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After growing up in Florida, I worked in high school as a congressional page in the U.S. Congress and graduated from Capitol Page School in the Library of Congress.


I went to Auburn University for a degree in English and was active in a Christian discipleship group called the Navigators.  After graduating, I went to France to live as an au pair in a family with 7 children under 8, and later to Swiss L'Abri to think hard about Christianity.


After returning to Florida, I became a business journalist.  Always pondering heavy questions, I decided to find out if I was conservative merely because I was surrounded by conservatives, so I moved to the most liberal place I could think of, Boston, because Ted Kennedy was equivalent in my mind to Beelzebub;


I've always loved learning, so I ended up getting a masters in English from Northeastern U and a masters in theological studies from Harvard Divinity School, then a doctorate in literature and religion from Cornell.  I've taught college literature and writing at five colleges.


I've homeschooled various configurations of my three children off and on, with the oldest now a rising senior.


I continue to think and grow and find better reasons for faith than the ones I started out with.

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