer from audible to restart the subscription for $7.95 per month for the first 6 months (regular $14.95 after that). So between that and HP coming out, that was enough incentive to restart. Maybe you'll get an offer like that too!

  2. Me too. I love her. I was in a hating stage when I heard the song where she tries to get back an ex that is no married....but I'm over that now. LOL.

    Someone Like You? That's not what I got from that song at all. I thought she was saying that she was happy for him and that she knew eventually she would move on too.

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    I know of a little girl named Rogue. Has anyone else heard of this name? I guess I'm surprised given the definition:



    a dishonest, knavish person; scoundrel.


    a playfully mischievous person; scamp:

    The youngest boys are little rogues.


    a tramp or vagabond.


    a rogue elephant or other animal of similar disposition.


    Biology. a usually inferior organism, especially a plant, varyingmarkedly from the normal.

    verb (used without object), rogued, roguing.


    to live or act as a rogue.

    verb (used with object), rogued, roguing.


    to cheat.


    to uproot or destroy (plants, etc., that do not conform to a desiredstandard).

    The second noun definition isn't too bad: playfully mischievous. In certain families and cultures, this could be an appreciated characteristic.

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  4. I had a paper route from ages 11-14, then I started babysitting and teaching beginning flute lessons. At age 16, I started working at McDonald's, where I worked for 2 1/2 years. It was a terrible, terrible place for me to work. I was a very naive homeschooled pastor's daughter with super strict parents, and I was very impressionable. My coworkers and managers there were not good people for me to look up to, and I ended up in a relationship with one manager (10 years older than me and an alcoholic). I didn't go to college because of him (passing up a full-ride scholarship based on my flute playing and my SAT scores). I eventually pulled my life back together several years later, but I still haven't completed college and I deeply regret the choices made in that period of my life.


    Because of my experience, I will encourage my kids to get jobs in high school, but not in fast food and similar caliber jobs, knowing now what an unhealthy environment it can be. I know not all kids will be as easily influenced as I was, but I can't help but feel there must have been other places I could have worked that would not have been such a negative influence.


    Edited for clarity.

  5. I used to really hate daylight savings, but the older I get, the more I see its appeal. I am looking forward to having it get light earlier starting tomorrow because it's too dark for me to run outside in the mornings before the kids get up right now. And I'm always relieved when daylight savings time starts in the spring and my kids stop waking up with the sun at 5 AM! :)

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  6. I'm actually curious *why* people (more than just you, obviously -- more than a few people on this thread) do this. It's clear to me *that* people want to use hot water for those items... and/or that they think it's important to do them separately (because of the heat?)... and that's why they do separate them.


    What's not clear it s the *why* part. What is it about socks/underwear/sheets/towels that makes people want to wash them differently? Why those things? Why not other things? What's the benefit? What problem is solved?


    I don't mean to grill people -- it's just a piece of information that I've never understood, and other people really think that it's "goes without saying" obvious, so I'm just trying to be specific enough. (I'm not doing the thing to try and make you prove that your method is actually necessary by pretending to not understand why it's necessary. It's just that lots of people do this, and it makes me nervous that I don't know why.)

    Isn't it because those items are presumed to be the dirtiest because they touch our genitals or our dirty feet, and the hot water gets them the cleanest?


    ETA, I don't wash the rest of the clothes in hot water because I worry about shrinkage, plus it costs less to use cold water.

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  7. In our house:


    Whites (including towels, dish cloths, undergarments) get hot water, detergent, and a little bleach in the heavy duty cycle.


    The rest is washed in cold water but separated in this way:


    Dark clothes are in one load, like jeans and dark shirts. Some of our dark blue items have run in the past so now I'm paranoid. Typically this load is run on the heavy duty cycle.


    Light colored clothes are in another cycle, usually washed on permanent press, because these are things like knit shirts and dresses.


    Reds and pinks (sometimes oranges) are a completely separate cycle because we've had red items run even after several washes so we take no chances now! Also washed in cold on permanent press.

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  8. My 1st grader (just turned 6 at the end of July) is still frequently writing her numbers backwards (2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9) and also still occasionally mixes up b and d when reading. Is this typical, or should I be concerned? She is very bright and picks everything else up quickly. Her handwriting is neat, we are working through Right Start B (she quickly picks up the concepts and is great at mental math), and her reading seems to be right on track for her age.

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