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  1. The big news here: We're going back to homeschooling next year! Yippee!!!

  2. You know a class must have a fabulous reputation if not just one, but three students arrive in the classroom at 7:30am to secure good seats for a 9am class. (No, not my class, but my DD was one of the students)

  3. DD8 is cleaning out her closet. Is anyone in the market for used Barbie, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Polly Pocket, or Polly-sized Disney princesses? Sniff!

    1. Caitilin


      Are the ponies the old style, or the newer anime style?


    2. (See 1 other reply to this status update)

  4. THe inscription on the grave stone of my father's GM and GF (he fought for the North in the Civil War): They dared to know the right, and knowing, dared to do it. I googled these phrases and found "He knew his duty, and knowing dared to do it" in a speech to the Senate regarding the death (in a duel with a pro-slavery judge) of David Broderick, about 1860. I'm sure the inscription is a reference to GGF's Civil War involvement.

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