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  1. Steep. But for a lot longer than when you make hot tea. Maybe 15 minutes? I use 5 family tea bags per 1/2 gallon, and I just wait until it gets the right color.
  2. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I craved instant tea. People would offer me real tea, and I was like....."not the same!!" It was an intense, bizarre craving. And it went away as soon as he was born.
  3. The only bottled teas I have seen are just tea, and the flavors are "sweetened" or "unsweetened." Bottled tea is just a trashy drink choice I buy for my kids as a treat, though. I don't know many people that drink it.
  4. And even if you move to the Midwest, you'll still be confused. Cause wherever you go, there you are. ;)
  5. Well, canned/bottled tea always has a funny flavor. I love sweet tea, but I don't drink the kind you buy. I like it made at home or restaurants. If your McD's makes tea, that's pretty close, though I think way, way too sweet. I mix it half and half with unsweet.
  6. I drink coffee with 1 tsp of sugar, but I am trying to cut it down to 1/2 tsp. That's my biggest weakness
  7. We had a wood paneled kitchen. I painted it white about 6 years ago. I am happy every.single.day about it. I wish I had painted the cabinets at the same time. It's on my list for this summer.
  8. I still love babies. In the last year, I have realized that my plate is very full, and a baby would be difficult. I would still welcome one, but I am okay with being done. I have 4 kids, the baby is 5, and I am 42.
  9. Zinnia


    I bought dh a utililkilt today. That is all.
  10. Coffee, grits, 1 egg. I love this breakfast and have it frequently
  11. Cats in our neighborhood are better leashed than dogs. If they run free, the coyotes get them.
  12. They are everywhere we have been with her dog. He rides in the seat on Delta. He is an English Mastiff. Pretty nice dog (though he slobbers). But the stares and whispers are just non-stop in public. My SIL sort of likes this part. But I just want to run and hide. :)
  13. My sister in law has an emotional support dog. He weighs 225 lb. That dog is huge. I tolerate him, but I refuse to go in public with her and that dog. It's just too much. I don't want people looking at me that much
  14. On the other hand, I loved having visitors at the hospital, then really limited them at home. The hospital has a good flu policy in place, people self limit the time because hospital, and it's easier to not be the hostess when you are there. There is no getting up and getting everyone a drink. ;)
  15. Our whole family got it Christmas 2012. It went around the church after 2 kids with the flu came and performed (and practiced in tight quarters) at the Christmas pageant. My kids were 2 months, 2, 4, and 6, and I think postpartum sleep deprivation made us a little more susceptible. I can't remember if we had been vaccinated. I want to say that I had not because of the tikming of my pregnancy (it was before they recommended for pregnant women), but at almost always gets one. My child with a September birthday usually gets one, too, because of the timing of his well check.
  16. I like shapewear. I have worn it since I was a teenager. Same reason as compression leggings in the gym....keeps jiggly bits from being jiggly and uncomfortable. I also love that it protects thighs from chub rub when you wear skirts. No tights needed! I hate the feel of tights on my feet.
  17. I have a high waisted bike short. I got mine at Cato, but I have seen thrm other places. Works great.
  18. Fit points seem weird to me, too. I get about 14 a day? Just with regular activity, usually including a 30-45 minute walk.
  19. This is one of those things that varies a lot. I had a conversation with friends a couple of years ago that started, "when the wire snaps..." Turns out every woman over a size D has this experience frequently, and other women have never had that happen. If I am only wearing one bra at a time, I am lucky to get 6 months out of it. Expensive or cheap.
  20. I did think I was the only one. I have a hole in my (only) bra right now, but it feels so silly to buy a new one. I mean, this one will work a bit longer. And then I realize how absolutely crazy it is to feel like that when we can totally afford a new one.
  21. The movies near us do it. Nd they. Are $4.50 before noon. Oh, the NCG ones have morning movies, too. And $5 Tuesday's! There might be one near you.
  22. I have notice this, too. We were involved in a church for about 5 years that slowly trended from more middle class to more upper middle class/upper class (it had a whole church denomination change that preceded the change in congregation). This meant we were friends with a lot more diverse group of people than we had been i n the past, specifically class. We had a lot of "aha" moments that maybe we weren't the failures at life that we had thought we were (for not being as successful as we had hoped to be). That every person didn't start at the same place. It was hugely eye opening to us.
  23. We go to the panhandle. I think June is super hot. March is still too cold for me to swim. I prefer May as the perfect month. Bonus is that the first two weeks of May are still off season between spring break and summer. We like Laguna Beach, West of Panama City, east of 30A. There is a Christian youth retreat that gives homeschool discounts for any open rooms they have. http://christiancamp.com
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