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  1. Sorry I'm so late to this conversation ... we've been having similar conversations with our daughter and everyone's comments have been very helpful! In our situation, my daughter and her boyfriend plan to get married eventually but it might make more financial sense to move that up a bit. She'll graduate two years before he will with no debt and he will have about 5 years of student loan debt by the time he graduates. To me, it seems like it would make their life easier if she could work at the college they attend after graduation and hopefully qualify for free tuition since he will be her dependent at that point. Even at an entry-level salary, she should be able to cover their basic living expenses with a little help from the collective parents. I floated that out to her as something to consider - not encouraging or discouraging, but something they need to discuss as they figure out how to best blend their lives. I've heard of some couples having small commitment ceremonies (either with the legal paperwork or without) and having the big official wedding at a later date. Kind of a half-step between unmarried and married. Marriage community college. :001_smile: Not sure what they will ultimately decide to do, but I really hope it isn't just moving in as roommates. Not so much from a religious standpoint, but because I think it helps establish the support system when both families formally give their blessings, and there's a set expectation. It's not just bringing two people together - it's bringing two families together.
  2. Homeschoolers after High School The purpose is to share internship information and other opportunities that are relevant to college-aged students.
  3. She did the adult one, but there were a few older high schoolers in her class. This was the summer between high school and college for her. She also said that quite a few of the college-aged students had done the camp when they were younger.
  4. It sounds like your son is having an experience similar to my daughter's (also a non-drinker and pretty mature for her age). The first week was horrendous (her roommate was meeting guys on Tindr and wanted to bring them back to the dorm), but it forced her to branch out and meet other people. Just got a text from her today that she's planning to switch rooms next semester with a girl she's gotten to know better. (Yay!) Definitely talk to the RA - some students aren't meant to live in Freshman housing and they know that. But also encourage him to find like-minded people on campus and start building a community that way. There really needs to be an eHarmony for roommates!
  5. I started to write out a list of pros and cons - but decided to leave this link instead: There are also groups for each state:
  6. Just wanted to give a huge recommendation for Gallaudet University's summer ASL program. My daughter attended back in July and it was life-changing. Gallaudet is a deaf/HOH university and the whole culture revolves around that - almost like doing a study-abroad experience but never leaving the country! Classes run from 9 - 2:30 every day and each 2-week session is worth 3 college credits. It's an immersive program and students can only take 2 sessions each summer. (It's intense!) One perk is that it's in the heart of Washington DC and families can stay in the guest housing - only $50 a night for a 2-bed dorm room. Very cool experience for all of us!
  7. We dropped something off about 2 weeks after move-in and I had to restrain myself ... But I absolutely don't fault anyone for doing those kind of things - you never know what's going on in a family or what road the kid took to get there.
  8. I had a file cabinet with one or two locking drawers. It was secure without screaming "I don't trust you" and we still use it 25 years later, so I'd consider that a pretty good investment.
  9. Mine isn't taking AP tests, making perfect scores on the SAT or solving any world problems, but I love hearing about the ones who are. :001_smile: It keeps me motivated.
  10. We were cracking up at the enclosed bumper sticker ... "proud parent of a scholar" If you received a letter, you can put "National Society of High School Scholars nominee" on the transcript/application/resume to recognize the achievement without paying the fee.
  11. We got one today too ... I can't figure out if the address was hand written or the most awesomely authentic font ever.
  12. Have you looked into 4-H? You can start a club (similar to a scout troop) and define the focus as specifically or generally as you would like. We have several in our area that are STEM-based and don't do anything with agriculture or animals. I think there's a robotics league now too? The benefit would be that you could tie into their state and national leadership opportunities. This is one program I researched for years and really admire, but could never figure how to fit it into our schedule. Here's a club:
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