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  1. I did a better walk this afternoon! 2 miles, and a bit of core work.
  2. I love the lyrics of Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Joy to the World, and We Three Kings. All the verses, on all of those. For something fun to listen to, I love Bing Crosby's Jingle Bells. ETA: If anyone knows of a recording of We Three Kings that includes all five verses, I would absolutely LOVE a link so I can buy it.
  3. I walked 1.5 miles but it was wet and gross - not actively raining for most of the walk, but the trees kept dripping on me. I'm planning to walk again later when it's hopefully more pleasant, and I'll do some core exercises then.
  4. Hello everyone! 😊 This is a place for those who'd like to have accountability and encouragement in doing intentional daily movement. Anyone may join in at any time!
  5. Does anyone have feedback on Classical Academic Press's Art of Poetry? How did you like it for your kid(s)? I see on CAP's website that it could be a semester- or year-long course. If you've used it, how did you schedule it? Would it work to use it one day a week (and do other literature on the other days), or to alternate a unit of this with a unit on other lit? I'm fine with spreading it over two years. I'm considering it for my kid who will be in 7th grade next school year. She has not studied poetry previously - will this work as an introduction?
  6. Well, now I want cherries. 😄 I did a walk (3.1 miles) and some arm work. It's muggy and foggy this morning.
  7. Good morning everyone! 😊 This is a thread for reporting intentional daily movement for accountability and encouragement. Anyone who'd like to participate is free to join in!
  8. Some days, SOMETHING is what it needs to be about! That sounds like a great plan! Cute little cities are fun to walk in. I hope the new job is going well for you. 🙂 I did a 2-mile walk and then a bit of core work. I hate core exercises, which is probably because I should really do more of them. 😄
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to those observing! Happy Thursday to others! This is a thread for those who want accountability and encouragement for doing intentional daily movement, whether a lot or a little. Anyone may join in at any time!
  10. Both of my girls are getting mp3 players and headphones. I think they will both be pleased, but especially oldest. Our house can get kind of crazy, and she is an introvert and will love being able to retreat with music.
  11. I did my walk and some core exercises.
  12. We've made it to Wednesday! Just for clarity - these threads are for those who'd like accountability and encouragement in making sure to intentionally do some sort of movement/exercise each day. Anyone who wants to is free to jump in at any time. 🙂
  13. I love it! Thanks for sharing! 😁
  14. We are taking this week off from school/work, so I did a later and longer walk this morning. 3.8 miles, and then I did some core exercises (after I cooled off!). There's a lake I pass by on some of my walks. This morning a bunch of wood storks were hanging out there, along with a great blue heron.
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