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  1. DS10 performed piano in his first wedding. He did amazing even on less than stellar equipment.
  2. I haven't kept up with the forums due to a super crazy year that included buying a fixer upper home that we are currently redoing ourselves. I hopped in to try to figure out what I am ordering for DS9's next math and came across this thread and thought I would jump in. First off, congrats to all of your amazing kiddos! I love reading all their unique accomplishments. Now here are my brags - DD7 - Her handwriting has gotten to the point she can write neater than me (not that my handwriting is great but she is 7) For my own knowledge I had both kids doing state testing and she scored
  3. I buy all 4 but only pull out the textbook when I need to show an example of how to work something. Otherwise we do workbook to get the idea of what to do (often if is a review or building on previous year but nice to have a gentle reminder), then we do IP and then CWP. Then when they are on levels were the BA is available we then do that for the grade level. So for example DS did SM 3A WB and IP, 3B WB and IP, CWP, BA 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D. This is my way of slowing them down :) DS is now finishing up SM level 5 and about to start BA 5! Not sure what I will do after that.
  4. I think my children both fall into level 4 or 5 according to this list. A lot of it I don't remember when they started things. I am one who really just like to know how things fall and would love to have my kids tested on a nationally recognized IQ test to see how they rank just for the sake of knowing. They were each tested at age 4 for the local school district, but through my research I have learned that basically no one uses the test they use here and the scores are not comparable. :( Maybe one day we will splurge on testing.
  5. I have sadly done very little writing with him. I have him write after reading each day but this is very minimal writing and is not at all good writing. He was writing a book in his own time, but it was very rough and he has stopped working on that. I think I feel not adequate in teaching writing and so don't really do it, but I need to just jump in! Maybe I will go back through Town also. Pegs I would love any suggestions you have!
  6. Also, am I covering all that is language arts if I teach them the following - literature (as in reading good books not necessarily plot, theme, audience, etc), grammar, vocabulary, spelling. Am I missing anything?
  7. My DS8 has done the first 2 levels of MCT. In the second level I (maybe not so brightly) often let him skip the writing part with the thinking that his writing would catch up later. He is great with understanding concepts and definitely the grammar, but struggles with the writing part (yes the handwriting, but I am meaning the coming up with ideas and putting them on paper). I am now getting ready to order MCT 3 and it looks like the writing is an even bigger part of it and I am wondering what I should do! Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  8. Thanks, I just need a guidance counselor for our homeschooling.
  9. On another thread someone was asking about DYS and a response mentioned not knowing about the inexpensive testing that he/she could have used for their child. Any one know what this inexpensive testing is? I would love to have a formal test done on my children in case we want to do certain programs, but don't want to spend more $$ than I have to.
  10. In my previous life (read before children) I taught in a public school that was not horrible. I was teaching 7th graders and since I am on the short side if I was walking in the halls between classes the kids would often not notice me there and I would hear it all. I know OP's child is not in 7th grade yet, but I can imagine in the last 10 years since I was teaching and also with the fact that I was in what seems a somewhat better area where kids haven't been exposed to such hardships the age for similar behaviors has gone down. Oh and I was recently in a training for work where I was taught t
  11. I am wondering if I should get my son to do a Talent Search Test. I honestly know very little about the world we now find ourselves in. I grew up never having my intelligence enhanced by anything outside of of my very mediocre public school. DS is currently (age wise) 2nd grade. I am wondering what benefits he would get from talent search testing. I know it could lead to him being able to attend CTY, but if we do not plan on doing that this summer is there any other reason to have him test? Also it said I have to get an eligibility number from John Hopkins before I can sign up to have him test
  12. I think the main hiccup would be when you are traveling. You need to know that your ex would be able to have care for her while he is at work. Something to check out while looking into co-ops is tutoring programs. At least that is what it is called here. I drop my kiddos off every Wednesday and they are taught Geography, Spanish, and art. Unlike a co-op I do not have to be there and so that would be a great time for you to get some work done. Keep in mind that there would be a cost associated with it.
  13. Thanks! I haven't read too far in the lists from the link you posted, but I did see that in the kindergarten level it has the word bird listed. Seriously, bird!
  14. Is Wordly Wise 3000 something that you have used? Is it good for those with an already above grade level vocabulary? We use MCT already. Also if I used it do I need to start with K level and work up or the grade my child is currently in... or perhaps there is a placement test. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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