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  1. My daughter was 7 I believe when we read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It is one of her favorite books. We've read it twice. We read half of Matilda with an audio book and never finished it. We recently read the BFG (she is 9) and she loved it. I would have been okay with her reading the BFG at 7 or 8.
  2. Kim and Duncan I am 9. Can you put my fan art up on your video.
  3. I spelled the bigger words out.... so that's how she knew which order. She is 9.....
  4. I'm fine with it. I don't even mind a banner ad, or a side banner ad while logged on. I am pretty use to ads being the thing. ;)
  5. Mine was a Xena icon. But i changed it to my own Kitty. I'll probably change it again, but for now at least i am not blank. :p
  6. Ninanoo

    Miquon Math


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    Miquon Math the complete set of workbooks and Lab sheet annotations + the Cuisenaire Rods. The first book (red- first grade) in my set has 11 pages missing. If your child can count they do not need these pages. Otherwise this set is in like new condition.



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    A Child's Geography Volume 1. This is a christian based approach to geography. It is a look at the science of geography covering the atmosphere, continents, oceans, Weather, and so on. It comes with a CD for printable resources. Like new condition.


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