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  1. I actually could not access my library's website while in Europe (tried a number of different times and different countries). Do sometimes libraries block their sites from being accessed out of the country?
  2. Technically I have. My husband and I started out in Singapore and made it as far as India before he couldn't handle travelling any longer (we had been gone 7 months and it was the very first time he had ever left the country) but our flight from India went the other way around, so it was still round the world even though the entire trip took place in south Asia.
  3. 911 calls will go through whatever provider in the area has a strong enough signal, even if you are not their customer. You don't need to have a phone with that provider to be able to call 911.
  4. My 8 year oId son was having the same issue, so I wouId let him copy the sentence one day and then the next day do the same sentence as a dictation, without looking. After a few weeks he didn't need to do it in two steps like that, though I still have to repeat the sentences more than just three times.
  5. I get that same question and I just say, "I had blond hair when I was a kid." It never occurred to me that it was an offensive question or one that required a long explanation.
  6. Because if it's windy on garbage day, your garbage ends up getting blown everywhere when it's dumped into the truck, if it's all loose rather than bagged.
  7. Have you tried scanning the item, placing it in the bag and then placing the bag on the scales? That works for me around here.
  8. To me the crazy part would be if they ONLY won those states. For instance, what could happen to demographics that would cause California to vote differently than Oregon and Washington state? These states also have growing urban centers that outvote the rural areas of the country, Or look at this way. If those 11 states vote for one candidate, that means Washington state, Oregon, Alabama and Mississippi would have all voted for the other candidate. Just how much would the world have to change for that to happen??
  9. That's interesting, but in what world could it ever happen that those 11 states would vote one way and the other 39 states would vote differently? I feel like for this to be a real problem, you would need to have it so a person could be elected only with states in the same region or otherwise share some major similarity. Like for instance, if a candidate could be elected only by southern states or only by midwest states. Then that creates the potential for other regions of the country to be ignored. But your 11 states represent the whole country pretty well, you have west coast states, east coast states, midwest states, southern states. No way could a candidate win those 11 states and not have appeal in any of the bordering states, kwim?
  10. From "Sure, they got fewer shots back then, but the more important statistic is the much higher numbers of many now vaccine-preventable infections people (mainly kids) got each year in the years before a routine vaccine was given for protection, such as: Pneumonia, meningitis, and blood infections from the Streptococcus pneumoniaebacteria – 63,067 cases and 6,500 deaths Meningitis, epiglottitis, and other serious infections from the Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) bacteria – 20,000 cases and 1,000 deaths Hepatitis A – 117,333 cases, 6,863 hospitalizations, and 137 deaths Hepatitis B – 66,232 cases, 7,348 hospitalizations, and 237 deaths Rotavirus gastroenteritis – 3 million cases, 70 hospitalizations, and 20 to 60 deaths Chicken pox – just over 4 million cases, 10,000 hospitalizations, and 100 deaths"
  11. I didn't see her mention blindness. What she said was, "A few years ago I went to our local history museum, and they had a display about some of the old families in our part of the city. It included family trees. There was one family of ten kids, that had only three survive to adulthood. The rest died from what is now a vaccinated illness. Four in one summer, and three others the next summer. All under 10 years old." (sorry not sure how to quote her when I've already quoted you) You wouldn't typically see measles killing multiple children in one family in quick succession but this did happen all too often with diphtheria.
  12. Actually, from your description it was probably diphtheria. That one was infamous for killing all or most of a family's children.
  13. You could put it in the oven with just the light on. It works for incubating yogurt, so it should work for other bacteria as well!
  14. If they tell you to keep the item, why do you feel it would be wrong to do so?
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