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  1. He does, and TB testing is not a “treatment”. No chicken pox titers mandated. None of the other vaccines were required for employment or he got when he was military (and knew he didn’t have a choice). They aren’t even required to get a flu shot for employment.
  2. No, you miss the point….threatening someone’s livelihood is not giving them a “choice” and it goes against the concepts of freedom and liberty.
  3. I am struggling to understand this. In your work with ER staff, have you heard anyone give actual logical reasons for not accepting a vaccination? DH is weighing his options on quitting too. He’s adamantly against having a mandate and is a big believer in informed consent in medicine. Once you are required to get a treatment, you no longer have informed consent. For him it is not about getting vaxxed or not.
  4. That is interesting because my understanding and experience was the opposite. Mucus is designed to catch and help us move the bad stuff out. The only years I’ve ever caught respiratory bugs are my low allergy years without a lot of congestion.
  5. All of the above. It has a multitude of causes and there is some element of idle hands are the Devils workshop at work too.
  6. I’m not going to get into the reasons…but yes, I think they will.
  7. So, DH’s hospital has finally announced mandatory vaccines. He fully expects at least 20% to quit before the deadline. They are already so mad over management conditions. Some of those staff members would be fairly irreplaceable.
  8. The really sad disconnect here is that in order to get natural immunity sans vaccination that counts enough for social approval to be allowed to live your life; from this point forward you have to willing to commit the social faux pas of actually getting sick.
  9. Neither is the vaccine. As a point, DH works in a hospital. He has had fully vaccinated and previously infected patients come in who were asymptomatic for Covid who did not know they had been reinfected and were only caught because they were testing everyone who were positive…..BEFORE delta arrived.
  10. So, you weren’t aware that cowpox provided immunity to the similar small pox and was the basis for the whole vaccine idea (and how they derived the term vaccine). Delta is covid 19. It is the same virus as the original, and is a lot closer to the original than smallpox and cowpox are. More specifically there are studies for corona viruses as a class that show the same things….infection with one coronavirus improved immunity against the entire class.
  11. I don’t think so. There have been studies that show that exposure to one bug provides some protection against it’s kissing cousins. Such as cowpox and smallpox.
  12. Not to derail the thread…..but almost everything in “American” society can trace back to “the money”. Food, healthcare, education, etc; even tax breaks.
  13. I expect they’ll be through the nose expensive in order to coerce people to just go get the vaccine. Same with testing costs/procedures. All the rhetoric I’ve heard usually implies that no exception to getting vaccinated is really acceptable.
  14. There are some people who are against direct advertising of drugs to consumers for similar reasons as “follow the money”. It’s kind of a circle….drug companies market on TV to drive up demand of name brand drugs and increase profits….which in turn drives the development of new drugs for when the patents run out and drugs go to cheaper generics.
  15. And once the 90 days is up then what, your forced to get the vaccine or attend a plague party? From the point of view of someone who isn’t into a vaccine because they’ve already had it and trust their immune system….I can’t see how this is any different than just flat out ignoring natural immunity.
  16. Well, I’ve never had this problem before and I’ve had worse illness.
  17. Well, if that’s the case I’ll chalk it up to having had the plague again and be glad it’s BTDT.
  18. Has anyone heard of menstrual issues resulting from infection with the delta variant? I was sick early July with sore throat (strep level sore), sneezing, coughing, fever and resulting upper respiratory infection, and a rash. Nothing seemed more intense than pervious sinus/respiratory infection other than the sore throat and the rash. Home covid test was negative. Kids had same symptoms. However, all 4 of the indoor cats all had a snotty nose and the younger picked up a horrid cough. The older cats picked up a runny nose and horrid cough that lasted for months after what I’m pegging as covid from last summer. I have also been spotting/bleeding since the second week of July, and I’m not near the age to be peri-menopause yet. I know the vaccine has caused menstrual irregularities but I hadn’t heard of the virus itself causing it.
  19. Bummer….I won’t take any of the other vaccines.
  20. I had something similar a couple of weeks ago. I knew it wasn’t allergies because the kids got it. We did a home test for covid (negative) but I still wonder because DH is vaccinated for work and he didn’t get it….
  21. Except the OP is mad that a site that supports a business that sells travel to Disney (a venue that is focused on kids) censured her post that was meant to make that OP decide against an action that could bring that site business after a very bad year for the tourist industry. That is it in a nutshell. They are very upfront about their covid posting policy and what is allowed and what isn’t.
  22. It’s not really. The boards purpose is to draw in people to use their travel agency to plan a Disney trip. To the extent that non users of the business post, they drive excitement and knowledge of what is available that the people who don’t want to plan their trip can request the travel agency set up. As a travel agency they were hurt really badly by covid and the restrictions. Allowing discussion of how it might not be safe to travel would be further taking potential money away from their business. And from my understanding they are pretty upfront about the zero tolerance for such threads.
  23. For those who are not aware…. The Disboards is run by a travel agency that primarily specializes in Disney. It is not surprising that they will not allow conversation that may dissuade people away from their business and Disney.
  24. I have to say….until they work out the myocarditis thing the vaccine is a hard no here for both me and my DD. I have two male cousins who have had heart transplants due to myocarditis. One is a second cousin who had a transplant when I was a teen, the other is my direct cousin who received his transplant around the same age as our second cousin was when he had his.
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