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  1. It is cool. It is also the reason my youngest is a math major. We thought she was going to do writing, editing, maybe eventually law. She really disliked math. Then she got to calculus. Fell in love and she is a math major.
  2. Well I asked my youngest (recently 20) her thoughts on the best age for this book. I was surprised when she said she found it on the shelves and read it at 7. She actually loves the entire series and has read them several times. She is also 7 years younger than her closest sister, read early and quite a bit, and hated read alouds.
  3. We did logic throughout high school. Formal logic can get pretty involved. I'm trying to remember what we actually did. Also my daughter has logic in her college classes, maybe not an entire semester, but quite a bit. And analyzing arguments and learning to construct them is a skill everyone needs. And I agree that jumping into Saxon Algebra II without doing Saxon Algebra I would be a big mistake. It was one I made with my very mathy oldest. He did recover, but it was a hard frustrating time.
  4. You don't need to do proofs for the SAT. And we followed a different path concerning geometry. We only did the geometry in Saxon, nothing more. But we did formal logic -- a lot. I though my daughter was going to do something in the language arts or maybe law. She did not like math -- at all. Until her senior year. She is now finishing her sophomore year as a math major. And writes very good proofs. Being able to logically think through anything is how she writes them. It also enables her to write very good papers. So if she wants additional geometry, fine. But it is not a requirement.
  5. I think my youngest was a junior when we did this. She loved the book so much she bought a copy for a friend.🙂
  6. All 4 of mine got there first phone when they got their licence, at 17.
  7. Maybe this will help with the exponents problem. My daughter is a sophomore in college. We did Saxon through Calculus. She was my my literature/art/logic kid. Hated math and struggled. At the beginning of every lesson, before you start the lesson, have her write the exponent rules. There are not many so this will only take a few minutes. And my literature kid who wrote a novel at 15 and won awards for her vocal and piano performances -- she is majoring in math. She fell in love with math doing calculus. Good luck. Hope this helps.
  8. Here is a picture of my family and me in 2014. I know it is old. But it is one of the few I have of all of us. It was before my son passed away. At the time I was only homeschooling the youngest and she has since graduated. Will take this down soon.
  9. It is an objective complement. child and Tom are the same person.
  10. Well, I schooled 4 through high school. All made it into college just fine, two actually got full scholarships, and no one did chemistry until high school. One of my four didn't do chemistry until college. She still did fine.
  11. I wish she had. She spent the whole time just giving answers to the tests she wrote. I am she would actually tell the whole class the answer when anyone said they did not understand. And on non test days she could not control the unruly class. It was really bad.
  12. And I do think expertise is important, but I will tell you the worst teacher I ever had was my French teacher. She was French, grew up in France, but just could not teach. The class was a nightmare and I learned nothing. So while expertise is very important, you also need to know how to convey the information, actually teach.
  13. Praying for you and your family Melissa.
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