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  1. This is a news story about a friend of mine from high school who had a placental cell therapy in March of 2020. https://www.theatermania.com/new-york-city-theater/news/edward-pierces-miracle-how-a-broadway-set-designer_91128.html
  2. I live on the other side of the big city from you. The only tuxes we ever see at homecoming are for the people escorting the young women on the homecoming court on the football field at halftime. That’s usually the father or a brother. Other than that, the boys are all in khakis and a button down shirt. Some of the boys wear a jacket and/or a tie. Most do not. My son accompanied a young woman who was on court to the dance twice. He just wore khakis and a button down shirt. Maybe a bow tie?
  3. Hippos Go Berzerk! It’s an arithmetic series in a board book.
  4. Atlanta area— National Center for Civil and Human Rights MLK National Historical Park (and if you do those two, the Georgia Aquarium is right there and The World of Coke and CNN Center and Centennial Olympic Park) Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park
  5. Which is still very different from replacing social studies with it. She’s using that lens. It’s being embedded. So when talking about Colonial America, she doesn’t just talk about the founding fathers and how wonderful they were. She also approaches it from the point of view of other people.
  6. What the teacher said was that she used inquiry based learning in social studies all year. This was an example of how she used inquiry based learning to discuss anti racism and was done several months into the school year. It was actually an interesting way to get into the Colonial period for a diverse student population. So no, anti racism didn’t take the place of social studies.
  7. The best pimento cheese I’ve ever had was at a reception at the Georgia Governor’s Mansion summer of 2019. I swear they served it on Keebler Townhouse Crackers. I’m so not a Southerner, but I got turned a little that day.
  8. Ummm…I think the major university in your state might be a clue—scarlet towels, of course! All kidding aside, I am a big fan of white linens.
  9. Would they let him do the Georgia Tech Distance math program? https://admission.gatech.edu/dualenrollment/distance-math-programs
  10. The Crest of the Peacock: Non-European Roots of Mathematics by George Gheverghese Joseph is a fascinating book, but it is pretty dense. I’ve used it in a college history of math course.
  11. Do you have an Athleta? They are expensive, but my daughter loves their suits. They don’t wear out and they don’t move. Everything stays in place.
  12. To answer the question do I know anyone under 55 who had Covid worse than vaccine reaction... This story is about a high school friend of mine. He was 49 or 50 when this happened. I have two friends whose husbands spent a month to six weeks hospitalized with Covid. Both had moments where they said goodbye to their children because they weren’t expected to stay off a vent through the night. Both are under 55. Neither is expected to recover fully. One was a firefighter, and will never be able to work that job again. The other has yet to go back to work. I think he came out of the hospital in March. My brother-in-law, aged 49, was hospitalized with Covid in October. He was down for about two weeks, and has fully recovered. My sister, 48, was down for about a week with it. I also have a friend whose 10 year old has long Covid. She got it last March. She still runs a fever maybe once a week. She has lost cognitive skills. She has broken bones twice from falling from being dizzy. She cannot concentrate for long periods of time. She was one of the first people I knew who got tested fo Covid. A college friend, age 51, had Covid, had a stroke, and is slowly regaining use of his right side. I don’t know anyone who had more than one day of side effects from either vaccine. I know lots of people who have been vaccinated because I work in a school.
  13. Wait, you aren’t a Russian spy?
  14. I have a good friend from Wise, VA. I would agree with your assessment. Western Carolina? Might not have the right major.
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