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  1. Thank you!! I didn't know about the videos, and am very glad to find them as we are only in chapter 2. ?
  2. Will the first 6 weeks of the second workbook be available early as well? We are starting our new year in two weeks, and I was planning to have one child in the purple workbook and one child in the new (red?) workbook, but Amazon says the red workbook won't be out until October.
  3. We switched to 4 day weeks last year, mostly because Friday is DH's day off and we like to make it a fun family day. It worked really well for us! Math is the only subject they didn't finish by the time we took summer break, and that was on purpose. I like to keep math going a couple days/week throughout the summer so that they don't need as much review in the fall, so we purpose to leave some math to finish in the summer. It does make each school day a little longer than when we did 5 day weeks.
  4. My 4th grader is using Treasured Conversations and FLL4 (we went through FLL & WWE 1-3 in 1st-3rd then switched this year). I am really happy with it! I feel that TC meshes really well with SOTW4, which we are also using. SOTW4 has the student creating outlines, then halfway through the year they also begin writing from the outline - and both of those skills are taught in TC! I thought TC might be too redundant with FLL4 since the first several weeks we were doing grammar in both subjects, but in the end I think it helped cement things for DD - she is much better at diagramming sentences now that she had so much practice. TC isn't a full 36 week program, so I'm thinking I will probably add in a short creative writing book at the end of the year.
  5. We are working our way through SOTW4 now, and have been doing 4 days of history some weeks (roughly every 3-4 weeks), with the other weeks being 2 days of history, plus supplemental things on other days. It's worked pretty well, and this is actually the last 4 day week for our school year. I agree with PP that I prefer to schedule more work for the first part of the school year and then taper off towards summer.
  6. We are continuing into FLL4 but skipping WWE4. We are trying out Treasured Conversations instead.
  7. We have been using Spelling Workout all along for my rising 4th and 2nd graders, but I haven't been very happy with it. She never misses a word on her pre-tests and tests with SW even though she doesn't study the words, but misspells words fairly often when writing in other subjects (history narrations, etc). I've decided to switch my 4th grader to R&S spelling this year. My 2nd grader does pretty well with spelling but is not confident yet and often asks how to spell words. I was planning to switch him over to R&S also, but then read an old thread that said the 2nd grade spelling assumes you are using R&S for all LA, and ties in with the phonics program. We use all PHP materials for LA - will this be a problem? Should I keep him in SW until 3rd grade, then make the switch to R&S? I don't feel confident enough in my own knowledge of the spelling rules to know which ones to teach him and when, if the teacher manual doesn't specify. Thanks!
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