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  1. Hi, OP. I have a very similar 2E kid, same diagnoses plus anxiety. I started to write a much longer message and continue if you think details would help. But to your question--I did not and would not define mastery the same way. There is a such a delicate balance here: between making progress and managing frustration, between the need for repetition and the need for novelty, between mastery and boredom. I think it is so important for these kids, at least for my son, to gain confidence in themselves and rediscover the love of learning. He needs to be challenged in order to be engaged. Howe
  2. Thank you! Open Tent has just what I am looking for but it doesn't start until April. I am hoping to find something that starts in Jan or soon after. I will check out Outschool. Thank you so much!
  3. Hi! Can anyone recommend an on-line writing class, appropriate for a fifth grader, that starts in January/spring semester? My older kids have taken Well Trained Mind Academy classes and also some through IEW—thought they were great especially WTMA. I would love a similar class but am having trouble finding a class for just one semester. Would be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  4. I have a twelve-year-old son like this, too. (And he loves the same novels!) He has a diagnosis of Dysgraphia -- it is so severe that he was diagnosed in second grade -- but later testers have used different language. One person called him Dyslexic, and wanted us to do a whole program starting from the beginning. The last person we worked with about a year ago, a very well-known and respected psychologist and psycho-educational evaluator in my area, calls it "Language-Based Learning Difference that manifests as" ... in my son's case, specific writing challenges. Basically this psychologist won
  5. Hi, This model is working for my just turned 12-year-old, but he is doing only two online classes (through the Well Trained Mind Academy), which may be less than what you had in mind. I am signing him up for three next year (AOPS Algebra, Physics for Logic Stage, Writing). My son takes the school part seriously and does not surf the net. His two classes are writing and math. He has always been an independent kid when it comes to reading so getting other subjects done isn't a problem except when it comes to output. Because the two on-line classes are pretty demanding output-wise, i don't e
  6. I live in Northern Virginia (Fairfax County) and the advanced track here has kids doing Algebra in 7th. I have heard that occasionally kids start earlier but it is rare enough that I do not know one child personally who has done that. Most children coming out of the Advanced Academic Program in Elementary School do Algebra in 7th or 8th. If anything, there is a push from teachers to make kids slow down in middle school. The requirements to be allowed to take Algebra in 7th are actually extremely high. So it really is not that different from before. That said, I constantly hear my son's fr
  7. Hello! My eleven-year old is enrolled in a couple of on-line classes through the Well-Trained Mind Academy and is loving them. I would consider enrolling my 10-year-old fifth grader in a class or two, starting in January--if I can find something comparable for just the one semester. Ideally I'd love a writing class and a math class. (Both kids are strong in math but need a lot of structure in writing. Older son absolutely loves Art of Problem Solving.) In sum, I am looking for something very much the same style as the Well-Trained Mind Academy but for one semester only. Any recommenda
  8. I have an eleven-year-old with dysgraphia as well. He was diagnosed at age 7. In more recent testing, psychologist said it is the most severe case he has ever seen. I second OneStepAtATime's comment that the most/only useful book-reading on dysgraphia is The Mislabeled Child. I don't have any great advice because we're in the throes of it now... I have posted before about our struggles with Math. My son is very strong in Math but we have reached a point where the dysgraphia is really interfering even in his strongest areas. I can tell you that, in our case, no amount of OT (two years o
  9. Hello! Can anyone recommend a website with simple drills to practice Latin conjugations, declensions, and so on? I'd love for my son to do a few minutes every day of repetition and drill work and something on-line work much better for us than workbook/paper. He is in fifth and this has been his first year with Latin so we are still working on the early basics. Thank you for any suggestions!
  10. No solutions, just joining you in the search. I don't find modmath user-friendly or intuitive either... I am sure it is to some, but I have been on the lookout for the ideal app for my ten-year-old for two years and can't find anything. I keep thinking we should go back to modmath and just get used to it... Generally I scribe for my son during math, let him do a lot mentally, and limit what he how much to write day-to-day. Our system works in that he has been able to continue to advance at a good pace in our program. However, he is not growing more independent. If anything, as the work
  11. We really like Dreambox. I think we bought a one-year family membership? I don't remember exactly what I paid but for my four kids, I definitely felt that it was reasonable.
  12. I have done lots of different kind of logic puzzles with my fourth grader -- we started in third. He has done the Mind Benders, Balance Benders, and others, from Critical Thinking Co, Logic Safari puzzles, Visual Discrimination from Didax, Analogy and rhyming workbooks. I use them as warmups, first thing in the morning. He does them independently and really enjoys them.
  13. My son, who is 10 and 2E (ADHD, Generalized Anxiety, and Dysgraphia), was a bit like your daughter at that age, especially with transitions. And so intense all the time! Therapy was incredibly helpful, especially the parent part where I learned how to manage him for lack of a better word. For my son, having a very consistent routine and being forewarned about all transitions, was incredibly helpful. At first my husband vacillated between slight annoyance at having to "prep" my son for everything--truly everything, all day long--and skepticism that something so simple would work. But it was sho
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