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  1. Hiding in the corner with my chocolate......

  2. DD walked into the kitchen and said, "As soon as I eat I'm going to watch TV."

    I said, "Um....what?!  I don't think so.  School day remember."

    I wonder how much crap I'm going to get during school today......

  3. Just so happy. I had the best riding lesson to date. I was able to put all the things I've been learning for the past two years together for most of my ride. And it was on done at home on my horse that I haven't ridden in a year.

  4. What a lovely way to wake up. DH screaming GS4's name because he can't find him in the house. Fortunately we found him in some cabinets before calling the police. Later today I think we'll be making sure he can

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    2. ....


      Oh, no. Current dd12 was like that when she was little. Put childproof doorknobs on your doors leading outside and to the garage.

    3. ....


      We couldn't find her once and she was in the garage hiding under the minivan. Terrifying!! We got safety doorknobs after that.

  5. So...how do you tell the cat who is just too cute that you kicked him out of the computer room so you could have some peace from his messing with things?

    1. RootAnn


      You tell him through the closed door. Otherwise, his eyes might change your mind.

    2. Sdel
  6. So, we are supposed to have a winter storm and snow. The schools have already cancelled for tomorrow. And my weather app keeps walking back the start of the rain.....

  7. First snowstorm since DD was two. She is 10 now and over the moon.

  8. Happy. DD9 rode her new pony today. They were both a bit nervous but they did good.

  9. Oh, sure...a trade. You deal with 3 year old while I sleep another hour, and I'll deal with him the next two.....45 minutes after his hour he's finally up and I'm still having to deal with potty time.

  10. *sigh* Hiding in my room during DD's meltdown....I just can't handle it tonight.

  11. Stomach viruses suck. My 9y/o has been such a trooper since DH went to work. She's getting ice cream for sure when I get better.

  12. Oh my! Horse shopping just got real. First time buying, first horse we even looked at, and my instructor is wanting to set up a two week trial. Eek! It's happening faster than I expected.

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    2. Paula in MS

      Paula in MS

      My daughter is a dressage rider as well. We live in the land of hunters and are at a barn that focuses more on eventing. She loves the challenge of dressage. She has a quarter/paint horse that consistently beats out the thoroughbreds at the barn. He has an amazing trot.


    3. lisabees


      Thank you Sdel. You and your dd must be absolutely giddy! I will certainly ask about helping around the barn. DD only had 4 privates before camp started. She wants to do camp all summer. But she asked the owner today how she can progress faster. I am in trouble, I think!

    4. Sdel


      Lisabees - another thing, high schools or 4-H have horse judging teams. She'd love that and even though they are western focused, a lot carries over for english.

  13. Well, we are flooded in. I was a mile and a half away at an appointment when a tornado hit my old neighborhood. Fun times. My family is safe for now.

    1. mama25angels


      So glad your family is safe. Prayers for continued safety.

    2. hornblower


      I hope your family & your property are safe!


  14. The cat is asleep, on his back, with his eyes wide open. I had to check to see if he was breathing. Freaky!

  15. *sigh* My 8 year old has spent more time playing with the 2 yo's alphabet toy than her own today. What is up with that?

  16. Done with the Christmas shopping with just a couple of stragglers left to wrap.

  17. I just spent 40 minutes picking feathers out of DD's mattress. If she wants another down pillow she'll have to wait until she's 18 and has her own place.

  18. Does anyone else feel like they are stuck in the Little Nemo movie? "Mine. Mine. Mine."

    1. mommymilkies


      Every single day.

    2. sassenach


      Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

  19. I'm really over split custody drama. Fortunately, my upcoming holidays just got easier.

  20. So content. I've got my litte girl kitty asleep in my lap.

  21. To my cats who DO NOT get along......stop sitting next to each other on my paperwork project.

  22. Way cool. I found the spot that will induce my cat to groom. I scratch and he starts licking. I was so fascinated I let him give me a lick burn.

  23. If your going to get pissy that a two year old is going to refuse to give you back your glasses and bend them in ways that will break them.....DON'T GIVE THEM TO HIM. And you certainly don't punish him for your lack of judgement.

  24. Crazy cats. They had perfectly good kibble in their bowl. But no, they are going to And once I poured the kibble from the bowl into another bowl......well, hallalujah they are fed and they start eating.

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    2. Sdel


      This bowl was full to the top. The problem might have been that I moved it from another room instead of pouring it and giving them the audial cue it was meal time.

    3. GailV


      You really need to check out breakingcatnews.com It's my new addiction. One newsflash is about a kibble spill in the kitchen.

    4. Miss Marple

      Miss Marple

      My cats won't eat from the kitty bowl unless the food covers the bottom. If they've eaten some and the bottom of the bowl shows, they meow pitifully until I shake the bowl so the food covers the bottom. Then, happy cat :)


  25. As I try to lesson plan: write, shift the cat, hole punch, shift the cat.....

    1. swimmermom3


      Cats are so very helpful, especially with schoolwork and distracting both students and teacher.

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