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  1. A little background: I have two kids. DS6 is now in PS 1st grade and actually doing well after homeschooling until Dec of last year (I agonized and still do over PS). DD4 (almost 5) will go to K next year and we are homeschooling pre-K like I did with DS. I know any mom of many would smile and tell me they could have told me all kids are unique and their own person. And of course I know that. But sometimes it is so clear!! So I just started on lessons 1 and 2 of AAR1. Yesterday we were doing a little activity with ice cream cut outs. She was supposed to read the words, find the rhymin
  2. Just because in future someone might search for this and wonder... It turns out that I did not have the choice to enroll my child in Kinder. He was enrolled in 1st. I communicated my concerns with the teacher. It remains to be seen how he does. He may surprise me in a good way. Got to give him the chance to see if he flourishes in a school setting. He may. I feel like someone here mentioned something along the lines that parents relinquish autonomy over their kids education when they enroll in public school. It may sound harsh, but it is true. It is a weird feeling to not be in control of
  3. The official cut-off is September 1. Schools have some autonomy to decide if the admit kids to "TK" with summer birthdays. The local school and the charter I used had an optional TK cut-off (you could choose TK or K) with children born in July 1-Sept 1). My child missed the cutoff by a week. Other schools and I quote: Kindergarten age appropriate students are allowed to choose TK if their 5th birthday is between the last day of the school year -September 1st."
  4. He is already overwhelmed and I am having other little non-academic issues due his anxiety that I do not want to outline here. I do realize my child can read fine, and his math is usually fine too. However, yesterday we were walking and he saw the 2 mile marker and he's like so we have two more miles to marker 5? (Facepalm) And while I made no big deal out of it, and explained the math problem I immediately thought - yeah, you can use a bit more basic review... So - no he would not be at the "top" in either context. I want him to try his best and I will try to help him achieve the best he
  5. My child will be 6 years old all school year. I was asking about placing a 6 year old starting January in Kinder. He will still be 6 years old at the end of THIS school year. He will turn 7 this next summer. In other words - if I enroll him in K or first he will be 6 through the end of the school year not 7. He will turn 7 at the END OF JUNE. Next year he would do 1st grade (or second) - he will be 7 the whole school year.
  6. Thank you for your response. He is only a week too old for the optional TK. So older - yes. But not by a lot. You are not the only person telling me to put him in first and let him catch up. I'm just a worrier and while I think it is fine to struggle (how can you overcome if you don't struggle?) - I wonder about the value to adding stress to an already stressful situation.
  7. I am writing here while being very emotional. Our life circumstances have changed and since the start of the school year I knew my child would need to go to public school. I did not enroll him at the start of the year (even though I got all the paper work together) because we were going to have to move as well. I did not want to enroll him and then change schools half way through the year as we would not be able to stay within the school limits. We are moving this week. I used a homeschool-friendly charter where he had enrichment classes and I worked with him independently 3 days a week. I
  8. Thanks - that's all the push I needed. That was what I was thinking. He starts Monday. I am a little sad, but surprisingly I do NOT feel GUILTY. lol
  9. Yes, I've been thinking about it. School here started a month ago...
  10. Due to unforseen circumstances my 6 year old will need to start public school in January. He is technically first grade this year. I guess I'm looking both for advice and reassurance. Is there something I should be extra concerned with? He reads fine for his age, he does math fine for his age. He's generally smart and good natured. I think he will be fine, but I do not "make" him write a whole lot. I was wondering if this is the area I should become more firm in... Any advise would be appreciated.
  11. ok thank you! I'll have to figure something else out...
  12. I was wondering if anyone actually uses Draw, Write, Now as a unit study? I have not actually seen these books, but it appears that it can be a unit study that integrates science, social studies and LA. I assume I will supplement with library books, narration and copy work - working toward eventually writing sentences on his own. I ordered the first two books for DS's 1st grade. I also ordered Maps Charts and Graphs level A just in case this isn't much of a social studies unit study... lol I'm not worried about science because he is enrolled to take science at the Learning Center and they
  13. We use Brainpop from our Charter too. Depending on the day I look up whatever topic I want to have the kids learn about and let them watch. Other times I let my son play with it. This is more common recently as I am ready for summer! Brainpop, like anything else can get boring for the kids. But used sparingly I think it can be a lifesaver - you know for that day mom has the flu or a sick baby. My son is almost 6 and for the first time I asked him to do an easy quiz on a video about geography. It was indeed an easy quiz, so next time We'll check out the other one. Two times Brainpop "sa
  14. Just got the Kindle... I feel old. I'm glad my son't birthday is in a few weeks because it's going to take me sometime to figure out the Kindle thingy. Learning curves... limited time to play with it without my kids noticing... lol.
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