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  1. DD#2: "Mommy, I accidentally touched three cookies instead of just one. May I have them all?" Nice try, kid.

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    2. Sahamamama2


      Ah, a manipulator well on her way to greatness. Kid after my own heart.

    3. Janeway


      I like that argument! LOL

  2. I had been thinking how nice it was that the toddler was quietly occupying himself while I focused on school with his sisters. Then I saw this: http://goo.gl/7LpP2F

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    2. purpleowl


      True, chiguirre! All those things are in the school room supply cabinet, so I'd've seen him get into those...it could easily have been something like shampoo, though!

    3. Monica_in_Switzerland


      That's one of my toddler's favorite crimes as well. We had a whole afternoon of building puzzles once, in order to get all the pieces sorted back out.

    4. mama25angels
  3. DD#2: "Three plus five again? They asked me what three plus five equals YESTERDAY! Why do I have to keep answering the same questions?"

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    2. purpleowl


      @JodiSue: And that would be why--to make sure she still knows it! She doesn't have any problem with 3+5, but 3+4 tripped her up for a while. I think she thought that if she answered 6 enough times for that one, maybe it would become true, lol.

    3. LEK


      this is SO my kids lol, they just do not get why their math books keep asking them the same questions :P


    4. jens2sons
  4. DD#1, wrapping up her explanation of why Prince Caspian was not her favorite book: "If Aslan was a unicorn, maybe I would like it more."

    1. Southern Ivy

      Southern Ivy

      Isn't everything better with unicorns? :)


  5. DD#1 looking at her school list for today: "You know, Mommy, I really like Language, Latin, and Logic." Somehow, the other items on her list for today became LMath, LPiano, and LReading. ;)

    1. Jean in Newcastle

      Jean in Newcastle

      Did she like them better then?

    2. purpleowl


      She did, but I don't think it'll work two days in a row, lol!

  6. Just overheard my 3yo ask her sister, "Are animals real?" Homeschool fail.

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    2. melbotoast


      Well, she hasn't graduated yet. I'm sure you'll get to that lesson some time :)

    3. SparklyUnicorn


      LOL question everything!


    4. sassenach


      That's deep. What is life? Am I even real?

  7. DD#1, playing with a calculator: "Hey, this knows multiplication! Even the SEVENS!"

  8. DD#2 is wearing a pea green shirt with a picture of sunglasses, plaid shorts (no green in them), neon pink and yellow socks, and to top it all off, a Christmas-y red and green hairbow. Not sure if that makes me a horrible mom or an awesome mom. ;)

    1. mama25angels


      I vote cool mom!

    2. Renai


      Yes, awesome. I was also worried about my oldest's color coordination when younger. I just let it flow, and now she can design great clothes (on paper)!


  9. Just spent 20 minutes chasing a rabbit trail - Fibonacci rabbits, to be exact - with DD#1. I love homeschooling.

    1. ScoutTN


      I love that book!

    2. purpleowl


      Actually, I was just showing DD the rabbit problem and helping her work through it, then going on to look at golden spirals. What's the book? I'd probably like it!

    3. ScoutTN


      Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere, A Fibonacci Tale by Ann McCallum

  10. The toddler has a cold, and apparently this makes being told "no" an infinitely worse insult than usual. It's going to be a long day.

    1. idnib


      Awww. Hang in there!

  11. DD#1 asked DH to play "some classical music, with high notes, that's pretty and princessy." Apparently Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy fulfills these requirements.

    1. Rosie_0801


      Well that is too cute. :)

  12. My daughter is reading the cereal box and asking me what everything on it means, starting with "jenn-a-TICK-ally modified ingredients."

    1. SparklyUnicorn


      When one of mine was very little he kept pointing to a cereal box and asking why he didn't see those red things in his cereal. Referring to berries. I said yeah that's a "serving suggestion". He thought that was a lousy trick and was sad he didn't have berries.

  13. Science experiment fail: Apparently the bouncy balls I bought are freeze resistant or something. The frozen one bounces as high as the room temp one!

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