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  1. I am looking forward to 2021 goals. I love the optimism of a new year. Every year my health gets top spot for goals, but I do feel this year will be different. In 2020, I experimented in Alternate Day Fasting and I think it is doable for me going forward. I am getting more ruthless in decluttering my house. I am focusing on retraining to get back into the workforce. I am more adamant that family members do their share of house work (with the intention of a smoother transition when I do return to work) Being more intentional on achieving family goals by ha
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I often torture my kids by making them explain why. My kids were understanding the conceptual components, but they were sloppy in execution such as in dealing with negative numbers in the distributive property. I felt they needed more practice and actually wanted more consistent and quicker processing for it. We have been doing Saxon over the summer and so far have not covered much that wasn't covered by AoPS, but they have gotten more consistent in giving written solutions and working through a set of questions every day. It helps that in Saxon my kids ar
  3. I really like AoPS, but my kids were not getting enough exposure to build certain skills. We are in the second half of AoPS Algebra and I have added Saxon into the rotation. We are using Saxon because I had it on-hand and it is solid. It is similar with how I was taught in math class. I wish I had had Beast/AoPS for competition math. We are currently on our Saxon phase and I expect AoPS Algebra will go smoother when we return to it. We do math year-round which gives us the time to go take the Saxon side-track. Surprisingly my kids like the predictability and certainty of Saxon.
  4. I am planning on switching my girls to Algebra 2. They haven't done Saxon before so to get them used to the terminology and the level of output, I have started them on Algebra 1. I am alternating their test day with a prep day. So essentially they are covering 4 chapters on a prep day (mostly reading and getting used to the Saxon terminology) and on the test day I expect at least 80% and I keep my eye out for misunderstanding vs computational mistakes. Once they start having difficulty, we will slow down. The Algebra 1 book has about 120 lessons. We cover 10 lessons/week on average,
  5. I had my last baby shortly after I turned 44. I felt soooo young after I gave birth to him. I was over the moon. It was a home water birth with an easy recovery. Because I was older and more experienced, I was able to birth him by myself with my husband and the midwives near for support. Besides making sure you eat well and exercise, I think the major hurdle is to advocate for yourself. The medical establishment (including midwives here) love to label and be concerned about your 'geriatric' age, and the default position is to focus on all the things that can go wrong even though that
  6. Hi, Could some please let me know how long the National Mythology Exam takes. I am trying to set up testing location but need to know how much time to request. I could not find the answer at their website. Thanks in Advance!
  7. I get that kids can end up the complete opposite of their parents. I think a SAHP that homeschools does have a lot of hours of work. It is just not paid. With society pressures I mean: Kids enrolled in activities that we not part of our childhood. The competitiveness of those activities. The fact that society expects so much from our children, but gives us a lousy education system makes me very peeved. I don't mind having people over (it encourages even my teenager to tidy up the house). Essentially, I think that making the house run smoothly should be appreciated and celebra
  8. “Wish *I* had a wife!” …… I have thought that myself 🙂 I agree that EF, health and other responsibilities would affect how much household responsibility a person would take. My husband is very similar to me in EF, health and love for our family. However, I am the one researching for hours for the sake of the children (health, possible sports, home schooling). I would love to know what makes people so different on this. Particularly what makes one person able to see things to be done and not another. As for personality, if a person has a happy-go-lucky, no-worries-in-the-
  9. Yes, I would like to know what causes the divide so that I can teach my kids to do better. It has to be socialization that makes one person have high standards in household management where others do not. 'Playing support' is an important role and someone needs to do it. Preferably everyone should do it. I am trying to teach my children that they all need to know how to do manage the home so that they can be efficient at it when they grow up. Or they should make lots of money so they can hire it all out. My theory is: - There needs to be childhood expectation to do home c
  10. I can relate to most of the cartoon . I quit my job when there was illness in the family and then we had more children and because I was at home I logically ended up taking care of the household. I take care of most planning and doing (food, activities, health, cleaning, gardening, home and car maintenance, trips, etc). The planning list keeps expanding as the kids get older. I like having a clean, organized house because my family is happier in such an environment. I like eating homemade food because it is tastier and healthier I like my children being home educated becau
  11. It is a tough day. My day-to-day life is good, but I am the puppet-master of the people in my house (only partially for my husband). Yesterday was disappointing because I was running errands prepping for a extended family get together and came home to people doing the minimal of what I indicated needed to get done. For one day, I would have liked the people to have thought "what would mama think should be done next?" They know the answers. <I do work with them to develop these skills and just seems that their enjoyment of life always trumps doing the right thing>
  12. It is normal and good to do a deep cleaning. Last time I did that, a three person, hard working team worked three hours to clean my house. I don't think my house is that dirty but they dusted and cleaned areas I hardly touched. After that the maintenance should be reasonable. Just list in order the things that you want cleaned. When time is up, that's it. $25/hour is a reasonable pay for individual cleaning here (not for a cleaning company). If you can find a hard working person, who cleans to your satisfaction and does not break things then you are golden. Don't set
  13. Plenty of teachers are just closed-minded. I homeschooled my easy-going daughter for KG. She had been in jr. kg in public school and re-entered back in first grade (so she had been homeschooled for one year). At parent teacher meeting, I mention that she find the classroom noisy ("oh, she was homeschooled, she has socialization problems"). Later in the year, the school awards her for being a caring person. The teacher complains that she is sounding it out words (it's the beginning of grade 1). She read slowly but could decode words at a grade 3 level. Meanwhile plenty of 'schooled'
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