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  1. I agree. I liked pairing Elemental Science with RSO, but apparently that isn't acceptably secular, either. RSO honestly wasn't enough for my very inquisitive kid, and pairing the two worked out really well for him in elementary. I think Oak Meadow is secular (possibly not by the secular group standards), but I'm not sure how rigorous it is. I have 7th grade OM science, and it's a bit simplistic for my 6th grader, but I have an older version before the recent updates. We are secular homeschoolers, but I don't mind 'neutral' science because I know that we use *a lot* of different resou
  2. Which plans have you used so far? The Math Mammoth plans are set up really well. We've used Math Mammoth for years, and I'd always wished they had lesson plans. I don't know when they started offering them, but I'm glad I found them! The plans include a couple of pages of work per day, along with a video of Maria explaining the concept, and a link to a math game or further online exercises. It isn't anything that isn't already available, it's just organized according to topic. I rarely incorporated the online math games or activities because I just never worked them in. The links ar
  3. Does anyone use this? How do you like it? I'm trying out the free trial, to use the Math Mammoth lesson plans. I've never used an online planner, but I need to start getting a bit more organized as I have one going into 8th grade. I'm wondering if it might be helpful to go ahead and subscribe. So far, I like the Math Mammoth lesson plans, but there don't seem to be a lot of curriculum options, particularly for other curriculum that we use, and I'm not sure I would want to subscribe for only one subject. Those of you who use it, do you do your own planning and input everything into t
  4. In the past, they have just reduced prices - marked out the original and shown the sale price. No coupon code needed.
  5. It starts on Mother's Day and lasts through the end of May. I received an email from Oak Meadow about it earlier this week.
  6. Thanks everyone! I think we will try out Analytical Grammar. I took a look at the samples and it seems like it will be a good option.
  7. I'm looking for a grammar program for my two middle schoolers (rising 6th and 8th). I've looked at the WTM recommendations, but they seem largely religious and our charter school won't cover that expense. What are secular grammar options for these grades? Thanks!
  8. Weren't most of them written in the 1930's? So even though they take place in the late 19th century, your DS was actually correct about the time they were written!
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