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  1. Sorry I'm so late to this conversation ... we've been having similar conversations with our daughter and everyone's comments have been very helpful! In our situation, my daughter and her boyfriend plan to get married eventually but it might make more financial sense to move that up a bit. She'll graduate two years before he will with no debt and he will have about 5 years of student loan debt by the time he graduates. To me, it seems like it would make their life easier if she could work at the college they attend after graduation and hopefully qualify for free tuition since he will be he
  2. Homeschoolers after High School https://www.facebook.com/groups/1283149665031152/ The purpose is to share internship information and other opportunities that are relevant to college-aged students.
  3. She did the adult one, but there were a few older high schoolers in her class. This was the summer between high school and college for her. She also said that quite a few of the college-aged students had done the camp when they were younger.
  4. It sounds like your son is having an experience similar to my daughter's (also a non-drinker and pretty mature for her age). The first week was horrendous (her roommate was meeting guys on Tindr and wanted to bring them back to the dorm), but it forced her to branch out and meet other people. Just got a text from her today that she's planning to switch rooms next semester with a girl she's gotten to know better. (Yay!) Definitely talk to the RA - some students aren't meant to live in Freshman housing and they know that. But also encourage him to find like-minded people on campus and
  5. I started to write out a list of pros and cons - but decided to leave this link instead: https://www.facebook.com/HomeschoolingforCollegeCredit There are also groups for each state: https://www.facebook.com/HomeschoolingforCollegeCredit
  6. Just wanted to give a huge recommendation for Gallaudet University's summer ASL program. My daughter attended back in July and it was life-changing. http://www.gallaudet.edu/summer-programs.html Gallaudet is a deaf/HOH university and the whole culture revolves around that - almost like doing a study-abroad experience but never leaving the country! Classes run from 9 - 2:30 every day and each 2-week session is worth 3 college credits. It's an immersive program and students can only take 2 sessions each summer. (It's intense!) One perk is that it's in the heart of Washington DC a
  7. We dropped something off about 2 weeks after move-in and I had to restrain myself ... But I absolutely don't fault anyone for doing those kind of things - you never know what's going on in a family or what road the kid took to get there.
  8. If you dig through their information packet, they allow high school students to attend with permission from their high school: "Senior high school students may be eligible to take PST prefixed courses with written recommendation of their high school academic advisor and permission of the instructor." They seemed especially open to homeschoolers. There's also a summer camp program: http://www.gallaudet.edu/outreach-programs/youth-programs/summer-youth-programs/immerse-into-asl.html
  9. DD needs one more ASL class to fulfill her foreign language requirement, and the only local college that offers them decided not to run any this summer. Agh!! We found a really cool alternative that might be of interest: http://www.gallaudet.edu/ccs/summer-asl-courses.html Gallaudet originally started as a college for those who are deaf or had of hearing, but its now open to everyone. The whole campus is constructed around deaf culture, so its a bit like having a study abroad experience because summer students stay on campus and are expected to interact in sign language while they
  10. If it comes up again, I would get a sibling or friend to walk it in.
  11. Ditto to all above. My take on college is that its partly about grades and classes, and mostly about life skills and getting prepared to launch. It's a challenge to juggle all those balls at the same time without dropping one occasionally.
  12. Wow!! That is a really early deadline. Ours just opened yesterday (I work at a university).
  13. Lees-McRae College - Performing Arts. Honors College scholarship One and done. We toured numerous colleges and universities over the past few years and this was the only "a-ha" school for her. Kind of anti-climatical!
  14. Absolutely - and tell them that the 3rd year foreign language is not offered. Colleges know that students come from all sorts of high school situations.
  15. I work at a university and these meetings are usually an opportunity for us to sell our program. Often with both parents and students, but I always admire the parents who push their kids to do it on their own. Regardless, I usually lead the conversation and then answer any questions.
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