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  1. My first in 150+ pages!! I had one, back in the day, before we had a theme. I feel old. Booya! "This is the thread that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends. People started posting, not knowing what it was. And we'll continue posting forever just because This is the thread that never ends..."
  2. Caught up on the last 10 pages and ran out of likes. That's a first! We are on our second round of company with the third arriving Friday. My husband took them camping and fishing tonight, while I stay home and try to get caught up on the important stuff (like this thread!) Really, all I want to do is get up one morning and not worry about what everyone is having for breakfast.
  3. Ouch! You weren't on a ladder or anything were you? Hope nothings broken and it'll heal quickly.
  4. Out of likes...but you earned them! :hurray: :hurray: :hurray:
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: Who angers a BA, then allows them near with a razor???
  6. Sorry about the mama cat :( Yay for getting Marley! Sometimes the best things in life don't make sense.
  7. :lol: That would have had me running! Would have set a personal record that ranked above my walk. Congrats on running a marathon. A half is next on my list. Forget the full, I saw people crossing the finish line this week with bloody noses and scary limps.
  8. Hornblower, sorry for you loss. :grouphug: (and sorry for bringing it up a week later, but I wanted to say something)
  9. Sort of caught up. Hope everyone is having better days! Lived through my triathlon on Sat. So did the kids. Super proud mom here. My daughter was fast, until she decided to stop in the middle of the run and make a friend. We made the mistake of explaining the tortoise and the hare thing to them. My son took it seriously. I did not know you could ride a bike so slow and still have it stand upright. He was 15 min behind my daughter before I went running down the trail to find him! There were free cookies after! Lots of fruit too. I had a respectable time for being overweight and over 45. In-laws left yesterday and more family arrives Thurs. #nonstopsummervistorswhenyouliveinalaska 2 major wildfire here in AK. One has burnt several Iditarod mushers homes. Praying for rain.
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