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  1. My DS, 16, is the same way! We bought him a car from a family friend thinking he would be so eager to drive, but nope! I paid for him to take driver's ed. He has only had one driving session. Every time I suggest that he drives he has an excuse. I'm very frustrated because I had my restricted license when I was 15. He would happily let me drive him and do everything for him, sigh. We live in a rural area so driving is a necessity.
  2. I got Lip Sense for Christmas and it's okay. It smells strong and burns my lips. The color is pretty and lasts all day. has very inexpensive lip stains that I like.
  3. I've not been tested. I haven't tried gluten free yet. I was hoping to avoid that but I'm willing to try anything at this point! Thanks!
  4. I take a lot of Excedrin for headaches! Im glad you're feeling better and that gives me hope as well.
  5. Whoa! That's definitely not for the faint of heart. I'll do some more research on that this evening. Thanks!
  6. It's been a few years. I'll have them check my hormones when I go in. Thanks!
  7. These are too funny! I only have two children so I don't get these comments. However, I always have random strangers tell me their very dysfunctional life stories or struggles, mostly in the check out line😳. I don't know if I look nice or what but it's strange and usually uncomfortable. I wonder if these people always over share with strangers or if I have a gift. One example, a woman told me all about her yeast infection and wanted to know if her symptoms were normal or what I thought she should use😕. To make matters worse, I'm an encourager so I listen and try to find something kind to say. My children get so embarrassed when this happens, lol. Even the children throwing tantrums in the store will come talk to me and tell me all about their new toy or pet, etc.😬. There was a kid *threatening* his mother over fireworks who then came and told me all about them and how much fun he was going to have later 😟. All I could muster that time was a nervous chuckle.
  8. I have read about Candida and I definitely have all the symptoms. I tried Probiotics. Initially the hunger and bloating subsided but then I became so bloated that I looked pregnant! I was miserable. I'm not sure if that's normal? Thanks for the advice on the nutritionist. I've never used any kind of natural/alternative therapy so I'm not sure where to start, lol.
  9. For the past 4-5 years I have intense stomach pain when I'm hungry, and I'm always hungry. Eating temporarily alleviates the pain but then I'm hungry within an hour. I now wake up in the early AM with terrible pain. I try to "push through it." However, I usually end up eating in the middle of the night and then I can't go back to sleep. I also have frequent loose stools (TMI, I know😳). It isn't constant but the past year I've had several flare ups. Needless to say, I've gained 20 pounds since last year due to the hunger! I've always been thin but now I struggle with my weight! I've been treated for irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, and brushed off like I'm crazy, lol. There is a new nurse practitioner at our doctor's office that is very good and attentive that I think I will see him soon about all these symptoms. Dr. Google says peptic ulcer or gluten sensitivity. I started Prilosec last week with some relief of the pain but not the hunger! This may be unrelated, but I now have eczema (for about 2-3 years) and my hair is crazy now. It's kinky and coarse and very black. Not all of my hair just randomly😳 So my questions are, has anyone else ever experienced these symptoms? If so, what worked? Should I see a naturopath or nutritionist? I've never tried that avenue before. Thank you for reading all of this!
  10. It's really a struggle right now. DS and his friends play Xbox live online with each other. That's how they socialize. They talk on the headsets rather than on their phones. When he's not playing he wants to watch YouTube videos on gaming stuff and he and one of his friends have a YouTube channel. He doesn't want to go outside or play, BUT he's a teenager. If he's playing games DD gets bored and watches YouTube videos. During the school year we had set hours, but now that we're on break its been difficult. DD self regulates but DS does not. Also, DS never had an interest in video games until it became a social outlet.
  11. I'm so sorry and I just prayed for you and your family.
  12. Congratulations🎉🎉🎉! What a precious big boy you have!
  13. The other night someone called DH's phone and asked for me by my first name which I use for filling out forms, etc. (I go by a shorter nickname). DH asked who was calling and why. He didn't give a name but said it was about the table I was selling???!!! DH told him it was the wrong number and he didn't call back. Only the last digit in our numbers is different. It was very strange. My DH deleted the number immediately out of habit🙄.
  14. I love Aldi! Our local one closed for remodeling this past Saturday and won't reopen until late June. I have to refigure my whole shopping plan now.
  15. It's pronounced "decision". She stated that in an article I read, lol.
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