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  1. That would have major consequences here. Our house is currently listed and if my son was unknowingly exposed to dog hair after a showing like that his face and hands would get huge welts and his eyes would swell and close up! I'd be so mad if that happened to us!!!
  2. He's cute!! I can see why your kids are attached!
  3. Dd 7 comes in the room and says "I just saw a bug on my arm that had a proboscis and I thought it might be a mosquito so I killed it." Dh said "yep, we're in trouble."
  4. Improvements to ILL. I need to be able to predict when my ILL requests will be available for pick up. There have been so many books that go with our lessons that were available through ILL but it took forever and we were way beyond that topic by the time they came in. So say ILLs are delivered on Mondays, expect your reservation to process in 7 business days. So if am picking up on Monday then I place that weeks requests 2 Fridays prior. Something like that so I know when to request to have the right material for the current lessons. I agree with pp about stocking non consumable homeschooling materials. STOW, Life of Fred, IEWs TWSS and more books on home education. My library has TWTM, A Charlotte Mason Companion, and The Everything Homeschooling Book and that's it! The rest is test prep resources.
  5. I think its a mail in rebate. At least I hope so!!!
  6. I just ordered mine!!!I am not a rewards member and I was able to get free shipping by spending 1 more dollar. So I added 2 50 cent composition notebooks.
  7. Kansas City! Lots to do for free. Kaleidoscope for the 5-12 crowd, Harley Davidson tour for the 12+ crowd. Federal Reserve Money Museum tour. Last I checked, there were activities to download from the website. All those are free plus lots more. You could probably find Royal tickets inexpensively and KC has awesome BBQ!!
  8. Ds will be 4 is summer, beating our district's cutoff by 22 days. So he would be very young if he went to PS prek this year. But, he seems scary smart like his dad so we are rolling with it. Here is my plan for him for now. I'm sure something will change. -Ambleside year 0 booklist -Wee Folk Art seasons curriculum -Saxon K math He's welcome to follow along with big sis whenever he likes. Plus waaaay more reading than just the booklist. He brings me books to read him every 20 minutes some days!
  9. What worked: -SOTW, once I found a groove with it -Math Mammoth -Easy Grammar -fun, outside the box spelling practice using Spelling for Success lists -combining copywork and handwriting practice using Start Write -Friday fun math. No curriculum, just games, projects, all child-led. -subject baskets for further independent learning. Interest-led, again. -nature study. We did pretty good for our first year but I have plans to improve this coming school year. -piano lessons What we will change: -we tried and failed miserably at WWE. Switched to EIW but skipped the grammar, since we were doing EG. Not sure how well I like EIW. Part of me wants to stick with EG and EIW, since I know what I'm working with, another part of me wants to try something else. I have it in my planner to look at Scott Foresman Grammar and Writing and KISS Grammar. Maybe KISS Grammar and Brave Writer for a year? -Mr. Q Life Science. It was OK. I'm not a science person, so I'll probably always have a hard time with this. No clue what to do for earth and space this year. I think dd could really love it if I can get my act together and pull together something fun. -HWOT. We've already changed this to Start Write. This was a good change. So glad I went for it.
  10. For our 2nd grade this year, this is what I have planned so far: -Math Mammoth 2b/3a -Easy Grammar Grade 3 -Essentials in Writing Level 2 -SOTW Volume 2 -BFSU K-2, Nature Study -Piano lessons with Faber's Piano Adventures -PE will be swim lessons and possibly gymnastics -Homemade penmanship practice and copywork combined incorporating current history or science topic. -We will also do a family time every morning that includes calendar, weather, a daily bible verse, poetry, artist study and memory work. -Oh, and we will likely continue cooking class. Dd's idea but really, it was a good one. I'm always in a rush to get meals on the table on time, it was difficult to have her help. But cooking class is its own time slot and she chooses what we make. I can take the time to explain things to her and help her learn. Its been so successful that its not difficult to let her help anymore so now she also helps with breakfast and lunch most days. -Reading is hardly a subject at this point. She reads early chapter books to herself. She reads passages aloud to me. I read aloud 2 times a day. Dh does a read aloud at bedtime and she reads a passage to him as well. I guess I just need to decide on spelling. And collect all the materials. I have some of the curriculums, Math Mammoth, SOTW, BFSU, Piano Adventures. Most of what I need to collect is all the little things that comprise family time or other supplements we use. Searching a bunch of different websites and hunting for sales drives me batty. I really am looking forward to 2nd grade. I feel a big leap in maturity coming on. She's right on the edge of something and I think once the baby gets here and we are all comfortable with the new family dynamic, dd will really flourish. (that's the hope, anyway)
  11. Yay! Mine are still little so hopefully it will be done and all the bugs worked out by the time we're ready for it. We just started EIW Level 1 this year and dd loves it!
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