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  1. Our Introduction to Journalism class uses "Journalism: Who, What, When, Where, Why, And How", and our teacher reports that it's good.
  2. What about The Earth and Its Peoples? Not my favourite, but quite readable.
  3. They usually add more "pedagogical" content and not historical content, i.e. chapter reviews, more primary sources. Even though the newest edition (8th) has more coverage about women in history which is nice. That being said, I prefer McKay's text.
  4. Hi, This post is mainly directed to parents who teach their own AP courses, i.e. no outsourcing. I am writing an article for "The History Teacher" about homeschooling AP history, so history APers are especially welcome. What was the most difficult course to teach? What was the easiest one? Did you find the CollegeBoard resources to be helpful (especially course descriptions)? How would you characterise your experience?
  5. I find Strayer's Ways of the World very, very readable.
  6. Do not forget to go through AP Course Audit, or else your classes cannot be officially named AP.
  7. We do AP Human Geography or PAP World History (9), AP World History (10), AP US + AP European History OR APUSH/APEH + AP Psychology (two, full-year, different classes; 11), AP (Macro/micro) Economics + (US/Comparative) Government (each one a semester [most students take AP Government which is a full-year course that encompasses both exams]; 12). We usually do not require following that years sequence, but we figured out it gives them a good basis in Social Studies.
  8. I suggested that, being an online teacher myself. Mom claims daughter won't make it with online classes. Do you recommend anything specific that is not "threatening"? My friends circle looks genetically-related in terms of math weakness. :)
  9. One of my close friends wants to bring her daughter home for HS. She is "regular" as far as academics go, but she doesn't get the academic help she needs in school (esp. math). Do you have any recommendations for math curricula that will be sufficient for 4 years and require little parental involvement? (the mother is NOT able to help with the content...) Preferably with geometry and precalc.
  10. Those fearing from indoctrination - we are NOT an Islamic school, even though we did held a Qur'Änic Linguistics programme in the past and about 15% of our students are Muslim - but that's probably because not too many high schools offer Middle Eastern/Islamic Studies classes along with 8 different levels of Arabic. About microphone access - our classes are held through AnyMeeting.com, an online meeting provider. When entering the class, you can refuse letting your microphone/webcam work. Besides, our courses are CB authorised, and unlike many virtual schools our school has its own Cou
  11. I don't know FundaFunda, but you need to check if their curriculum is updated to the recent redesign.
  12. 1. Why do you self-educate (jobs, personal skill, to better teach your kids, etc)? To better prepare myself for writing my PhD thesis (getting a lot of sources read will make the process less painful. I also read extensively about subjects that are near my field of research: the function and role of teaching of a certain period of history in certain countries) 2. How do you track your progress? If you don't track your progress, why not? Ditto, Slache. 3. What is your planning process when picking up a new subject? Does it have a Cambridge History? Read it first. Doesn't? Read the Cam
  13. Got an invite today to try a website called http://learnerator.com. They have their hundreds of questions for each exam, and most of them are free. Didn't take a deep look yet, but APWH questions on this website looks more difficult than those on the 2013 International Exam...
  14. I know it's not directly related, but just reminding that AP classes cannot be taken in Middle School (or at least cannot be labeled as such) except foreign languages.
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