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  1. I like anything but rum. My favorite right now is ginger beer and bourbon.
  2. I think the towns that are accessible from 400 and 75 (so up the western side of the state) are a bit more popular. It seems that way. That is more Dawsoknville over to Ellijay/Blue Ridge. We always go up the eastern side of the state, up 441 through Clayton, GA, into Franklin, NC. Cashiers and Highlands, NC, Dillard and Mountain City, GA.
  3. I have 4 that are 11, 9, 7, and 5. My younger 2 play with each other all the time. They pretend, they play games. It's just like the books say. My older 2 don't play well together. When they were younger, if the 9 thought up a game, the 11 year old would go along. But not all the time. The 11 never has played. He's not very imaginative and prefers being entertained (take me to the park, go on a walk with me, take me swimming, take me to do errands, play a game with me--no, you choose, read me a book, choose a show for me to watch, do chores with me, etc). He's been like this since he was born, and I have just gotten used to it. I will say that I don't love Xbox (Because of the rotting the brain thibg), but it's hugely helpful for entertaining him. ;)
  4. Oh, and it's good as an ingredient in quiche. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/24710/eggless-tofu-spinach-quiche/
  5. We eat it chiefly two ways. The first is in pasta salad. I cut it into cubes, then marinate in Italian dressing. It has the texture of cheese, I would say (not exactly, but pleasant). My kids love and request this. The second is fried. I use this recipe. This lists out an entire (beloved) restaurant meal for us, but I sometimes just make the tofu. https://www.bigoven.com/recipe/the-grit-restaurant-golden-bowl/163272
  6. You can get into some medical careers with a technical degree, so some college, but not traditional university. Radiology techs, scrub techs, etc.
  7. For us, the leftover amount is never enough to feed all of us, so I am cooking the next meal anyway. And no one is going to choose to eat leftovers when there is fresh food.
  8. I vacuum hard floors. We have hardwoods (tile in kitchen/baths) with area rugs. I vacuum the whole house.
  9. I choose to exercise pretty regularly. I am not a gym rat, but I do stepbets and hike, and we take active vacations on purpose. My family of origin is very, very sedentary. It doesn't seem to kill them (everyone has fairly good longevity with no heart disease or diabetes), But their mental health isn't as stable as I would like for myself. All that walking helps me stave off cyclical depression. For me, it's worth it. If doesn't even make me skinny! And I get a lot of comments about fat girls walking or fat girls running. But I lovcw the clear head, so it's worth it.
  10. Not enough. I get spurts here and there, but not enough. My sister in law visited in December. She is 18 years older than me, a unique blend of a SIL and MIL. We are going up to see her in July (she lives far away from us). She is going to keep our kids overnight for the 2 of us to escape. She encouraged dh to let me have a night alone in a hotel soon. Dh travels, so we have hotel points. It's not something that I was craving, but the idea is a good one, and I am looking forward to it next month.
  11. My mom has never had her eyebrows done. They grow into a lovely natural arch. Mine grow into hairy, scary unibrows. :D
  12. We still have loans hanging on that we are steadily chipping away at. It is one of our top priorities--helping our children make it through without debt. We're considering moving states to make this a better reality.
  13. I feel like this every day. My dh laughs because everyday, I say, "omg, this is awful, do I really have to get up? I hate my life." Every.single.morning. :) I just do it anyway. For a long time, I had a non-trustworthy toddler that was awake at 5:00 in the morning. And now that same kid has a carpool that comes at 6:55. I get up with him at 6 to make his breakfast and his lunch and talk to him before the day starts. So, I guess I felt like I had no choice but to do it, so i did/do. My body easily wakes now (in the last 6 months, I've started waking 1 minute before the alarm), but I still hate the morning, and I still say "omg, why?" every single day. I still feel sluggish for the first 30 minutes or so. But, for me, it does go away. And honestly, I feel like this when I sleep until 10am or if I sleep until 6. The first 30 minutes are toast, and the first 2 hours are sluggish. So I figure it doesn't really matter what time I get up, this is just me, and I do what works best with my family.
  14. I didn't embrace even the tiniest bit of girly until my 30s, and it's sort of amazing how I like it. Like, I love it. It has messed with all sorts of stereotypes I had in my head about what "smart girls" or "good girls" or whatever did. Turns out, all kinds of girls like beauty supplies and pedicures and eyebrows. And on the flipside, not liking it doesn't turn people into a smart girl. :) Sounds silly, but one of those things that forced me to face my unconscious biases.
  15. I get mine threaded in our local Indian strip mall, Patel Plaza. We have them in every ethnic spot in the city, little Vietnam, little Africa, Koreatown, etc. Large ethnic populations, though. Indiatown just is my closest.
  16. I will do 3 day trips to DC with my 3 boys (one at a time). We are all excited about that. My inlaws live at the beach, and we will visit them Mem. Day as a "vacation trip." We visit them more, but it's usually a lot of grandma/grandpa, a tiny bit of beach. Once a year, we flip it and use their house as a base camp. We are going to see my SIL in Pittsburgh for 4th of July week. She is keeping my kids overnight for us to stay in a hotel, something we have never done (my oldest is 11). Excited about the road trip, seeing her, and the night alone with dh! We won't go the year without getting to the smokies, I am sure. Dh has hotel points, and it's only 4 hours away, so that helps
  17. Keep the eyebrows. It makes a huge difference in how I feel about myself.
  18. We have been working through "What to do when you are a grumpy kid." It's slow going, but it's helping.
  19. I have an o'Cedar flat, double sided, microfiber mop. You do have to use either a separate spray or immerse the head in soapy water, but it works very well. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B007PQSVD0/ref=mp_s_a_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1514857147&sr=8-12&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=o+cedar+microfiber+mop
  20. We usually do this, roo, but we wimped out in the cold today
  21. I leave mine up through Epiphany. My mom aims to take hers down by Valentine's, because she likes to decorate for that. Some years, she has a Valentine's tree. ;) Both of us put it up within a week of Thanksgiving.
  22. Our family favorite is Mexican cornbread with sausage and black eyed peas added. We are having it today. Always the old favorites, too. Tacos, burrito bowls, red chili, white chili, tamale pie, enchiladas, King Ranch chicken, gumbo.
  23. I don't use the oven when it's hot, so like mid March to mid October. It heats up the house so much that the AC can't compensate. It has the benefit that we all look forward to casseroles/oven food in winter
  24. My parents are about 60 miles away. My in laws are about 300. Th grew up about 60 miles from here (not the same hometown), but his parents retired far away.
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