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  1. You guys are AMAZING! Really, I don’t know why I don’t spend more time here. 🙂 It was 9am and I had to step away to teach but I can respond now. I should have been more specific about who gave me this response. I am currently attempting to make myself more accountable using an online consistency “bootcamp”. Of course they are going to tell me like it is and I knew the organization leans CM. (This is a great organization and I don’t want to speak bad of them.) Long and short response to me was the idea “enough”, to count was 1 hour a day, for all the subjects. To me this just messed up my paradigm. So to me I’ve spent hours trying to make WTM guidelines “fit” into that 60 minute slot. This idea wasn’t to be seen as a normal but as something I still felt “counted”. Honestly, I don’t feel that less than 1/2 a day counts. I really I haven’t confused more people by trying to clarify this context. I still feel so new at this I have no idea how to quote everyone, sorry. Maize: The 20 minute goal is something I’ve heard from CM people specifically Scholé Sisters. I more in awe that there are kids out there who study like this but this obviously is not for my kids now I realize. PeterPan: Thank you. I appreciate you sharing your insight as a mom of a child with extra needs. My son is on the spectrum and I have a daughter who I wonder if she has ADD so I’m always trying keep balance for them of review, challenge, and consistency. OKbud: Just seeing those words in bold, “the problem is them, not you” almost made me cry. You definitely “get” it. 8FillTheHeart: I haven’t ever thought of teaching hours in relation to their grade level. That is very interesting. I do apply that idea to preschool age and kindergarten but I always felt that’s a time of more relaxed learning. Sweet2ndchance: I think I’m realizing now what you said about standards is true. One likes to believe that a group of similar people hold certain priorities but the truth is very different sometimes. Thank you everyone for the encouragement. I know what I'm doing is right because the kid's are learning and like the learn. I just have to work on being confident with my decisions that are best for my family.
  2. Yes! This is so me! I have 5 kids I'm trying to teach it's like a circus without a schedule that includes everything.
  3. Thank you everyone for the encouragement. Reading Rethinking School was amazing! I won't lie I know it's work to teach with a classical mindset and hit most of the marks. However like I said I feel like I'm being judged by others who are much more relaxed and don't share the same priorities. As for the 20 minute subjects, it seems to stress my kids out when I give them less than 30 minutes on any subject. I know it's just 10 minutes but it seems like such a high goal, maybe it's not for us. Lots to think about.
  4. So yesterday I was talking to some other homeschoolers and it was implied that I was doing "too much". I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue before. I can't say I follow all the suggestions of the WTM method but I do really try to. My oldest two are only in 3rd grade so I feel like I am still getting a handling of how to teach them, not to mention their younger siblings. Just sort of feeling alone in a Type A mama in a Type B homeschool world. FYI: I assess each child individually and try to challenge them daily at their level. Sure we have days all the extras don't get done but over all they are doing amazing. Thoughts? Suggestions? Can you do "too much"? Bonus question: I struggle with this goal I've heard, to only give each topic/subject 20 minutes. Anyone else have success with this?
  5. Rachel- This is actually my 4th year but I'm trying to get serious about following WTM. My oldest are in 3rd grade. HomeAgain- Thank you for the encouragement. ? Nixpix5- Yes! My twins are the same. One twin (1B) is a major overachiever and the other (1A) struggles with focusing. I just switch 1A to Teaching Textbooks because she was comparing herself to her sister so much, before I was using Saxon with both of them. Thank you so very much for all your tips. One question though, how do you deal with attention seeking behavior when you are working with another child? Jean in Newcastle- I live in Michigan. It is a great place to homeschool without any regulations pretty much. Still I want to make sure we are getting our core in Bible, English, Math, Science, and History on a regular basis.
  6. I do appreciate that ? I guess I'm just new to all this. I need help, advice, or just to hear from others with experience doing WTM with large families, many littles (I have 6, ages 10mo-8), twin dynamics, and special needs. I've talked to a few others and they suggest public school and or using a curriculum that teaches them in a group. Group teaching is usually not the most productive methods in my house. I guess at this point I'm willing to pay someone for answers. ? I am willing to do anything for my kids and make sure that each one gets the education they need.
  7. I was wondering if there are any homeschool consultants on here or that you know of that use Well Trained Mind. I have found consultants for Classical Conversations and Charlotte Mason but no luck yet for Well Trained Mind. Thanks in advance for any leads.
  8. Hi I'm from Michigan ? I can't speak to those specific areas but Michigan is a great place to homeschool. If you are the parent/guardian homeschooling there are no requirements Here is a link to Michigan laws about homeschooling here. Hope that helps
  9. Good afternoon all ? Thursday's we basically run out the door for Speech and OT appointments. We got to some independent work at the the office. So for the rest of the day we have 3rd Math & History lessons Make Speech cards (family) Reassess boundaries of Speech and Phonics. I'm hoping to get out to do some Nature Notebooking in today. It's so beautiful here. Grade and prepare for tomorrow.
  10. Good morning all ? After reevaluating yesterday I realized I needed to tweak the routine. Get the kids to write some letters to family. PreK4 1:1 English and Math K 1:1 English K & 1st Math 1st English, speech therapy at home 3rd direct and teach all subjects Relax and read aloud together. Clean, cook, care and entertain 9 month old ? , have a visit with mother later in the day.
  11. Hello all ? Due to a long night we are having a bumpy start this morning. (I have yet to get coffee ? ) But I'm looking forward to introducing a time for catechism during morning time, then hit English, Math, and Science throughout the day. During our afternoon reading time I think I will bring out more manipulatives to keep the kids in the room. ? The major goal today is to get all the prep work and grading done at a reasonable hour tonight so I can get some much needed sleep. Time for more coffee. ?
  12. Well looks like I'm first, good morning all. ? So far so good, sorta ? Today I have group class with my PreK4, K, and 1st grader (English and Math). Then a bit more time with the 1st grader 1:1. Then on to the 3rd graders to introduce them to their new English notebooks. I'll get some Math done with them. In the afternoon I plan on slowing down to have "tea time" with cuddles, coloring and a read along using our new Action Bible. ? If I make it that far we might get to a quick read through of our history lesson today. Today's dinner is going to be a crockpot dinner I already know. ? Also normal housekeeping, cooking and caring for the baby.
  13. I'm writing this at 11pm. Well we've had the last month off so we are headed "back to school". I've accomplished a lot today: church actually relaxing a bit today (amazing I know) cleaning the house cleaning out school desks and refilling them with new notebooks, supplies making lesson plans for the oldest two putting up and setting up our AAS board reviewing and preparing for the lessons I hope to get to tomorrow personal Bible reading I'm off to bed and hope to check in tomorrow.
  14. Good morning, First off Critter how are you feeling? I know this weekend didn't go for me as planned either I came down with a nasty head cold and I'm recovering today. So here's my goals: Work on daily routine/schedule/plan for next term ? (I'm stressing about this as I'll be teaching 5 that are 8 and under. No independent learners yet.) Clean, cook, read to kids. Kids goals Get oldest 3 to clean out desks Get kids outdoors for a walk, maybe the park. Independent reading/book time. Maybe draw pictures we can email someone today. Chores and continue to work on positive group playing. ?
  15. Good morning, better late than never. ? me: Today I'm not feeling the greatest as I think I'm coming down with a head cold (blah) so I'm prioritizing what's most important. I've already read one chapter of Rethinking School and ready for a book discussion with a fellow homeschool mom. I also want to listen to Pam Barnhill's new blog again- real encouragement for this season of planning. I need to finish up the the loose ends I have in the planning stage and finish some more prep work. kids: #3 & 5 need to do some of their speech online (Gemini Speech) also go through family names (expressive/receptive) and prepositions (receptive learning). #1&2 need to read out of their chapter books. Maybe do some reading outside today if not indoors while coloring. ?
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