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  1. Just wanted to encourage those who use Saxon. I have used it through Calculus 3 times. My youngest is majoring in math and is in the honors program. Her professor this year was impressed with her math knowledge and said she asked very good questions and must have been taught well.
  2. So I voted we almost always had a daily meal together, but my dad may or may not have been with us. He was military and sometimes he was on assignments without us. But everyone at home ate at least one meal together daily.
  3. We went to the Tenement Museum just this past May on my daughter's senior trip. We just walked in and bought a tour that was leaving in about half an hour. So it is possible to get a last minute tour. But to get the one you want it probably is best to make arrangements in advance. It was fun, but there are so many fun things to do in NYC.
  4. Have you seen the Key to Algebra series of workbooks. It really steps the child through how to do it and it is inexpensive. It is not always recommended but I like it to help a child get started on the concepts and it is gentle. I used it with my oldest. He really struggled understanding fractions until I did the Key To Fractions set with him. And as Lanny said I would try Khan Academy also.
  5. What I did with one of mine was to work the problems on the white board, every single one. And it was like they were teaching me. I would write something down and they would say the next step. I think doing it together gave her more confidence. And by way of encouragement, my biggest math hater fell in love with math at the calculus level and is now a math major at college. She calls all the time with pure in her voice at the "hard" problems she is getting to do next. She loves math. And will tell you she still does not like arithmetic.
  6. Strong students can have severe test anxiety. I have one that did well in high school but her SAT score was not that good. (We did not take the ACT). However she made a 4.0 in college. She does well with the tests for classes but for some reason she freezes for these high stake standardized tests.
  7. Just wanted to brag on my youngest. She has had a hard year. She suffers from anxiety complicated by losing her brother just over a year ago. She has been having a hard time moving away from home and the adjustment to college and how much studying she needs to do. She allows herself little to no down time. Last Friday was her first college test -- in Calc 1. That morning while running she tripped over a manhole cover and went flying. She hit hard on the asphalt hurting her hip, both knees, and both elbows. That was before 7 in the morning. Her test was at 6 that evening. She went the entire day without pain meds so she could be alert for the test (and made all her classes, labs, and reviews). Her prof told her as she was leaving class today that while the official grades are not out until Thursday, she made a 100!
  8. Coming to Saxon for the first time in Algebra 2 is hard! I did it with my son; he was very strong in math and he struggled. But he did go on to finish through Saxon Calculus and made an almost perfect SAT math score. Hopefully that provides some encouragement.
  9. I have now graduated 4 using Saxon. Work all the problems. It is worth it. All of mine have done well in college. The youngest has declared math as her major (a surprise because she did not like math until halfway through the Advanced Math book). She is taking honors Calculus right now and is shocked at how little her classmates know. So if Saxon is working for him, I would stick with it.
  10. Well I just started my fourth home school graduate at at Texas state college. We have always done our transcripts by semester so I am no help there and ours are 2 pages. No one asked for a description of courses but one wanted them for scholarship consideration. I did not find this out until after the scholarships had been given out and she received the lowest one possible. The website said it was based on SAT scores and hers was almost perfect so we were shocked. I contacted them about it and they said it was because they could not tell how rigorous her course work was. She is not going to this school and I told them that info needed to be on the website.
  11. I am so sorry for your loss. This past May was the one year date for when we lost our oldest and only boy. It was very unexpected. And we had homeschooled all of them so all 4 were very close. It was so hard. At the time my youngest had just finished her junior year. Let your son lead as to what he can handle each day. Let him grieve his way. I found my daughter would immerse herself in school work some days and do more than I thought was needed for that day. And on others would just do her art and voice, which brought her comfort. She was enrolled in a dual credit class so that was the only thing that was actually required to do for a deadline. In a year things will be much more manageable, I promise.
  12. Well, if it makes you feel better, I had one that did not take chemistry during high school. She decided she wanted to in college and did just fine. Putting it off until senior year is fine.
  13. I have definitely lodged a complaint, but did not tell them why my husband was there. I called the 800 number since it is a chain and explained before calling a number you need to certain of the time zone you are calling. But this hotel is in the same time zone. I still cannot believe someone would do this. I think the night staff was just bored.
  14. to ask if a hotel reservation is still needed???!!!! So we are all asleep and the phone wakes me up. They do not leave a message so I call back. It is the hotel where my husband is staying wanting to know if he still wants the reservation. It is 3 AM folks. He is there, called me from there when he arrived since it is a long drive. Now I am wide awake and shaking. And the worse part is I am already on edge because he is climbing my son's favorite mountain to spread his ashes. It is already a hard weekend.
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