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  1. We did history/science just 2x a week. We did add in a few projects and history timeline. There are recommendations for projects in each chapter, if IRC.
  2. We are. The kids are excited, but I'm soooo weary from moving and being pregnant. We should get in a full nine weeks before my c-section and will then be able to take some time off or just focus on essentials for a bit without getting behind. For Monday, I'm planning to do just math and art to ease us in to the routine.
  3. No, it would not last a year. We did CLP's K science one semester and then the history the next. It is a nice intro to world history, though.
  4. Wow. I'm surprised that Montpelier is that expensive. We're in the Upper Valley and could probably get an extra 1000 sq. ft. for the price of the house in the second link. The first house seems comparably priced, though, but the yucky neighborhood is probably the factor. In our county, the prices go way down as you travel north. Where DH pastors, we could not afford. Two towns up I-91, we had our pick of several.
  5. I know it's there, but since it's out of sight, it's out of mind. Carpet is better for my mental health since finding dust bunnies has been making me feel guilty and inadequate--oh, those pregnancy hormones!
  6. I never want wood floors throughout again. We are moving out of a rental we've been in for 6 mo., and the amount of dust I'm finding under beds and such is disgusting. (I've had a rough pregnancy and haven't been up to swiffering under furniture.) The house we're buying has carpet in the bedrooms. I also never want another open-concept living/dining/kitchen. I can't get my toddlers to stay in any one area, so food gets on the couch, the dining chairs get pushed into the kitchen. It's been a cramped messy area. I'm so excited to have a family room in the finished basement and keep the kids out of the kitchen unless it's mealtime.
  7. One week from today we close on a 2300 sq. ft., 4 bed, 2 1/2 bath home. We started out looking for 1500-1600 sq. ft., but with Baby#5 coming soon, we realized we'd be cramped. I'm sure we'd be fine in 1800-1900, but this house was the best deal. DH is a pastor, and it makes me uncomfortable to have such a big place because I don't want anyone to think I'm extravagant, but based on a lot of the responses here, it seems the house is about right for our big family.
  8. If you're in VT, as your username implies, I get it. We spent 6 mo. scouring the market before we found an affordable house that didn't need lots of work. We're closing in 2 1/2 weeks. Hang in there. Something will pop up!
  9. Doesn't LCC stress additional reading (by the child himself and as family read-alouds) as part of a lifestyle, thus exposing the student to much more than he's been required to read for school?
  10. Having been a junior high teacher, I have seen a wide range of maturity levels in 7th graders. Personally, I wouldn't hold him back at this point. Putting him with the junior high kids at church may help him mature. It can be good for the less mature seventh graders to see how others act and to learn what is socially acceptable.
  11. I would try to get to the bottom of the confessing issue. I think you posted about it in another thread? I had/have an over-active conscience instilled in me by a legalistic-church upbringing. As a kid I would confess things to my mom because I thought God would kill me if I didn't. I still have trouble at times knowing what is appropriate to apologize for and what is false guilt and have to ask my husband who's a pastor to talk me through my pangs of conscience. If your daughter attends Sunday school or such, maybe the cause is there. Perhaps an inappropriate fear has been instilled?
  12. Twins are awesome. Mine are 2 1/2, but I still sometimes can't believe we've been so blessed.
  13. Page 22 is also about the book incident. It says someone dropped the book, ran from the room, and told his/her mother. Inconsistencies in recollections, maybe? It doesn't seem to make sense that Josh would have run from the room. Anyway, I just doubt that the little girls were truly clueless that what Josh did was very bad, as the parents alleged in the interview.
  14. It's a bit hard to tell with all the redactions. It does say that according to JB, Josh called them. But in one of the girls' statements, it seems it was the little girl who ran to tell her mother.
  15. This is possible. Either way, the safeguard of locking the rooms didn't stop the abuse, yet the parents presented their approach as effective.
  16. Megyn Kelly did not ask them about discrepancies, unfortunately. One inconsistency that bothered me was their claiming the awake victims really didn't understand what was done to them (therefore, it was no big deal). However, if IRC, the police report said the 5 y.o. ran to tell on Josh.
  17. In the interview JB and M claimed their safeguards were working because Josh stopped molesting the girls in their rooms. I think I gasped at that point because it was obvious to me the attacks were actually getting more bold, from a girl asleep on the couch to an awake 5 y.o. with witnesses in the room, and then under the clothes. JB seemed to think the worst offenses were the ones in the girls' room and the others were no big deal, when anyone else can clearly see the escalation.
  18. How about splitting the cost of repairs?
  19. We'd always planned on Christian school since I spent my teaching career in Christian schools.Homeschooling happened unexpectedly. While DH was in seminary, I taught high school English at a UMS school. Once oldest DD was in K, we anticipated enrolling her in the school, but I was shocked to learn they undervalued phonics instruction and encouraged inventive spelling. Their approach was antithetical to my educational philosophy, plus the tuition was high. We decided to keep DD in the dirt-cheap daycare at the school and homeschool K on my days off. The next year DH graduated, I quit working, and we moved to a rural area with only one (expensive) Christian school. Since we're now expecting baby #5, there's no way I'm going back to work just to pay tuition. It looks like homeschooling is our long-term plan, and we love it.
  20. As a former high school teacher and college prof, I think 9th grade is so young to be worrying about a career. Let him pursue the interest as far as it goes, but he may well change his mind. I told my tenth grade classes not to feel pressured to plan their lives at 16 and had (the most hardworking) kids thank me. Also keep in mind that a college degree need not be career focused. DH has his undergrad in classical piano, but he has since earned a ThM and is a minister, albeit a minister who also doubles as church pianist twice a month.
  21. There are assignments called Write About It. When I used this book in a classroom, my students and I usually enjoyed these assignments. There are more than you can complete in a year, so pick and choose.
  22. For my dd turning 5 in Nov., I'm going to go slowly through CLE LTR and CLE 100 math. With her big sis, SOTW 2 w/ activity guide and CKE Earth and Space plus living books.
  23. Math, CLE 200 LA, CLE 200 Reading, Open Court and CLE anthologies and short novels Science, CKE Earth and Space along with Let's Read and Find Out books History, SOTW 2 w/ activity book
  24. They've started putting the curr. guides at the backs of some TEs. If this book has that, it might be worth it because then you know when to quiz and test. If it doesn't have the curr. guide, it probably won't be very useful. ABB doesn't add extras to their TEs like, say, BJUP does.
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