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  1. Thank you!! I didn't know about the videos, and am very glad to find them as we are only in chapter 2. ?
  2. Will the first 6 weeks of the second workbook be available early as well? We are starting our new year in two weeks, and I was planning to have one child in the purple workbook and one child in the new (red?) workbook, but Amazon says the red workbook won't be out until October.
  3. We switched to 4 day weeks last year, mostly because Friday is DH's day off and we like to make it a fun family day. It worked really well for us! Math is the only subject they didn't finish by the time we took summer break, and that was on purpose. I like to keep math going a couple days/week throughout the summer so that they don't need as much review in the fall, so we purpose to leave some math to finish in the summer. It does make each school day a little longer than when we did 5 day weeks.
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