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  1. How have I not heard about this? I have been so bad about taking photos lately but for some reason, one a day doesn't sound hard. I got one in last night at 11:15 so I was cutting it close. Three candles and our glasses of wine. We made a date night out of the Sherlock special. I don't have the talent to go for quality. Just the images will have to do for me, Ms Tech Un-Savvy. Today's was dh and the kids together before he caught his flight. He'll be gone for a week! (sniff, sniff)
  2. Againstthegrain- congratulations!!! Critter- writing totally counts!!! We spent today with my dad and sister. Good food and good visit. Dh leaves tomorrow for a week so the kids and I will be on our own. Our day to day is not set up to be without Daddy. Daytime is fine, evenings when he is abent are torturous, whiny, uncooperative hours that exhaust me. But we will survive!
  3. When he's upright and not in the moby, is he swaddled? If he's sqirmy and grumpy, maybe he'd like to be swaddled. Puts some pressure on his belly and gives that snuggled sensation some babies like. I only had 1 of my 3 that liked to be swaddled and it was the one with GERD.
  4. Well, the only educational thing that happened Monday was a Planet Earth episode. That happened around 4 when I finaly gave up. Since then, we've all caught the family cold. The baby cut his first tooth and another is super close, so, as you can imagine, he's been a treat (snort). I picked up some fresh library books yesterday so reading has been counting as school time yesterday and today. Hopefully, we all start feeling better and are able to end the week on a high note.
  5. Soror- I wonder if you live near me. Six people have drowned in flood waters here, too. So sad. If I can check off just 1 subject today, I'll be happy. Dh and ds are sick with colds (again) and I am exhausted from dealing with a tooth-cutting baby that refuses to sleep peacefully at night. I can barely keep my eyes opened here. I'll check back in later and let you all know if I managed to get any school done today.
  6. Language Arts, reading and math are done today. Dd boo-hooed over math and I got tough with her but kept my cool. Once she got over her drama, she realized that a money lesson with real coins was fun and not torture. Ha! I'm starving so I am making an early lunch now. We'll do history, piano, projects and poetry tea this afternoon. I bet we'll be done before 2. Dd will do science tonight with dh while I'm making dinner. He already promised me. ;) Ds didn't want to do preK today so we snuggled and talked for a while. He was sent to his room when he couldn't regain his composure during our party last night and he fell asleep on top of his comforter in his clothes. So I think he needs a chill day. We've been on the go all weekend.
  7. Againstthegrain- my heart goes out to you. We moved in September for the first time in 10 years and the first move with kids. I was a wreck! It sounds like you are doing much better than I did! We are hosting a party at this very moment but lucky me, I got to sneak away to feed the baby and put him to bed. :D Gives me a few minutes to collect myself and take a breath from hosting a crowd. We are actually going to work through lessons this week for a variety of reasons. Tomorrow is lessons, and 2 paper plate crafts the kids want to do. I am not a big fan of crafts that don't serve a purpose but the kids love them so I will indulge them occasionally. I'd also like to do poetry tea time in the afternoon.
  8. Yesterday went well. Checked off everything but the play date. The other family cancelled though, so I don't feel bad about that! Today was free school day. Dd chose to write a story. She wrote on several different pages, illustrated them and stapled it together with an illustrated cover. I was pretty impressed. She read 7 chapters from her books that I counted and I know she read more in her room that I didn't hear. She loves to read but that was a lot, even for her. She did some painting, played a few math games with her brother, played a couple educational computer games and helped with a little of the housework I was doing. I am pleased with the school day today. I usually am pleased with Fridays. I'd like to be happy on a Monday for once. Maybe this coming week...
  9. Feeling a little better today. Just need to get my energy level back up. We did reading, writing, spelling, and watched a Planet Earth episode. Not too shabby, considering. Right now, I am adding some new math apps to the kids' tablet for days like these. I don't push math on sick-ish days because its her least favorite thing and I don't have the energy to argue. But math is a must and I'd rather save the math breaks for field trip days or park days. So we'll see if these apps bridge the gap a little. Reading about all of your struggles with math, I feel bad reading your frustration but also feel reassured that math seems to be the subject that has the most battles in many homes. Tomorrow we are going shopping for supplies for 2 projects: handmade oven mitts and paper plate snowmen. What a combo, huh? The kids each chose a project. So we'll do those when we get home, regular subjects, then we have a play date late afternoon- early evening. I hope we get everything done!
  10. Critter- I think I caught your boys' stomach bug! I was up all night sick, sick, sick! Dd made breakfast this morning and will be making lunch too, I can guarantee! The big kids are playing with the wooden train set and baby is sleeping. I napped too, for a while but I'm awake now. I will probably put a couple new learning apps on the kids' tablet for them to explore this afternoon so I can nap again. I really hope this is just a 24hr thing. My to-do list this week is soooo long and none of it is getting done!
  11. Got the core 5 subjects done this morning. I've been shopping on amazon, playing with the baby and reading library books to ds this afternoon. Still to do today: dd piano practice, an art project with the older 2, sew the curtains for the dining room and kitchen, make dinner, finish the laundry, baths, bible reading and bedtime story. I don't think I will get it all done. The art project will probably be put off to tomorrow. The curtains are ready, just need to run them through the machine. Dinner is simple. I can bathe 1 while its baking. I guess it's looking more do-able.
  12. Making the journey home from our weekend trip right now. I love that, thanks to technology, I can chat and check in with you all during a boring rainy car ride! The weekend was a success! Saw some great sights, visited with relocated friends, ate yummy food and just enjoyed being out of the house. Now I feel refreshed and ready to get back to my house and routines. After unpacking and starting the road trip laundry, I need to print some math things I want to cover this week with both kids. I also want to look up some information on some of the artwork we saw this weekend. I'd like to continue the conversations we had about techniques, media, and maybe do a related hands on project with them. Critter- sorry there is sickness in your house! I hope it misses you. Aurelia- dd would go gaga over pinecone bird feeders. We should do that!!
  13. Yesterday wore me out! Hour drive, Dr appointment, lunch out, shopping, warehouse grocery shopping, hour drive home. Dd has only lost 5% mobility extending her arm and 10% when she bends her elbow. The surgeon said you can't ask for better than that. So we are happy. And happy to be done with those drives! Today is freezer cooking, house cleaning, haircuts and packing for our weekend trip while dd does a free day of schooly activities. Have a good weekend all!
  14. We started Spelling Workout B a few months ago and its been going well. Definitely open and go, get it done style. Level B starts with words such as all, hill and tell. We skipped Level A. I hope you find something that works for you!
  15. I texted dh about it and now we have a date night tonight! ;) Thanks for posting this.
  16. Yesterday went pretty well. Didn't get to science but we have already checked it off today. I hope to add history today since tomorrow we're off again for a visit to the orthopedic surgeon which eats up the whole day. Then Friday is free day, so she usually does Stack the States or something similar rather than our history curriculum. It's the subject we are furthest behind on. Oh, well. Good thing I planned 2 years for American history, we really aren't that far behind when I think of it that way. I'm rambling. Today: hit all 5 subjects (3 down, 2 to go), piano lesson, recycling drop off, grocery shopping, 4 loads laundry (3 down, 1 to go), make meal for friend with sudden serious illness and drop off, make packing list for weekend trip. As long as I don't stop moving, I should be able to get it all done. ;) Happy Wednesday everybody!
  17. Soror- I am just telling everyone they are better. Ha! We are all coughing but enegy levels are increasing. So I am easing back into the schedule. Breakfast and morning chores are done and I'm trying to decide on a modified school day for dd. She loves everything but math and history so I think we might skip those today just to avoid a meltdown and get her back in the routine of doing school. My house has exploded too. Trying to get a handle on laundry and tidy up. 2 loads done and I'd like to do 2 more. With out of the house activities tonight that I think we are well enough for, everyone needs bathed. And I need to get materials organized. Have a good Tuesday everybody!
  18. I've been MIA lately due to sickness and family drama. No one that lives in our home, but definitely affects us. That seems to be resolving. The sickness, not so much. I am printing a calendar for November and might have to print one for October too and work my way back labeling all the days with who was sick and with what. We've been through stomach bugs, colds, sinus infections, bronchitis, pink eye, the list goes on. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I clean house regularly. Change towels and linens regularly. The kids have good hand washing habits. We eat a reasonably healthy diet. Nobody would call us health nuts, but we don't eat junk all the time either. We take our vitamins and get fresh air and exercise. There's probably no solution. It's just frustrating. Since dd is still sick (day 4 and worse than days 1 and 2) I am in planning mode rather than teaching mode. I'm using evernote to plan everything for the rest of the school year (reading, language arts, math, social studies and science as required by law plus piano) and then I will actually record what we did in our official hard copy calendar schedule each day. Since we've had so much sickness, I never know one day to the next how much will get done! Grrr! Still frustrated! Can you all tell?
  19. Yes!!! This is exactly what imagined too! Or if not working with the animals, then knawing on a pencil while deep in thought on her book. ;)
  20. I think we are on the mend here, finally! Baby slept really well last night and is taking a nice long nap now. He couldn't sleep for more than 20 minutes without his coughing waking him up so this is a really good sign. I gave ds a nebulizer treatment before bed last night. He didn't cough at all through the night and only once this morning. So maybe we nipped it in the bud. We are moving slowly today. They just finished breakfast. But dd did reading before breakfast, so there's something. Its just going to have to be one of those days that I don't look at the clock. On to math!
  21. Guaranteed!!! I looked at that more than once and thought, "well, if was spelled wrong, autocorrect would have fixed it!" Ha! I knew it was wrong!
  22. Well, I tried to post a picture of the flash flood across our front yard and driveway, but apparently I'm not tech savvy enough for that. Suffice to say that the relentless rain that started Sunday is taking its toll. Baby is good. His cough isn't turning into pneumonia. Whew! Ds, however, has caught the cough which means a garunteed asthma flare up for him. I'm getting his nebulizer and what not in place now. Dd has done reading and she picked up her science on her own. I'd still like to get to math but we're making cookies right now. Can't ruin a perfectly lovely batch of cookies with a math workbook now, can we?
  23. From the last thread:Jean- awesome scarf! Sorror- are you feeling better? I hope you rallied for party day! From this thread: Shernandez- I'm jealous of your winter weather! I am guessing that I wouldn't be jealous of your summer weather? ;) Critter- its been raining here all day too. Ds was VERY upset he couldn't ride his bike. Ok, all caught up! Today was very unproductive. The baby is still super sick and equally cranky. He's going back to the doctor tomorrow. So tomorrow will also be an off schedule day. We did get to reading. That's what we always do when someone is sick. Cuddle and read. My goal for tomorrow, knowing things will be thrown off, is to get to reading and math. I think its do able. I'm setting the bar pretty low so something is seriously wrong with me if we can't get it done!
  24. Our kids have unusual names. Only 1 of the 3 have been listed so far in this thread. Every once in a while I wish we had gone with traditional names. If we did, we'd have Charlotte Caroline and Benjamin Jack. No clue what our 2nd ds's traditional name would have been since we were locked into unusual names at that point. If you like Molly, what about Lucy? I've always liked that name. And Daphne. After naming 2 boys, I'm in the mood for girl names, I suppose.
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