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  1. I was looking for some recommendations for Classical music CD titles to listen to during our Friday poetry and tea mornings. I was looking to purchase 2-3 CD's for the year, and wondering if any of you have some favorites? Ages of my kids: 7 1/2, 5 1/2, 4, & 7 months Thank you!
  2. Thank you all for your responses and suggestions. My oldest is quite independent and especially loves her books. What do you think about this: I'm going to take the suggestion and start off with reading all together. We always start with prayer and calendar anyways, so I can just transition into reading together. (They all love to read) I think the SOTW reading first. SOTW will be new to us this year. I then can start my oldest (2nd grader) on a follow up activity with that. I then will take my kindergartner to do Ordinary Guide/Phonics. (and if my 4 year old wants to come along to do
  3. I'm trying to figure out a general routine for the school year. I have a 2nd grader who fluently reads well (upper 3rd grade level reading), kindergartener (knows all her letters, sounds, and can read several BOB books on her own, but in the beginning stages of reading). Then a 4 yr. old who knows her letters, sounds, and can write her name now. She wants to learn how to read too. Here is a list of curriculum things I'm using below, and would love some feedback on it, and some suggestions how this might look during our week. 1. Singapore Math (2nd grader and kindergartener) 2. Ordinary
  4. Wow. What wonderful advice and encouragement from you all. Thank you so much. After reading through the responses last night, I felt more spurred on that this is all doable! It can be a lonely journey where we live (only two other families I know that are homeschooling, and they go through a private school they homeschool). They have a unschooling approach to education, so we usually don't have a lot of commonalities with homeschooling talk or feedback with one another, especially in regards to any routine or help with curriculum. You all are right too. Reading is something they lov
  5. I'm feeling overwhelmed today. I'm flooded with doubts of my capability. I spent a lot of this summer reading, and trying to envision how I want this next school year to be. I read both The Well Trained Mind, and The Core. In a weird way, I feel like I have too much I'm thinking about now. I have always homeschooled. Preschool with my oldest was a blast. Lots of field trips, exploring, and reading. Now, years later, I'm here with 3 more kids. My oldest is going into the 2nd grade this yr, and both her academic and emotional level are more advanced now. She is always so curious, and kee
  6. Thank you for all the great suggestions! I wrote down a lot of these. It sounds like a common workable theme is planning in chunks at a time versus daily, semester, whole yr., etc...
  7. I have 4: a Kinder (she will be 6), 2nd grader, preschooler (she will be 5 later this school yr), & then a 6 month old baby (teething! =)) in all this mix. Curriculum: Singapore/daily, SOTW+Veritas Press mixed with it/twice a week, Writing with Ease, FLL/daily, & Brave Writer/once a week (Friday poetry & story journaling). Nature study once a week. The K and preschooler I will be focusing on phonics/reading, math, and they like to participate in the Fridays too. We do a lot of reading in this house, and will continue with some great realouds incorporated too; that I'm stil
  8. I love all these suggestions! Thank you everyone! I added a bunch more to our list. So exciting!
  9. I have a 2nd grader, kindergartner, and preschooler. We love to do a realoud throughout our other things with school. We do lots of reading of other books, but enjoy reading a large book for evening realouds. We did Charlotte's Web, and Little House in the Big Woods last year. They loved it in the evening times! I want to do another 2-4 books this year and would love some suggestions for books titles? Also, suggestions for a good Poetry book any of you love in your house?
  10. So, what about using SOTW and the activity book, but then purchasing cards and Ancients from Veritas Press so I can use/incorporate more of the biblical from Veritas combined with SOTW. Is that a bit much? I really like the SOTW after hearing more and reading the reviews, but I also would love to add in more biblical reads. I know I can obviously do that myself, but feeling a bit intimidated. I thought if I combined the two, I might feel a bit more confident once I get into it. Did any of you do a notebook (3 ring binder), or is the activity book something they just work out of?
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new, and have more questions. You all have been so very helpful. I appreciate your time and encouragement as I am planning for this next school year. Is there a difference between Writing with Ease Workbook: Level 1, and First Language Lesson 1 books? I have a kindergartner and second grader this year. This past May, I started my then 1st grader with Writing with Ease/1 (she really enjoyed it). However, we didn't finish it as we only started in May as I just discovered all this. (WTM). Should I have my kindergartner start with Writing with Ease/1 this year?
  12. Welcome! I'm new here too. My husband and I both finished the book and felt the same way. We couldn't put it down, and I'm so excited to learn. I posted over in the K-8 board, and they were so very helpful in guiding me with my questions. I am been feeling overwhelmed and confused. Those responses really helped clear things up. I am so grateful already for a place to come to and learn from others on this journey. I'm already so very excited about this next school year!
  13. Thank you to each of you that took the time to read my post and respond. Especially to the last two posters! Wow. I appreciate so much your wonderful insight. I didn't even realize there were different forms (that breakdown was very helpful). Your responses were so thoughtfully laid out and clear of the differences in the curriculums. It makes so much better sense to me now with your help. It's so encouraging to have it explained so well now. I printed out both of your respones of detail and have been reading them over with my husband tonight. Thank you, thank you again! I love learning,
  14. *Sorry for the spelling and grammer errors! I'm trying to bounce and manage my teething 6 month old while typing out my thoughts!
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