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  1. For BJU French 1, do you need both the CD Set and Supplemental DVD? Just wanting to buy what I will use. If you used both, can you tell me what the benefits of the CD were as opposed to the DVD? Or which one did you use the most? I like BJU, but it is on the pricey side, I hate getting curriculum and then I don't use it. I took French in high school for 4 years, so I'm familiar with it enough to teach French 1 and 2, however I'm sure I've got an American accent!!
  2. I'm wondering the same thing. Shanvan did you get any responses as to whether the CDs are essential to BJU French 1. Are there places online where we can "hear" the pronunciations?
  3. I've heard good things about The Lively Art of Writing. Does SWB's audio lectures on writing need to purchased? Or can one listen to them for free somewhere? Thanks!
  4. We are using the Physics first approach. Physics is fundamental to Chemistry. Modern Biology has biochemical concepts. They will understand these biochemical concepts more having had the Physics and Chemistry background. We did Algebra based Physics this year Chemistry for next year (fall of 2016) Biology *For Senior Year, it could be Advanced Chemistry, Physics, or Biology, depends on interest)
  5. I'll check out Abe books, thanks regentrude! I was wondering why Chegg kept popping up during my search for a solutions manual. I just went on the website and turns out, they do have the solutions manual to both versions and more. Goodness...times have changed!
  6. I've finally decided on using Zumdahl Chemistry for next year. Yay! Making the decision is half the battle :) It is between Introductory Chemistry and World of Chemistry. It really depends on where I can get both the textbook as well as a solutions manual. So far, the only places I've seen them is on Amazon, and other versions on EBay. If you've purchased Zumdahl Chemistry, whatever version you used (much to my dismay, there are several !!), could you share where you purchased? Just want to make sure I check out the different sources first. Thanks!
  7. Thank you Faithr, that helps! I enjoy learning latin, but not when I have to "hunt" for the grammar in order to read the assigned passages. It's doable, but it bogs my homeschool down too much. So far, I see that Ecce Romani is available from Pearson Publishing. Other than Amazon, are there other places they are available? I'd like to compare prices. Thanks for pointing the website, it's got great info!!
  8. What age/grade level would Ecce Romani be for? Does it have 4-5 levels that can count for High School Latin 1, 2, 3, and 4? Is Ecce Romani more of a grammar book as opposed to Cambridge? I thought Cambridge was half grammar, half readings...so you would learn a little grammer, then use what you've learned in a reading they provide? How is Ecce Roman different from Cambridge? Thank you for any information you can post!
  9. Novare is a new business just getting started. I ordered my textbook and it arrived damaged. As a company they request for any returns to be sent in a box, professionally packed...yet when my book was delivered, it arrived in a paper envelope. I spoke with them regarding this and had to be firm with them that for a $75 book, it should arrive in excellent condition. I did not receive a confirmation of whether it could be replaced. I just sent the book back packaged in box, paid for packaging and postage. When I documented and sent pictures of how the book arrived, it was replaced. Another issue is the Resource CD. I was given the impression that the solutions manual would most likely be included in the CD, that it would be available to those who purchase the CD. It cost $50. Now that it is Fall, and the solutions manual is now available, the cost is $15. When I asked about the manual being sent to those who purchased the CD expecting that the solutions manual will be sent when available, I received an emotional reply about how they are a business needing to support their families just like everyone else. I have been creating my solutions manual since we started in August, because there was none available. Since it is just an intro to physics, the problems have been easy to solve. As I've stated earlier, the book itself is a good and solid introduction to physics, however the service has been disappointing. It is quite possible that once they are up and running, producing and selling sufficiently, these issues will no longer occur. I'm just not willing to invest and spend more due to "start-up" difficulties.
  10. We're using Intro to Physics this year. My child has already completed Foerster's Algebra in 7th. So, technically, we could have gone to the Accelerated textbook. Since we're only in the 8th grade, I've opted for Intro to Physics instead. It is going well. It is a good introduction to physics. I like how it is laid out, logical, easy to follow, not too busy. However, it has been difficult to work with the company. Next year, I'm going to choose Chang's Chemistry, and then Campbell's Biology.
  11. I'm looking for a literature guide to Spenser's Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves (Book I of Faerie Queene). The only guide I've come across is A Reader's Guide by Elizabeth Heale. If you've used this guide, could you comment on it? If you've used others, please list those and comment on its usefulness.
  12. WWS I focuses on expository writing. Everyone needs to learn how to write expository essays. As you know, these are the informational type of essay...i.e. essay on what the probe brought back from Pluto, or new findings on Pluto, or information about the space probe itself. Learning how to outline is a strong skill to have because it teaches students how to summarize. More importantly, when preparing to write an expository essay, working from an outline prevents the students from committing plagiarism. W&R focuses more on analytical writing...makes sure that students don't just "re-write" information. It takes students one step further, in my opinion. There is a purpose for the writing and that is to choose a point of view and defend it. It focuses on creating a strong thesis and use logical arguments to "win" the reader, even better if done in a form of speech or rhetoric. There are outlining lessons in W&R, however WWS I has generally better lessons on outlining, and definitely more practice. I know my students will enjoy the readings as I have. Persuasive writing is most likely addressed in the later stages of WWS, probably in books 2-3 and if it's anything like I, I'm sure it is excellent as well. My personal preference though is to start earlier and because my students can do it. (One other factor that I like about WWS is it introduces the students to research papers. These lessons are at the end of the book, sort of like a final. I have not gone through the MLA yet for research papers and the one in WWS I is an excellent intro to it.)
  13. I'm using WWS 1 for outlining and expository writing, it's the best I've seen. We will also be using W&R Ref/Conf. Since I've got an older student, we will probably get through all of Ref/Conf since there are only 12 lessons. Once outlining becomes second nature, then we'll have gotten out of WWS what we needed, so I don't anticipate finishing all 36 weeks of it. (sort of cutting and pasting my writing curriculum) In January, or "second semester" we'll be going with W&R Common Place, hopefully it will be published by then. Their website states it will be available at the end of summer 2015. I plan on using what we've learned in WWS 1 and W&R and applying it across our curriculum whenever I can...in history, literature, and for fun, science. Currently in the reading/planning stage, i.e. no lesson plans yet!
  14. I'm looking into Material Logic for my student next year. We've done Fallacy Detective, Thinking Toolbox, Intro to Logic (Nance) and Intermediate Logic (Nance). When we did Intermediate Logic this year, I told my daughter that she will be adequately prepared for Geometry next year! There were a lot of proof like problems to work through, using symbols. In looking at the samples on-line, it seems that Material Logic is equivalent to Intermediate Logic but instead of symbols (if P then Q), there is actual "material" or content to P and Q. For example: If all men are mortal, Socrates is a man, then Socrates is mortal.....this sort of thing. Is my assumption correct? Memoria Press only has a few pages worth of sample to look at so therefore I'm not sure. Also, did you like Material Logic? Was it worth going through?
  15. We switched from LFC B to Second Form. Second Form was way too advanced and had to drop back to First Form. We both did not like MP Form Series. It was very dry and really, too much information that she did not retain it at the end of the year. Maybe if you ordered the DVDs that go with it, it may be okay. In 6th grade, we went to Lingua Latina. For my second dd we did LFC A and B, and next year we are doing Lingua Latina (6th grade). The way MPs Form Series are laid out, in my opinion, is that you need a teacher to explain the concepts. With LFC, you can read it, and understand the instruction without a teacher. I learned and retained Latin through LFC. For extra practice, I had them go to Headventure Land as well.
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