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  1. k-4 We are using Saxon math k OPGTTR after the second set of BOB books One page a day of a Kumon book of his choice physical ed: tae kwan do classes We also do art, social studies, and science informally. I bought FIAR but I am not sure if we will be doing it or not.
  2. I found a Saxon K and a Saxon Math 1 home study guides for $10 at a used book store (looks like nobody used them!) and was noticing that you only do "school" three times a week :) I like it and reading through the lessons it is definitely something I know my son will enjoy. My only issue is that it starts school in September and here we start in August. But I suppose it doesn't matter so much and I can probably just adjust it. I will not push writing, but will definitely try!
  3. Thank you for all your responses! I appreciate it. I will definitely add the Kumon books (and perhaps an extra one for my 2 year old who will surely want to do as her brother at some point). I will check out HWT :)
  4. I will look into Kumon books. Thank you for that suggestion. I agree about experiments as we do experiments all the time! I have a science background so I find myself constantly talking about leaves using the sun for energy and roots drinking water as we weed our garden (we also note that grass is different from weeds and so on so he actually helps me), how he is mommy's little human and we look up what is inside his head online lol. We do experiments all the time too (including scrambling an egg and cooking it). I have lots of fun. He is in fact growing a sunflower right now. I guess that is unschooling? Lol not sure. Soon when he understands measuring I will have him measure the sunflower and whatever else he plants and I will graph it for him. Can't wait. Oh and about the print and cursive. I listened to a podcast interview with the author of "Cursive first" (link: http://www.swrtraining.com/id17.html) and if anything she confused me as I always assumed print comes first. Like anything, my guess is that there is no consensus on the matter. And then I saw that Abeka K4 packages online feature the cursive workbooks.
  5. My oldest son is four years old. This past year we used Before Five in a Row and he played with Starfall and ABCmouse. He knows the basics although I am sure he can use reinforcement. My plan for his "k4" year is to use Saxon Math K, Five in a Row (volume 1) and The ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading. I don't believe my son is ready for a writing curriculum at this time. However, I think it will be good to work on learning to write his name. For this I could just print out pages with his name on them to trace. I understand that most experts do writing and reading together. Should I get him the Abeka k4 workbooks anyway? If so, should I go with cursive? Or should I use Handwriting without tears? If we do writing, should we do it twice a week or every day? Also, I would like to keep school time to a minimum. I have heard so many conflicting ideas though. My plan is to do one hour of "focused" time after breakfast with the apparently fun Saxon manipulatives and a short phonics lesson. Five in a Row never feels like school and we can do that after lunch. My guess is that Five in a row will take anywhere from 10 minutes to a half hour each day. For a total of about an hour to an hour a half of work per day. Another idea is that since Five in a Row Volume 1 is 19 weeks long it will end near December. Then, next January I could start him on a writing curriculum instead of the second volume of Five in a Row. I would like to know if anyone here has some feedback. Are these realistic aims for the year?
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