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  1. Yes, I wish we had looked at USC earlier. My dd received about half price offers at all of the private schools to which she applied, but that was still significantly more than a state school since she qualified for Zell and we did not qualify for any other financial aid. Only University of Alabama-Huntsville was cheaper, but UGA had a better program for her major. Yes, 93% was the qualifying mark for my daughter for Zell, which I believe was a 29 on the ACT. I'm not sure about the SAT as my Dd did not take it. Here are a few tips... 1.) You will not be able to apply for Zell (or Hope)
  2. amathis229, my daughter is a first-year student at UGA this year. I will share our experience. As my husband's entire family and I graduated from Auburn University, my daughter never considered attending UGA or GA Tech. She really wanted to attend a private liberal arts school, but that was not to be as we do not qualify for financial aid and cannot possibly afford our EFC. Unfortunately, we didn't truly come to terms with this fact until late in the application process. I made several calls and sent several e-mails to UGA's admissions office and received conflicting answers and little cla
  3. Actually, the unaccredited homeschool student needs to score in the top 5% AND must also have DE, AP, IB, or SATIIs to validate Georgia's CPC (core curriculum) requirements. However, there is wiggle room...see my next post.
  4. Is there a reason to purchase a diploma rather than make one yourself?
  5. Thank you for your input everyone. At the last minute, DD's advisor was able to get her into an honors Political Science class that was already filled but that worked with her schedule. That puts her back at 17 credit hours, so I don't think any of her colleges will worry about just dropping Greek. As Maria T suggested, I will just include a letter of explanation with her final transcript.
  6. None of the colleges she will attend next year accept CLEP credit. AP self-study might be an option. The Psych course is not a requirement for high school graduation or college admittance. We originally chose the Psych class because her top choice school is known to have a GPA killer Intro to Psych course (and she will have to take the course at some point for her intended major), but psych specifically isn't needed right now. Just wondering how colleges will view dropping two classes?
  7. DD has been accepted to several colleges, but we are awaiting financial aid awards to make the final decision on where she will attend. She is dual enrolled at our local university. When she applied to schools, she had to list her courses for her senior year. For second semester that included the following: Calculus Honors Chem w/lab French 2002 French 3001 Intro to Psychology Greek 3 (through Lukeion, not dual-enrolled) She's also a TA/SI Leader for Intro French classes, so she has to sit in on another French class as well and works 10 hours/week overall on campus. She

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    This is the printed ebook version. You will need to put it in a binder. It fits well in a 1.5" binder. The pages are all clean and without writing or tears. Unfortunately, we never got around to using this before my daughter started outside classes. I am asking $15 which includes media mail shipping, but am willing to consider any offers. It sells for $27 new.



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    I have for sale the student book and the Answer Key & Test Bank. Both are in like new condition. The pages are clean with no writing, highlights or tears. The student book is spiral bound and the cover is damaged slightly where I had previously applied some masking tape. The Answer key & Test Bank are loose leaf papers with 3 hole punches. This is how they came when purchased new. The sets sells for $54.95 + $7.00 shipping new. http://barrettsbookshelf.com/level-1-mastering-the-paragraph/ I am asking $25.00 which includes media mail shipping, but am willing to consider any offers.



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    Book is like new with no writing or highlights. $20 includes media mail postage



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    Both books are in excellent nearly new condition. Clean, intact, sturdy spiral bound books with only minor shelf wear to the covers. I am asking $40 media mail postage paid, but will consider any offers. The set sells for $49 plus shipping from IEW new.



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    Philosophy for Kids by David White. Brand new. We just never got around to using it. $17.00 media mail shipping included



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    I am selling Roman Roads Media's Old Western Culture: The Greeks Set. http://www.romanroadsmedia.com/store/the-greeks.php 4 DVD's and the Roman Roads Reader book. The Histories and Philosophers DVDs are still shrink wrapped. I purchased this set the first year of the program and Roman Roads had to send the DVDs as they became available. Unfortunately, we concluded our study of this time period before receiving the last two DVDs and we never got back around to them. Really great content though. My dd thoroughly enjoyed the program. Retail is $224 plus $7 shipping. I am asking $100 shipped media mail anywhere in the US. International buyers please contact for shipping price. I am not on WTM forums as often as I used to be. If I do not respond to a private message within a few hours, please e-mail me at mpendrak@charter.net. I am not sure if the new forum format will still send me e-mails to alert me that I have messages. :)



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    I am looking for the any or all of these: the student text, teacher's manual, and workbook. Please PM if you have these to sell.


  15. Thank you again for your help with this. The above information is very helpful for this mom who is not science minded at all. The Modern Bio text is the one used in my dd's co-op class next year. I appreciate the links.
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