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  1. Still trying to figure out the new AP system. So we have join-codes entered for official classes (PAH, etc). Now we're waiting for the exam-codes. One school doesn't order tests until Nov 15 deadline, so we just wait until then for the exam-only code?
  2. Perfect thanks both of you! And then do I just choose 1 school and invite all of them (no need to specify all 8 or so colleges to them, right?) It will just populate that recommender's letter in the other colleges, right? I also found out that you CAN invite a recommender to pen both a school-specific and generic LOR, by inviting them twice to 2 different email addresses. This is if they are willing. We will ask. Still trying to figure out how to request a non-teacher to be a 'teacher' evaluator, but in all I've read about specific colleges and what they want from homeschooled applicants, they prefer academic LOR, but if the only academic teachers are online classes with no direct contact, then someone who knows applicant personally is better. It's just weird, b/c then the recommender will be invited as a teacher, and will have to checkmark whether high school/college professor and school name. Luckily, said LOR writer is affiliated with a school, but not as a teacher... so still not sure about this. Might call the AOs on Monday.
  3. I have a couple quick questions re: LOR on the Common App 1. Can you ask someone for a LOR and when it's sitting in your Common App, then choose not to use theirs? (Like someone said you can ask more people, than less, as some may not follow through, but in the CA you can choose whose rec goes to which school?) 2. If LOR writer has an affiliation with top choice school (alumni, etc), can you have LOR writer write a school-specific (mentioning the school anyway) recommendation? And then have them write a generic version too to send to other schools? Possible? 3. If school asks for 2 TEACHER, 1 OTHER (optional), but says on their website that for homeschoolers if academic is only online, never met you people, they'd prefer community leaders and other - then do you have your 'other' recommenders uploaded in the Teacher slot? (B/C it only allows 1 "Other" and requires 2 "Teacher") THANKS!! Anyone else in the middle of Common App?? Weigh in! Love to hear from you!
  4. Thanks for the candor. The no-refund policy is one of the reasons we don't do WHA anymore... that and the significant cost increases. 😉
  5. Thanks Sebastian. The GPA scale stumped me since I've seen 4.0 or 5.0 or even 6.0 - but never above that. So we'll go with 5.0, since 4.0=A unweighted and 5.0=A weighted (I think that's what all the threads show). Would you list all in-progress AP classes, even if he may not plan to take the AP exam?
  6. nvm - combined text into 1 topic 🙂
  7. I have a few Common App questions as I'm knee-deep in Common App h#ll with my ds. Thought I'd combine the threads and ask the questions here. Please humor me... please help! 1. )) GPA Scale Reporting The drop down is weird - it lists 4, 5, 6, 7.... 20, 100, none Are we talking like a 4.0 scale? Because why is there a 13, 14 or 15? 2.)) Academic Honors So... anyone else want to brainstorm some academic honors I might be forgetting? Also - should I include Congressional Award medal(s) in the Academic Honors section? (although they are not academic, but to make sure it is seen) 3.)) AP Courses It says: Number of AP Tests you wish to report, including tests you expect to take* So a) do we have to report all of them (there is one my ds would like to not-report...) b) is there a benefit in listing the AP tests 'you expect to take' - should i then only list those we'll have signed up for already? (he's taking 5 APs, we're still debating which he should sign up for)
  8. For us, the function of taking AP classes has been great - truly rigorous classes, no complaints here. And taking the AP exams 9th-11th grade has been invaluable for test prep, etc. My ds already has 11 APs under his belt and has already earned National AP Scholar... so we're just thinking if it won't matter with regards to college admissions (he is looking at selective schools), might be easier to skip the exams, but take the classes....
  9. I think it will be an easier year without: a) having to worry about the new CB registration that is this month for 5 exams! b) having to go through major prep in april/may c) shell out nearly $500 for the privilege Does it matter? Credit-wise, he may have gotten some college credit, not sure. Probably not AP Eng Lit (as he already has AP Eng Lang) Probably not AP Calc BC (as he already has AP Calc AB) That leaves AP World, AP Physics C & AP Psychology - not sure it really matters that much. Thoughts? Opinions?
  10. would you guys replying mind sharing where your freshman child is attending? i can't recall from the acceptance threads... this is such a great thread, really enjoy reading it. my oldest is a senior this year, so like to see what's in store for us.
  11. thank you, thank you! that was just what i needed to hear! i will start to tackle it this weekend tonight. i know it'll be like the boogey man. scarier that it really is. (at least i hope!) wish me luck!! moo-ha-ha-ha-ha!
  12. Can someone just walk me through the whole Common App thing? It's time to open an account and start the process... I admit I am intimidated. Someone want to just walk me through how to do it, to lessen the intimidation factor, tell me how easy it is? Does my ds open a CA student account? Can we then look through Qs and how everything is set up without 'locking' in his responses? How do I get involved as a counselor - does he invite me? Do I need my own CA account? Should I just set up a dummy student account to start playing with it? Please help!
  13. please do help. 🙂 thanks! our schools here have never used total registration online, so doubt they are doing that now. please let me know - thanks!
  14. And why is CB doing this? I understand the early registration for them... But why these super secretive codes? Nefarious or no?
  15. OK so walk me through this. My kid is taking both PAH online provider AP class and self-study.... So I go to my local school and tell them he'll be taking such-and-such AP exams. Can you please give me the exam-only code so he can enter it into his CB acct? (And I would include and say both the PAH & self-study exams?) Previously it was just email them, drop off a check for $94, show up the day of testing (or prior if said school does pre-bubbling) and take the test. Please walk me through it. Then when I get these super-secretive exam codes, we have to enter in both the exam-only code (from the school) and if an online provider, the join code also?
  16. I knew that AP exam registration was changing this year... namely try to secure a spot for the exams in September-October, no longer in Jan-Feb. Ok, got that. BUT.... my son's PAH classes are giving him a 'join code' to go to his CollegeBoard account to be officially 'joined' into an AP class, that he can now register for. What is this all about? What about for self-study courses? Can we still take APs even if self-study and given no join code? Help! (I hate CB - why are they making these changes, are they trying to prevent self-study kids from taking AP exams?)
  17. Finally someone who's taken it! I feel I've been asking too about Physics-Prep for the past 3 years and never had anyone pony up to having taken it... Glad to hear it went well! Did he do a full-year Physics Mechanics or did he do Elec/Magn also? We're debating whether to do only Mechanics or both?
  18. we're going for it this year too. the only diff it seems are discussion boards and a weekly chat time. neither do i think my ds needs. he just did hon physics with derek owens, and give him some videos and homework, and he's good to go where math/science are concerned. and for $150 you can't beat it!
  19. Hi! We're UC-hopefuls too - living here in Cali too. I am wondering why you say she is not a UC candidate? Just wondering if maybe you know something I don't... is your dd a rising senior? My ds is as we're about to head down that primrose path.
  20. Very helpful! We chose Khan Academy as (a) it's free and (b) seemed pretty easy to make it work around his already rigorous schedule next year. I didn't even know how the Khan Academy classes were set up - but it seemed pretty good, so happy to just have those details from you, thank you!!
  21. Did you use one of your personal insight questions to reflect on your homeschooling experience? See this from UC website... just wondering if we should allot 1 of the 4 to this kind of prompt. Personal insight questions Like all applicants, you’re encouraged to share information in the personal insight questions that would provide context for UC admissions officers reviewing your application. Specifically, we’d like to know about your home-school environment and experience, particularly if you have been unable to complete our minimum admission requirements: Why did your family choose home schooling? How is your day structured? What extracurricular activities are you passionate about? We’re interested not only in your strengths as a scholar, but also your leadership qualities, passions and contributions to your family and community.
  22. love to hear more about how khan academy worked specifically and what other resources you used/cobbled together. we plan to do the same, but ds (senior) will not be taking the ap exam.
  23. thanks for the responses. this is from a PDF from our local HS 'explaining your high school transcript.' don't know if that means this is what theirs looks like, but you'd sure think it was. it goes over section by section, how to read your own transcript. weird. ok, no photo then. back to regularly scheduled transcript creation for me. whew!
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